How to install Solid State Drives?

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The use of solid state drives is becoming more and more common, and its powerful performance can help computers improve the speed of the system and software, which is favored by many users, but the installation of solid state drives is not an easy task for rookie friends.

What are the advantages of solid state drives? How to install it? Today, in the form of pictures and texts, I will tell you about the benefits of SSDs and the installation steps of SSDs.

What is a solid state drive?
Solid-state disk (Solid State Drives), is referred to as solid-state disk. Solid-state disk (Solid State Drive) is made of solid-state electronic memory chip array, which is composed of control unit and storage unit (FLASH chip, DRAM chip). Solid-state disk (SSD) has the characteristics of fast reading and writing, light weight, low energy consumption and small size that traditional mechanical hard disk does not have. The main factors that affect the performance of SSD are: main control chip, NAND flash media and firmware. The mainstream interfaces of Ssd SSDs include SATA (including 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s) and ssd SSDs with PCIe 3.0interface.

Benefits of solid state drives:
1. The speed of solid state disk is fast. Speed is the biggest advantage of solid state drives, especially the random read and write speed is hundreds of times that of ordinary hard drives.
2. Lower power consumption of solid state drives. The maximum power consumption of an ordinary hard disk is about 5mur10W, while that of a solid-state disk is usually less than 3W, which is more environmentally friendly.
3. Solid-state hard disk is completely noise-free. Compared with the motor noise of ordinary hard drives, ssd solid-state drives are completely silent and noise-free.
4. Solid-state hard disk is not afraid of vibration. The ordinary hard disk has a mechanical device, which is most afraid of vibration and needs to be handled gently. Solid-state hard disk has a unique advantage in this respect.
5. Solid-state hard disk is lighter. The physical composition of ssd is basically flash memory + master + cache + PCB+ interface, no mechanical parts, more lightweight.

Solid state disk installation method / steps:
1. The wire used for the installation of solid state disk found in the chassis, and the power input interface of SSD is the wire drawn by the power supply of the computer. The P4 label represents the fourth such interface provided by the power supply. The shape is a flat mouth.
2. Followed by the solid state disk data input and output interface, SATA line, the width is much shorter than the hard disk power cord, smaller is also a flat port.
3. Install a Kingston SSD, SSDNow V100 128G with a nominal read and write performance of 250 MB/S.
4. The wire rod is aligned with the corresponding interface at the tail of the SSD, which is basically difficult to make a mistake, because the interface is dedicated and cannot be plugged in if you make a mistake.
5. After connecting the power supply and the data cable to the corresponding SSD interface position, the installation is basically completed.


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