Huawei Honor Band 4 or Xiaomi Mi Band 3: which one to choose?

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Among smart bracelets, both the Honor band 4 and Xiaomi Mi band 3 have high price-performance ratio. So, which one do you prefer? Is it hard for you to choose? Let’s make a comparison between the Honor Band 4 and Xiaomi Mi band 3.

In terms of screen, the Xiaomi Mi band 3 adopts a 0.78-inch black-and-white screen, while the Honor band 4 adopts a 0.98-inch color screen. So the Honor band 4 has a larger screen display, which can show up to 45 Chinese characters, while the Mi band 3 can display up to 24 Chinese characters. As for screen materials, the Honor band 4 is equipped with AMOLED 2.5D color glass screen, while the Xiaomi Mi band 3 is equipped with a plastic screen.

Support sports mode
The biggest difference between the two bracelets lies in the sports mode. The Xiaomi Mi band 3 supports 4 kinds of sport modes, while the Honor band 4, which is famous for sport detection function, supports as many as 7 kinds of sport modes.

The verdict
Therefore, the Honor band 4 has more functions than the Xiaomi Mi band 3, and it is also more suitable for sports enthusiasts. And as for the overall configuration, Honor band 4 is better than Xiaomi Mi band 3. While in terms of price, the Xiaomi Mi band 3 is cheaper than Honor band 4. The Xiaomi Mi band 3 is priced at $31.99, while Honor band 4 is priced at $39.99 on GearBest. Now, I believe that you may clearly know which one is more suitable for you.

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