How to get your next Brand New personal computer Almost Free of Charge?

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How to get your next Brand New personal computer NOT ONLY COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE but also pay for itself to operate?

1. Are you currently over paying your computer electric bills?
Most of the legacy or aged computers are running relatively low energy efficientto perform even simple or Everyday computing tasks like web browsing, emails and office type of applications. As you may know, most of these tasks are not really CPU/GPU intensive applications except may be some mid-high graphical games.

2. Do you know the Australian is paying nearly 200%% more energy cost than the American and while the European is paying nearly 90% more as compare to the American as well?

Here is the electric bills among the world from around US$0.15 to US$0.47 per kWh (kilo watts hour). The same amount of energy, the American pay $0.1575 per kWh, the EU average is paying $0.2985 per kWh, while the Australian is paying the high $0.4713 per kwh.

So, running a high energy efficient device can save hundreds of dollars as compare to some relatively low energy efficient device in different countries.

For example, a high power efficient Mini personal computer running at 10 watts or below of power can be 5- 8 times more energy efficient as compare to typical old computer may be running at 50-80 watts.

Over an extent period of time, the energy saving amount could be easily exceeded the unit cost of the PCs’ hardware itself. Average old computers running 50 to 80 watts of power may results in annual electric bills of US$78.42 as compare to US$9.80 for high power efficient Mini personal computer like MeLE PCG02Plus or MeLE PCG63APO which only requires 10 watts of power to run with updated computing power including even Ultra HD 4K resolution. This result in cost saving of $68.62/PC per year.

In conclusion, if the new Ultra-low powered Mini PC purchase already have enough saving to pay off it’s acquisition cost in 5-6 months, then the more time you operate it with the energy saving every day will help to pay for itself for the on-going energy cost which your old PCs does not provide the same level of energy efficiency as the Ultra Low Powered Mini PC does.

MeLE is a leading manufacturer of Ultra-low powered Fan-less Mini PC in China, which set up in 2004,we specialize in R&D,manufacturing and sales of Mini PC/TV boxes and some accessories like air mouse ,HDMI dongle etc.

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