Huawei Watch GT Active and Elegant edition hands-on review

Huawei Watch GT Active and Elegant edition hands-on review: Multiple sport modes and super long battery life

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei released new Huawei Watch GT at the Huawei P30 Series launch event. In this before, Huawei has released the Huawei Watch GT sport edition and classic edition. This time, Huawei launched 2 new editions:Huawei Watch GT Active edition and Elegant edition. Here, I’ll make a detailed hands-on review about the new Huawei Watch GT smartwatch.

From the product orientation, Huawei Watch GT is a sports smart Watch, but also offers some daily life functions. I personally prefer to call Huawei Watch GT as “fashionable sports smart Watch”, because from the appearance design, Huawei Watch GT is attractive and full of metallic touches, so you can also wear it in daily life. Recently, I personally had the privilege of experiencing the new Huawei Watch GT in advance. Now, let’s show you the detailed review about it.

AMOLED HD color screen design: the sports smart watch can also be so beautiful
Let’s start with the design of the Huawei Watch GT smartwatch. Huawei Watch GT charger adopts a magnetic suction design, so when it is close to the chassis of the Watch, it will automatically absorb. At the same time, it can be seen that the charging interface adopts the current popular Type-C interface.

If a sports smart Watch wants to give a “fashion sense”, then it must work hard on the screen first. Most sport watches I have met before adopt semi-penetrating reflective color screens, which are not fashionable in terms of visual perception, right? Huawei Watch GT uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED HD precise touch color screen with a resolution of 454×454. It performs well in display effect, response speed and contrast degree.

Huawei Watch GT also offers a variety of different styles of dials, including business styles and youthful styles. Huawei Watch GT has also made some efforts in the design of the watch bezel and body. The watch bezel adopts ceramic material, which has 6 times of hardness than that of stainless steel. It can ensure that it is not easy to leave scratches under extreme conditions. The watch body is made of 316L austenitic stainless steel. Through multi-process shaping, it integrates the elements of classic watch design and intelligent technology.

A qualified smart watch is also very “exquisite” in the design of the strap. Huawei Watch GT uses a high-quality comfortable fluororubber strap, which is widely used in aerospace, household appliances, automobile and other fields. The advantages of the fluororubber strap are: comfortable to wear, skin-friendly, and good performance in waterproof and dirty resistance.

If you don’t like this fluororubber strap, it doesn’t matter. Huawei Watch GT strap supports free disassembly and replacement.

Despite the stunning design, the heart rate monitor is another highlight of the Huawei Watch GT. At the back of the watch, we can see the heart rate monitoring device and two charging contacts. Huawei Watch GT adopts self-developed TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology. Coupled with the innovative PPG module, optical structure design and AI intelligent heart rate algorithm, it can realize fast and accurate real-time monitoring of heart rate, sleep quality monitoring and heart rate monitoring during exercise. Professional and accurate heart rate monitoring data can help users quickly understand the state of exercise, as well as the inadequacies of sleep quality. Overall, heart rate monitoring is also an important health function.

In addition, Huawei Watch GT adopts non-visible light monitoring method during the night, so it will not affect your sleep.

Rich functions meet the needs of both sports and daily use
The main interface of Huawei Watch GT system is a color dial to display some basic information such as time. By long pressing the dial (screen) , you can change the watch faces.

Sliding down from the dial interface, you can see: no disturbance, constant bright function, find mobile phones, lock screen, settings, Bluetooth connection status, power status, and time information. In addition, some users may not understand the meaning of the “constant light” function. When the you turned on the “constant light” function, it will keep the screen bright for 5 minutes. This function is mostly used to keep the watch screen bright when exercising, so as to keep an eye on the information of heart rate change during exercising. Also, if you slide up, you can check the message notification.

If you slide around the dial interface, you can browse all kinds of sports, health and other data.

In addition, the Huawei Watch GT can also detect your pressure status through the heart rate monitoring. As we know, too much pressure is bad for your health, while the Watch GT can help you know your pressure status in time so that you can take some measures to relieve the pressure.

