Most Used Apps in Higher Education

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Since the majority of colleges and universities all over the world have gone remote because of the Covid-19 restrictions, both students and educators became forced to download even more helpful applications to make sense of their academic curriculums. Without a doubt, if one takes a closer look at Google Play Store and Apple’s famous App store, it will be clear that people download all kinds of things. It is hard to ignore the fact that students have chosen Duolingo as one of the most popular apps to unite over 25 million learners.

At the same time, we can see Google Classroom free service that is used at schools and integrates it all from documents to slides and Gmail messages. It must be noted that China had more than 250% growth in education app downloads in the 2020-2021 period. It makes the final list of the most used apps in higher education look quite interesting, yet predictable.

The Top 5 Mobile App Downloads by College Students

1. Google Calendar
It is hard to deny that even though it might not be the most obvious app to download for higher education, it is something that the majority of college and university students added to their set of helpful tools. Even though Google Calendar does not belong to the 10 best writing apps to boost your writing, it helps not to miss all the important deadlines and has adjustable alerts that help to stay aware of anything from band jam practices to a call to your significant other.

2. Evernote
It is probably one of the mobile apps used in education that has been around for two decades if not more since it has been first introduced in one of the incarnations. It is a great tool to keep everything organized and to take notes during the lectures or when you are working with the sources. The best integration of import and export features makes it a must-have for any modern student who has several urgent tasks to manage.

3. Duolingo
It can help you learn over 35 languages, which is probably what college students think as they download it. What makes it even better is that it has a great interactive approach that helps you to learn how to talk, master grammar, and get better at writing. The presence of both free and paid versions is a pleasant bonus! It also shows the importance of social communication, which is also made possible in other popular language apps like HelloTalk.

4. Canvas Student
It is one of the most frequently-used apps in online colleges. If you remember being asked to upload your coursework assignment to Canvas, this is it! Canvas is quite flexible and makes it easier to store your information. However, it can be confusing, especially if you forget to proofread your text and you try to get your file back. The safest way is to check the best writing essay services to ensure that you have everything done correctly before you upload anything to Canvas.

5. Blackboard App
A learning management system that is a bit more complex than Canvas. It is used for the majority of online courses these days. What makes it so popular is the seamless integration of various exams and multimedia content that makes learning more interactive and inspiring. It also has extensive customization options, which is why students and educators often make their corrections to fit the curriculum or their schedules.

How Exactly The Apps Help in Education?
The most important point is productivity and the fact that the majority of educational content is digital. It makes it possible to deliver various tasks in a more efficient way. Regardless if we talk about solutions like Duolingo or Evernote, it all comes down to being more productive or reaching a global audience. It became more important than ever today because students are limited in terms of physical interactions, which is why the apps became a sort of social replacement.

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