Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro hands & review: the first light and thin gaming book

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On July 23, Huawei Honor 9X series new product launch conference was held in Xi’an as scheduled. At the conference, Honor also brought you a new notebook Honor MagicBook Pro, with 16.1 inches of unbounded full-screen, screens up to 90%, supporting anti-glare professional eye protection.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro

Appearance: tough and textured
The Honor MagicBook Pro adopts a metal body design. The overall shape is very simple, light and tough. Compared with the previous generation – Honor MagicBook, it is bigger in size and more square and more business.

The screen is clearly enhanced, and the Honor MagicBook Pro features a 16.1-inch IPS FHD 16:9 display with 100% sRGB wide color gamut, while the frame is further narrowed to only 4.9mm for the ultimate visual experience.

As the body is larger, the area of the full-size keyboard is also larger, and the speakers on both sides are also designed in the keyboard area. The keystrokes are moderate, the rebound is clear, the typing feel is also very good, and it supports 3 levels of backlight adjustment.

At the same time, the touchpad area is larger and the control feeling is more comfortable. It can realize precise cursor control and multi-finger gesture control functions, such as full-screen scrolling, program switching, and screen zooming.

In addition, we also reserved a surprise for us. The hidden front camera was set above the”7” button. This design further saved the space on the B side and brought us even more extreme screen display. The combination of the fingerprint and the power button is one, which also saves us the time to unlock the boot. The entire bright screen unlocking process only takes 0.9 seconds.

The bottom of the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro has two feet that are higher than the flat plate, and the rear pad is slightly higher than the front pad. When placed horizontally, the notebook is slightly tilted forward, which makes our typing experience more comfortable. The vents on the back are also designed in a lateral direction for a larger heat sink area.

Configuration: 8th Intel i5 processor and NVIDIA MX250
The Honor MagicBook Pro features an Intel i5-8265U processor and NVIDIA MX250 discrete graphics card with 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. First of all, we have some understanding of the parameters of the processor through CPU-Z, the same is 4 core / 8 thread and 15W TDP, no significant difference with the previous generation of 8250U.

Below we compare the two CPUs with CINEBENCH R15 and Fritz Chess Benchmark, and found that the i5-8265U’s multi-core performance perfectly surpassed the previous generation i5-8250U, and the processor performance is also improved by about 10% compared with the previous generation. awesome.

The upgrade of the i5-8265U is not only in terms of performance, it also integrates Gigabit WiFi for the first time, which increases the connection speed by 12 times and greatly increases the battery life, providing more operating space for the thin and light notebook.

The Honor MagicBook Pro configured in this way is quite powerful in terms of experience. Whether it is daily office work, retouching clips, or even large games.

In addition, the Honor MagicBook Pro also incorporates the highly acclaimed Magic Link feature, which enables fast file sharing with Honor phones without any data transfer and is quite convenient.

The new generation of Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro is more business-oriented in appearance, but the violent core reveals its game performance, and the excellent heat dissipation design and long battery life are enough for daily use, and the price of 5499 is also more Highlights its price/performance ratio. The first thin and light gaming book for young people, I recommend the Honor MagicBook Pro.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro

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