NBA 2K15 and More Games Prove Ulefone Be Touch 3 is Still a Flagship

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Many people may ask, “with chipset downgraded from MTK6752 to MTK6753, Ulefone Be Touch 3 still deserves to be called flaghship”? Our answer can’t be more posisitive. Yes, Be Touch 3 is flagship and is better than Be Touch 1 and 2.



If you have any doubt, the following are our reply.

1. A new flagship must be innovative, but does Be Touch 3 have anything new to move us even if we believe MTK6753 will not affect the performance? As a Touch ID flagship, Ulefone Be Touch 3 has packed the latest generation of fingerprint scanner which is remarkbly more responsive by partition process. You are referred to our last blog post for details.

2. Can we really believe that from MTK6752 to MTK6753, performance will not be different? Of course performance will be different, but for better. Just have a look at the video below, where our new flagship has dealt with massive games like NBA2k15 and FIFA15 as easily as to blow dust off the table. And that’s because we have taken more proactive reform on Android 5.1 to let it fully release the potential of the processor.

3.Why not keep MTK6752 while reforming the operating system. This industry has contributed  a lot of experiences in the optimization of Android 5.1 for MTK6753 and that placed us on the shoulders of giants. Besides, MTK6753 is more energy efficient than MTK6752.

4. Why is Be Touch 3 priced lower if it is better than Be Touch 2? Thanks to the Moore Law, costs in electronics industry is always going down.

Anyway, when people receive their Be Touch 3, they’ll back up us.


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