Huawei Watch GT supports 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring, exercise heart rate monitoring, resting heart rate monitoring and other different modes. You can also check the day’s heart rate data directly on the watch without connecting to your phone’s APP.

There are two side keys on the right side of Huawei Watch GT. You can press the upper key to enter the function menus and press the bottom key to enter the sports mode.

In addition, Huawei Watch GT also supports some other functions such as NFC, breath training, altitude barometer, compass, etc.

The most interesting feature is the Huawei Watch GT flashlight, which turns the screen white and bright after opening, so it can be used as a flashlight in emergency situations.

Huawei Watch GT cycling data recording test
When Huawei Watch GT connects to APP, you can perform more settings and browse the data of sports, heart rate and so on.

Huawei Watch GT also supports scientific sleep, smart home connection, sedentary reminder, raise your wrist to wake the screen and other functions.

In addition, I personally think that Huawei Watch GT can run independently from the mobile phone. The Watch has an independent GPS chip. It can record the movement track without connecting the mobile phone. So the mobile APP is only used to check the detailed movement track, historical movement and other data.

In my daily life, I often do cycling exercises, so I will test the Huawei Watch GT cycling mode, and see how the Watch performs.

Before starting cycling, we need to choose the appropriate exercise mode. Huawei Watch GT supports up to 9 kinds of sport modes including outdoor running, indoor running, mountain climbing, cross-country running, outdoor cycling, indoor bicycle, swimming pool and free training. At the same time, the data recorded by each mode is quite detailed and professional.

Before starting to ride, Huawei Watch GT will carry out GPS positioning first. After the positioning is finished, according to the system prompt, click the bottom key to start riding.

In terms of positioning systems, Huawei Watch GT supports simultaneous positioning of three satellite positioning systems (GPS + GLONASS + Beidou). On this basis, the watch also achieves the coordinated optimization of “hardware platform + software assisted positioning” to make the positioning information more accurate and comprehensive.

So let’s see how Huawei Watch GT recorded the ride.

For this cycling exercise, Huawei Watch GT will give a training effect score. And it will tell you about your sports type: aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise. This will help you to achieve the intended exercise effect.

Besides, you can also check many other information about your exercise on the watch, such as the total distance, exercise time, and how much calories you consume, average pace, speed, the fastest speed, altitude as well as heart rate. Meanwhile, once the Watch GT detects your abnormal heart rate, it will warn you in time.

In the last page of recorded cycling data, Huawei Watch GT will give a recovery time according to your exercise situation, that is to say, how many hours should it be recommended not to exercise, and then continue to exercise after the recovery time has passed. Isn’t this a personal trainer?

Huawei Watch GT battery performance

In addition, regarding the battery performance of Huawei Watch GT, the Huawei Watch GT Active edition adopts a dual-core architecture and depth intelligent optimized power-saving algorithm. In typical cases, it can serve you up to 2 weeks. The typical use refers that the heart rate monitoring function is always on, and the exercise mode is opened every week for 90 minutes. In this case, the service time can be up to 2 weeks. If Huawei Watch GT turns off heart rate monitoring and other functions, that is, when an ordinary smart watch is used, it will last longer, up to 30 days. If the GPS is turned on in a sports scenario, it can be used for 22 hours continuously. Of course, the above experience is only a theoretical data, only for reference, the specific situation of the battery life depends on personal use.

This is my experience of the new Huawei Watch GT. Through the use of these days, I feel that Huawei Watch GT gives a good experience in the design of exercise mode and heart rate monitoring. It can help users to avoid unscientific and unhealthy exercise.

In addition, the functional experience of Huawei Watch GT certainly goes beyond the above. For example, for running, Huawei Watch GT has built-in professional running training courses ranging from entry-level to advanced level. For sleep quality, Huawei Watch GT carries TruSleep 2.0 Scientific Sleep Detection Technology, which is deeply cooperated with CDB Center of Harvard Medical College.

Finally, if you want to start with a smart watch with fashionable appearance, many daily functions, rich sports modes and super long battery life, you might as well try the Huawei Watch GT.

Huawei Watch GT Huawei Watch GT

Did this article help you? If so, please tell me in a comment what do you think about it.

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