Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro Review

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HUBSAN is a worthy competitor of such brands of quadcopter as DJI or Parrot and at the same time a leader among budget producers of drones with good parameters. The new H216A X4 also known as Desire PRO is an inexpensive quadcopter with a 1080p camera, GPS and WiFi, offering lots of fun for beginner pilots. See our unboxing and get to know its possibilities.

Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro

HUBSAN H216A X4 Desire Pro – Unboxing
Here’s what you’ll find in the box:
The back of the box contains a presentation of the components as well as the capabilities of this drone. GPS support, the ability to determine the flight route, following the goal and FPV in real time, is definitely the functions that we find in much more expensive drones!

On the side of the box, you will find the technical details of this quadcopter. WiFi control allows an effective range of 50 meters, and a 750 mAh battery operates for a maximum of 12 minutes, with a charging time of 130 minutes. The device supports memory cards up to 32 GB with speed class 10.

And here is the unpacked contents of the box. In addition to the quadcopter itself, we find here screws and screwdriver and four spare propellers for replacement and propeller covers. The cable with a 5 V to 7.6V voltage circuit works in conjunction with any smartphone USB charger. The HT009 joystick and instruction in English complement the packaging.

Close-up on the camera. The lens is as big as you can see here and with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 px, and it ensures the very good quality of films.

And it looks like it is in flight. Very easy to start and uncomplicated control!

Cons & Pros
– The battery works full 12 minutes.
– Easy to control, back to the base and landing with one button.
– Extensive navigation options thanks to GPS.
– Great quality of 1080p movies.
– The best drone in this price category

– No power switch on the housing
– WiFi has an effective range of up to 50 meters

Flight options
The effective range of control is up to 50 meters and could be larger, but it is limited by the WiFi connection parameters of mobile devices used here to control the device. The solution for extending the range of control is the use of a repeater (signal amplifier) WiFi, which joins a USB port on a mobile device and many users Desire Pro reports that this way you can extend the range up to 100 meters. The simple operation of the quadcopter allows for the rapid movement of the drone and quick climb – although of course, the brush motor used here is not as strong as the brushless motors in the more expensive drone. The function of automatic floating in the set place and the headless mode, i.e. the absolute direction of control, increases the comfort of piloting and makes it an ideal equipment for beginner pilots.

The 1080p camera can shoot great movies and take good photos with three-axis image stabilization, which is why it is suitable not only for recreational selfie-taking or shooting parties with friends from the air but also for semi-professional applications such as wedding photography or construction. The films are available in FPV mode, i.e. in real time and on the screen of the phone, we can see the current image from the camera.

Service and control
There are two methods of controlling this quadcopter: directly on the phone or tablet, using virtual grips or via the attached controller. In the first case, simply install the application, configure the drone and pair it with the mobile device and you can control it. If, however, we would like to fly with the help of the controller, it should be additionally paired with the phone via Bluetooth. The controls are very simple and even beginners should not have a problem, but of course, it is best to practice at a place far away from obstacles such as trees and buildings.

The control is simpler so that we can support GPS navigation, enabling the application to define subsequent flight points by drawing them on Google Maps or by entering coordinates. It works quite effectively, although there is no extreme precision. We should also remember that the efficiency of navigation depends on the number of available satellites, which is displayed in the application – Hubsan recommends automatic flight with at least six satellites visible to the drone. GPS also allows you to return to the database with a single button, available in the application and on the controller. Security functions are also well-developed: when the signal or the battery is lost, the device tries to return to the remote control, gradually reducing the speed and altitude of the flight and landing. At any time, we can also monitor the connection status in the application.

Optionally, we can also set up props to increase the impact resistance – although, of course, it is best to avoid collisions with buildings or trees. In addition, the set includes four spare propellers and screws allowing the replacement of damaged parts.

You will not find a quadcopter with such options at such a low price: with a flight time of 11-12 minutes, GPS, 1080p camera and advanced features, and all for less than $100  at GearBest . Because it is very simple to control, it is also ideal for beginners and for those who want to check if they like flying a drone.

Where to buy?
Hubsan DESIRE PRO is available at at a great price. Promotion time-limited, so we encourage you to shop now!



Item Specification
Brand Hubsan
Type Brushed Racing Quadcopter
Model H216A X4
Control Distance 60-70m
Battery 7.4V 610mAh
Flying time 12mins
Charging time About 150 mins
Video resolutin 1920*1080P
Functions Gyroscope, FPV camera, WiFi, GPS, altitude maintenance, headless mode, one-touch landing, routing
Product weight 147g
Package Contents 1 x RC Drone ( Battery Included ), 1 x HT009 Transmitter, 1 x USB Cable, 2 x Propeller, 4 x Protection Cover, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Set of Screws, 1 x English Manual


Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro


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