M1 Mini 1080P HD USB Charger Spy Camera Review: a multifunctional gadget

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M1 mini 1080P HD USB charger spy camera review: a multifunctional gadget under $20.

Spy Camera

Hidden camera in a charging adapter is the perfect spy device – with it you can seamlessly organize monitoring of the office or home, saving the captured videos directly to the device’s memory card or viewing them online on your computer or smartphone. Today, I’ll show you a very popular spy camera – M1 mini 1080P HD USB charger spy camera. This device is not only a USB charger, but also a hidden spy camera that can be used as a baby monitor, nanny camera or pet monitor.

Main features
The M1 mini USB charger spy camera comes with substantial practical features, such as:
● The camera without pinhole, help you keep an eye on your places at any time
● T080P resolution, record smooth and high-definition videos
● Also work as a USB charger, quick to charge your phone or tablet
● 90-degree wide viewing angle, capture details and give you a clear view of the room
● Motion detection, record all the movements happened in your house
● Can be widely used in home, office, classroom, shop, etc.

90-degree view angle motion detection
Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, the spy camera will automatically start to record videos when the motion is detected, which is very useful to monitor the thief, pet or babies. The downside is that the camera just has 90 degrees view angle instead of 360 degrees. While it is very understandable for a spy camera in this price tag.

1080P HD resolution
With the 1920 x 1080P resolution, the M1 can record smooth and high-definition videos. Perhaps you already know that HD resolution is a kind of universal standard, and that any scenes shot in “HD” will look quite clear. The term “High Definition” may mean 720i / p or 1080i / p. And this hidden HD camera today is shooting at 1080p (the highest HD level).

Hidden camera with no need frequent charging
The camera adopts the hidden design, If you don’t look at it carefully, the M1 is just an ordinary USB charger, and it will not cause any suspicion, this is a very important advantage for a spy camera. Another advantage is that you don’t need to charge it frequently, as it only works on the basis of the socket. So the camera can keep working for several months or even years unless there is a power failure.

Multifunctions meet various occasions
This mini device can be not only used as an ordinary USB charger, but can be used as a multifunctional spy camera or recording camera. It is a very good hidden device to monitor thief, and it can also help you to monitor your baby or pet. Besides, the mini size is also very convenient for you to carry around so that you can record business meeting or class.

Easy operation
This M1 2 in 1 USB charger spy camera is very easy to operate, and you even don’t need to refer to the user manual. Before using it, you just need to insert the SD card and plug it into any AC outlet. Then the camera will start recording. When you want to check the recorded videos, you can download or playback videos recorded in the memory card via a card reader on your computer. Here one thing to note is that please remember to keep the USB port facing down when plug the camera into the outlet, or the pictures will be displayed upside down.

Wrap up
You might not believe that such a useful gadget is just priced at $19.99. That’s why it quickly appears on our bestsellers list. Although, it is not as good as some professional spy cameras or IP cameras, it also brings you some exclusive features that other spy cameras don’t have, such as mini size, real hidden design, and the budget price. And what’s more, it is enough for your ordinary use.

Let’s take a look at the specs of the M1 mini 1080P HD USB charger spy camera.

Product name
M1 Mini 1080P HD USB Charger Camera
Product Type
Mini Camera
Built-in 32G memory card
110 – 220V
Camera resolution
View angle
90 degrees view angle
phone charger, security camera
Product weight
0.0300 kg
Product size (L x W x H)
2.50 x 2.50 x 5.50 cm / 0.98 x 0.98 x 2.17 inches

Spy Camera Spy Camera Spy Camera Spy Camera

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