Official Videos to See a More Real BLUBOO S8 smartphone

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Now, it is the time that BLUBOO S8 goes on hot presale on two platforms. In order to let you get a general idea inside and out about this phone, the company released several professional videos. Today we will take a look at BLUBOO S8 from a different perspective through a teardown video.


As shown in the video, most of the individual components like the battery with 3450 mAh capacity, front selfie camera or the Sony dual rear camera setup, fingerprint scanner are exposed to your eyes. You can check out by yourselves to know how are things going inside the phone and the skilled chinese tech guy will even assemble it all right back after. Which should also demonstrate how easy it is to repair or replace the basic parts of this model.

Before that, BLUBOO have already revealed the official review video to show the standard specs and draw people’s eyes. It can be seen from this video, all-around tests are involved for BLUBOO S8. This 197g device features 151.2X71.6X8.8mm size equipped with the Sony 16MP+3MP rear dual cameras. The pictures taken by BLUBOO S8 is not bad. I guess, the function to make people more cure has a big chance to open up girl’s heart. In addition, the 360 OS gives the phone strong performance such as the function of 360 Clone and 360 Freezer.

To be sure, no matter the good appearance features 18:9 aspect ratio display or the cost-efficient price, it’s a good phone worth buying and now it’s the right time. On Banggood, the promotion ran by BLUBOO can make you get the smartphone at HALF PRICE. Clicking the website for more details Banggood website.


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