How To Upgrade Your Devices With Hi-Res Sound With Sonata HD DAC Cable II

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It is very common belief to say that smartphones, laptops and tablets have great audio for music, but the reality for audio professionals, it is not considered as Hi-Res audio: the output is weak, the volume is too limited and the sound is blurred.

Sonata HD DAC Cable II

1. Protect your W5 from as Many Accidental Drops as Possible
Do not place HiBy at a place with other sharp objects to avoid screen damages or scratches. To always safeguard your W5, get our leather case to protect your HiBy W5.

2. Prevent Unwanted Scratches
We recommend using accessories like silicone case to avoid any unwanted scratches. No scratching with sharp objects to avoid scratching the W5 surface.

3. Avoid Device Expose to Extreme Weather
Avoid using the device in an environment where the temperature above boiling or below freezing between -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 40℃). Do not expose it to direct sunlight or place the W5 on the radiator as it may shorten the battery life.

4. Unresponsive Keys
Please contact the post-sale team for any repair inquiries. You also can check out HiBy Wiki for the newest HiBy W5 updates, technical instructions, and even step-step guidance to get the complete HiBy experience. Hope you find this guide helpful in learning more about our HiBy W5 and how to optimize your W5 experience. You are always welcome to share your any comments and suggestions with us. Should you have any other problems, feel free to contact us at and we would be eager to help.

Learn more on how to use the W5 correctly here.

Sonata HD DAC Cable II

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