LEAGOO Smartphones at their Lowest Price of the Year this 11.11. Quick Grab One!

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LEAGOO, the manufacturer from the Chinese land, is not only recognized in providing some incredible smartphones for a budget-friendly price but also sponsoring some sports event like the European Football Premier League.

LEAGOO Smartphones

The company is working day and night to make a long lasting impact on the global market and looks like 11.11 seems to be the day for LEAGOO as they havediscounted Leagoo smartphones to the lowest price of the year on the world’s largest global shopping festival.

Let’s take a glimpse at the terminals discounted and their current and discounted price:

1. LEAGOO M5 – The First All-Metal Shockproof Smartphone

LEAGOO loves to make some records in the smartphones history. Such is the Leagoo M5 which not only is a low priced phone but also has captured the title of ‘World First All-Metal Shockproof Smartphone’ and captured the hearts of millions of people on the planet. What’s better to have than an indestructible non-rugged phone with the rugged phone characteristics and that’s the biggest selling point of the terminal.

Plus, the specs doubles the fun with bright and bulletproof 2.5D 720p display, lighting fast OS, an energy efficient MTK6580A processor along with 2GB RAM and16GB ROM (TF card supported) under the hood, 8 MP rear and 5MP front cameras, and a rear fingerprint reader. Sadly it doesn’t sport 4G networking, but that’s normal for a low-tier like M5.

Original Price: $72 – $87
Discounted Price: $57.99 ($14 to $29 off)
Buy LEAGOO M5 at the Lowest Price this 11.11 from Aliexpress.

leagoo-m5 leagoo-m5

2. LEAGOO M5 Plus – It’s more than just a ‘PLUS’

If any of our readers didn’t get alluded by M5 patterned back, then you will get tempted to the rear brushed back and an NMT Frame of it’s younger brother ‘Leagoo M5 Plus’. It’s more than those four words added ‘Plus.’ It features things which its ancestor lacked including 4G networking, 13 MP rear camera, upgraded MT6737 Quad Core Processor as the heart, and the fastest fingerprint reader on the planet with scanning less than 0.19 seconds. All of the upgrades highlights the flagship make it one of the best low-end Leagoo smartphones in the market.

The most noticeable aspect is that M5 Plus inherits the same robustness from its ancestor ‘M5’ as the body is still pure metal and shockproof. We bet you can’t find a better one than Leagoo M5 Plus

Original Price: $100 – $115
Discounted Price: $80.36 ($20 to $35 off)
Buy LEAGOO M5 Plus at the Lowest Price this 11.11 from Aliexpress.

leagoo-m5-plus2 leagoo-m5-plus

3. LEAGOO T1 – It’s All about an Ultra Slim Design and Selfies

You may have noticed that the title give us a hit about the selling points of Leagoo T1. The flagship is the most elegant among Leagoo smartphones. Most of Leagoo smartphones are thick, but this one has a slim profile (7.5mm only) and a shimmering metallic back. The CNC processed unibody chassis further exaggerates its beauty. Another highlighted character of the terminal is its luxurious.

Another highlighted character of the terminal is its luxurious 8MP front shooterideal for a selfie. Seriously, how frequently do we see an 8MP camera with Beautify 4.0, a whole screen acting as a flash, and the fingerprint 3.0 as the trigger to shoot breathtaking photos. At last, the 2400mAh battery can be charged within 1 hour and can last up to a whole day with the quick charge technology. Rich sound evolving from those speakers and smart gestures have always been two hallmarks for Leagoo smartphones.

Original Price: $110 – $115
Discounted Price: $88.99 ($21 to $26 off)
Buy LEAGOO T1 at the Lowest Price this 11.11 from Aliexpress.

leagoo-t1 leagoo-t1-plus2

4. LEAGOO T1 Plus – A Low-Ender with a Generous 3GB RAM

Unlike M5 Plus, almost nothing has changed when T1 Plus evolved from T1: same unibody CNC design, ditto cameras, corresponding features and quick charge. The only thing changed is the hardware. The 2GB RAM has been replaced by a generous 3GB RAM and it’s too rare to see that amount of memory in a low-tier and that’s the only selling point of this flagship.

Original Price: $120 – $130
Discounted Price: $106.98 ($13 to $23 off)
Buy LEAGOO T1 Plus at the Lowest Price this 11.11 from Aliexpress.

leagoo-t1-plus-3 leagoo-t1-plus-2

5. Leagoo Venture 1 – A Secure & Luxurious Rugged Smartphone

Finally, a rugged phone on the list. Honestly, Leagoo is much better in providing rugged phones rather than the non-rugged. I mean just look at Leagoo Venture 1, it’s the perfect rugged phone ever made and even a luxurious one with the genuine leatheron the back. Plus, it’s the toughest one in the Leagoo smartphones line-up as Venture 1 isshockproof, dustproof, nano waterproof, and scratch resistance with the tightly sealed chassis and Corning Gorilla Glass Protection 4. That’s why it’s one of the highlighted aspects of the phone.

Meanwhile, Leagoo V1 gives supreme importance to piracy that’s why we witness the bank level secured NFC Chip and a dedicated highly-encrypted Dual SecureOS. Moreover, the fingerprint reader on the rear adds more security to the phone. For a broad business approach, Dual Tag is enabled to run the same application with two different accounts. Even the configuration isn’t bad at all with an Octa-core processor (MTK6753 ), 3GB RAM, 16GB storage, 4G network, enormous 3000 mAh battery. In short, it’s one of the top business smartphones you can find.

Original Price: $170 – $190
Discounted Price: $148.19 ($22 to $32 off)
Buy LEAGOO Venture 1 at the Lowest Price this 11.11 from Aliexpress and from here too.

leagoo-venture-1 leagoo-venture-1-3

About Leagoo LEAGOO is a star brand owned by Shenzhen OTEDA Technology Co., Ltd. In order to supply high quality smartphones and excellence using our wealth of previous experience, the OTEDA team – which relies on a proven track record in the mobile communications industry – set up a new smartphone brand called ‘LEAGOO’ in April 2014. With our Research & Development expertise and supply chain resources, the OTEDA team has spared no effort in building LEAGOO into a well-known international brand of smart devices and ecosystems.

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