i13 TWS review: an Airpods 2 great replica

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I’m already afraid to name the exact figure, how many headphones trying to copy the legendary Apple AirPods with varying degrees of success have been in our review. Today, we have a review of another one – TWS i13, which I received from the GearBest Online Store (who is interested in selling them). How much did they do? We’ll find out right now!

i13 TWS

The TWS i13, or rather its case, is the closest to the second-generation Airpods. The same contours, size and characteristic button to activate charging on the back side.

The lid opens with a little pleasant force – the magnet works as it should. And it closes with a characteristic click. At the bottom – a socket under Lightning so that the model is obviously ground under users of apple technics.

There is no indication outside, but inside – a real Christmas tree. At inclusion of a mode of replenishment of energy of headphones begin to flash orange-green colour. And when there is a connection between them – the blue and red ones. In general, you can use it instead of a garland for Christmas.

The intra-channel modules themselves are also very similar to the original, but there is a difference in the placement of holes on the plastic. And also fake give out a completely different connectors in the form of two round points. In Apple and more expensive analogues, they are semicircular.

Connection between the wireless headphones is not automatic when you take them out of the box, but by double-clicking on the button on the case. The single one starts charging mode. If you just insert them, nothing happens by itself, which is upsetting.

Music and calls are controlled by a sensor hidden under the casing of the earmolds. I will list the basic gestures indicated in the instructions of the i13(work on both the right and left earpiece):
● A single tap – answer the call, pause the music
● Double touch on the right or left – decrease or increase the volume
● Triple – switches to the next or previous track
● Clamping for 3 seconds – calling an assistant (Siri)
● 5s – switching off or on.

But to be honest, I managed to activate only two of these gestures – a single touch and a long touch. I don’t rule out that it was my hand curves. If everything looks more than worthy, it is impossible to say about the sound of it. The sound of the i13 TWS AirPods is flat and frankly cheap. You won’t enjoy listening to music for sure. But for audio books – quite a suitable option, as they have a good range of adjustments in volume.


i13 TWS i13 TWS

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