Which one you will choose, AllCall Bro or Oukitel U20 Plus?

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Recently, we have been instilled much information of AllCall Bro, the slogan “No Bro, No Brother.” Especially these two days, AllCall Bro as AllCall latest and hottest product, AllCall Bro got much attention and good feedback in 2017 Asia World Expo. Today i want to help people to choose the most buying dual cameras smartphone.

Oukitel U20 Plus

Oukitel also released a dual cameras phone called Oukitel u20 plus. I have done research, and these two phones don’t have much difference in performance, all packing dual camera as well as dedicated metal unibody. The difference is Allcall Bro is 5.0HD screen while Oukitel u20 plus using 5.5 HD screen. In this point it’s not good to judge which one is better, 5.0HD more fits neatly into your hand, 5.5HD screen widen vision experience. 5.0 or 5.5 ? It depends on Personal preferences.

From the pictures, you can tell Oukitel U20 Plus is rear Touch ID, and AllCall Bro is front Touch ID. For now more and more smartphone brands using front Touch ID, because it’s more maneuverable and nice looking.

Another point is Oukitel u20 plus equipped with Android 6.0, but AllCall Bro has more advanced operation system- Android 7.0. Latest Android 7.0 Smart Split function makes multi-tasking a breeze. If a text message comes in while you are watching a video, just click once to split the screen in two. This unique function makes AllCall Bro More competitive than Oukitel u20 plus.

Last, on the price AllCall Bro have much more competitive and honest than Oukitel u20 plus. It only priced 65.99 USD in pre-sale time (April 24th 2017 – April 30th 2017).


AllCall Bro

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