Huion Releases Graphic Tablets Compatible with Android Devices

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The leading drawing tablet brand Huion is going to launch its HS610 and HS64 pen tablets officially on March 22nd. These much-awaited pen tablets are compatible with Android OS, which is a great breakthrough in the industry.

Graphic Tablets

You don’t have to stay in the front of a PC to draw with a tablet now. The launch of HS610 and HS64 are destined to be an great improvement in the whole industry of the pen tablet.

Main features of HS610 & HS64
1. Compatible with Android OS (OTG supported device)
2. PW100 battery-free pen
2. ±60 levels tilt recognition (only HS610)
3. 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity
4. 12 customized express keys and 1 touch ring for HS610;
5. 4 customized express keys for HS64
6. 266 PPS report rate

Compatible with Android devices
It is the first time that Huion launched pen tablets that can be compatible with Android devices. Do you know what preconditions should it have for connecting the pen tablet to an Android device? For connecting the HS64 or HS610 pen tablet to an Android device, you should make sure that the Android system of your device is Android 6.0 or above in the first place. In addition, your Android device should have OTG function and you should enable the OTG function. When using the OTG function to connect the tablet, please use Huion’s official OTG adapter which are equipped with the package.

Handy express keys
To increase your productivity and save your time, HS610 comes with 12 customize express keys and HS64 comes with 4 customize express keys. Different from HS64, HS610 has equipped with 1 touch ring which can be used to zoom the canvas and brush as well as scroll the pages. With these handy express keys, you can set your favorite settings easily.

Excellent pen performance
Equipped with the PW100 battery-free pen, HS610 and HS64 can free you from the charging issues. Together with 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and 266PPS report rate, HS610 and HS64 can provide more accurate and natural strokes with virtually no delay. Additionally, HS610 supports ±60° tilt recognition which can provide you with more paper-like drawing experience, making drawing more enjoyable!

Different working mode, different working area
There are two working modes for HS610 and HS64, the first one is the PC mode which refers to connecting the tablet to a PC or laptop, the second one is the phone mode which refers to connecting the tablet to an Android device. In the PC mode, the working area of HS610 is 254 x 158.8mm and the work area of HS64 is 160 x 102mm; in the phone mode, the working area of HS610 is 158.8 x 99.2mm and the working area of HS64 is 102 x 63.8mm. In other words, the working area of the tablet will change as the working mode changes.

HS610 and HS64 are priced at 79.99 USD and 49.99 USD respectively. These two new arrivals will have a super early bird price on, you can check the below table for the details:

Model Time Original Price Super Early Bird Price Super Early Bird Discount
HS610 3.20-3.22 PDT 79.99 USD 47.99USD 40% off
HS64 3.20-3.22 PDT 39.99 USD 23.99USD 40% off

Beside the super early bird discount, Huion will also have a pre-sale on and the detailed information about the pre-sale is as shown in the below table:

Model Time Original Price Pre-sale Price Pre-sale Discount
HS610 3.22-4.22PDT 79.99 USD 63.99USD 20% off
HS64 3.22-4.22PDT 39.99 USD 31.99USD 20% off

During the pre-sale, you can get the following free gifts: one artist glove +one set of Huion mascot stickers. Besides, if you purchase the Artist Backpack together with the HS610 or HS64, you can get the Artist Backpack at 40% off discount! Don’t miss this chance!

For more info, please follow Huion on Social Media

Graphic Tablets

Graphic Tablets

Graphic Tablets

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