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Voxelab is a pioneer of the 3D Printing industry, leading the way with its top-of-the-line manufacturing solutions and diverse product line. The world-renowned brand offers high-quality 3D Printers to beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals. The focus of this blog will be on one of Voxelab’s most popular FDM 3D Printers: The Voxelab Aries.

Voxelab Aries

Voxelab Aries: The Perfect Beginning of Your Creative Journey!
Additive Manufacturing is still a developing technology, with lots of research going on and the market still developing. Stakeholders are highly excited about this revolution as 3D Printing promises unprecedented manufacturing capabilities and explores new avenues for technological innovation.

Owing to these reasons, many people are entering this industry. These enthusiastic individuals are keen to learn about and practice 3D printing. Since this is a vast field with a lot to learn, it is best to start with a simple, purpose-built machine that lets you get the required beginner-level experience. The Voxelab Aries is specifically designed for beginners who are just embarking on their 3D Printing journey. It is optimized for its specific audience and places emphasis on aspects of 3D Printing that are tuned to a beginner’s level while lifting some core tasks and responsibilities off their shoulders so they can learn in peace.

Key Features & Specifications
Voxelab Aries is feature-packed and tough competition for its counterparts in the market. Stay with us to see why this product stands above the rest and is ideal for you.

Mechanical Structure
To begin with, it comes fully pre-assembled from our factory. All you need to do is simply unbox it, set it up, and start printing! No need to get into the hassle of assembling complex components and risking a bad print, or worse, damaged parts.

Its 200x200x200mm build volume is ample for beginner-level projects and commercial work. Moreover, the +/- 0.2mm resolution ensures remarkable print quality. The Aries’ structure sports a sturdy dual-rails configuration for the Z-Axis, allowing for precise printing and error-free operation. It adds to your 3D Printing experience by minimizing downtime and maintenance tasks.

One of the best features of Voxelab Aries is its heated bed. Made of carbon silicon crystal glass, it has a fine finish that allows for quick and even heating. Its material properties allow it to hold steady printing temperatures throughout the manufacturing process, allowing for warp-free printing, which is a huge advantage if you are just starting out and not in a position to tackle adhesion-related issues.

Keeping in view our clientele, we have designed the Aries to be an easy-to-use machine. Its touchscreen panel augments it enhancing user experience. It boasts a unique design with an easy-to-navigate interface. Users can access all the main parameters, settings, and diagnostics through this panel, which is built into the 3D Printer’s body itself for easy access. Managing the 3D Printer filament is often time-consuming and hectic, especially if you are not used to dealing with it. To facilitate users, Aries comes with automatic filament loading and unloading, which permits them to focus on less mundane tasks. Moreover, the machine also incorporates a filament detection function that notifies the user whenever the filament has finished or broken.

Furthermore, like most Voxelab 3D Printers, Aries also features the ‘Resume Printing’ function. If your print is disturbed by a power shutoff, the processor stores the position where the printing process was interrupted and once power is back on, it resumes the printing from this exact spot. The resumed print is accurate and effortless and shows no inconsistency in the final print. Voxelab Aries also supports wireless transmission of data via WiFi. If both your 3D Printer and computer are connected to the same WiFi network, you can easily share sliced CAD files with your 3D Printer without ever engaging a USB.

Final Words
Voxelab has worked hard on developing Aries as a high-end beginner-level FDM 3D Printer. It is definitely the best of its class and perfect for you if you are looking for a convenient, cost-effective 3D Printing solution. Feel free to contact our support staff to get more information on Voxelab Aries or general 3D printing queries.

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