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Do you have any language communication barrier when you go to travel or bussiness trip? Do you have any difficulties when taking collective group photo with your family or your friends? Do you haev difficulty to answer your phone when your hands won’t be free? Shenzhen PTS Technology Co., Ltd has develop a smart translator which can translate more than 20 languages, also with  selfies function and hands-free function.

Haiyu Multi Speech Translate

Here are the details:   
1. HAIYU accurately translate more than 20 languages. When most of the translators deliver statistical sentences HAIYU give you natural sentence to make it more like a daily conversation.
2. Support more than 20 languages
3. When you are traveling, ask where is the nearest restaurant or train station is common. But what if you make friends there and you need to speak with them for hours. So we develop a long lasting battery to support people who need to translate for long conversation.
4. In some situation, there are some important notes and information during the conversation that you need to remember, such as a international business meeting you need to remember the date, the time or price and detail. So we make an app that records very sentences you translate for you, and you can open the app to see what you have talked about. You can even export them and save in your phone or your computer.
5. You can pick up any call for just one press of the button. You may not have free hands to pick up the phone when you are doing work or carrying a lot of things. We make HAIYU as your loud speaker so that everyone can hear the person speak on your phone. Also you can use voice command to call anyone in your phone contact list. For example, press the button of HAIYU, say “call nick” it will call nick if nick is on your contact list.
6. Lost and found feature can help you find your phone or the other way use your phone to find HAIYU. HAIYU will warn you if the distance of you and your phone are greater than 10 meters. (It works because the Bluetooth are disconnected). Your phone will remember the last disconnected location of HAIYU so that You can also open the map on your phone to find HAIYU.
7. Most people need greater distance for their selfie. We also consider that. You can now press the selfie button of HAIYU to command your phone to take photos from any angle, making selfie more interesting and fun than ever before.
8. You can now share your music with your friends as HAIYU is your Bluetooth speaker. Listen your favor music anywhere you want. You and your friends can dance with music
9. Its odd that if you are a man but everything you speak transfer to female voice. So we develop man and female voice for HAIYU. You can now choose between them.
How to use it
10. The material we use for HAIYU which has very high impact resistance,clean attractive finish,wide operating temperature range, self-extinguishing, good resistance to chemical, low weight, excellent insulating properties.
11. More than 100,000 press test, 100 times drop test.

How to use Haiyu Multi Speech Translate
1.Install the app
2. Run our app
3. Turn on your Bluetooth on your phone. It will auto pair with HAIYU
4. Choose the language you want to translate (you can let the app run in background)
5. Speak the words.

Why choose Haiyu Multi Speech Translate
1.Don’t need to hire a secretary or a translate assistance to follow you on your business trip. Haiyu will record every conversation in your meeting down into text.
2. It’s not a way to give up learning. It’s a New way to learn languages.
3. Save battery power of your phone. Connect Haiyu via Bluetooth so that you don’t have to turn on the screen of your phone when 90% of the power consumption of your phone com from screen.
4. Protect your phone. You would easily drop your phone when you pass your phone to anyone. Use Haiyu which has high impact resistance passed drop test for 100 times.

Why choose us
Shenzhen PTS Technology is son company of Chip Guide Technology which has more than 130 engineers and give technology advise and support for many international companies. We are one of the top Bluetooth and audio technology company, developed more than 400 products in 2016. Our team has excellent experience for developing Bluetooth devices and rewards the “most valuable companies” by Chinese government.  We provide a lot of technology support and manufacturing for many top companies in China world wide, such as Xiaomi the top andriod phone brand in China. American football league, Cristiano Ronaldo private own brand, “fire rabbit” the well known kids teaching robbot in China.

Haiyu Multi Speech Translate

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