Paper letters in the electronic age – do we need to write by hand?

Paper letters in different eras represent unique “snapshots” of time, capturing each period’s moments, moods, values, and characteristics. Whether love letters, business correspondence, or letters from the front, each represents a piece of the culture and social trends of its time. In the Victorian era, for example, letters often contained elaborate turns of phrase and rhetoric, reflecting the formality and etiquette of the time. In times of world wars, letters from soldiers to their families provide valuable evidence of life at the front and people’s feelings and experiences.


Manuscript correspondence is one of the most valuable sources for researchers and historians who seek to understand past eras. Unlike official documents or publications, letters often contain more personal and informal information.

For example:
– Vincent van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo provide insight into his thinking, his struggle with mental health issues, and his relationship to art.
– Correspondence between presidents and advisors can provide a unique perspective on political decisions and diplomatic strategies hidden from the public.
– Love letters of famous personalities also provide insight into their character, feelings, and life circumstances.

Letters can serve as a primary source, allowing researchers to “immerse” themselves in a particular moment and understand its context. They can also reveal information that needs to be recovered or misrepresented in other sources.

Comparing electronic and paper correspondence
Email has given us the ability to communicate instantly. Regardless of distance, we can send and receive messages now, making business communication, learning processes, and personal contacts much easier and more efficient. Email correspondence provides convenient features such as attaching files, creating group mailings, and instant-read notifications.

Despite the practicality and efficiency of email, a handwritten letter has a unique charm and intimacy. Handwritten letters are often perceived as more personal and sincere and can convey the author’s personality through handwriting, choice of paper, or even minor mistakes and notes in the margins.

The psychological aspect of handwriting
Since mankind invented writing, it has become a means of communication and a reflection of our inner feelings. In the age of digital correspondence, handwritten writing is still a powerful tool of self-expression with a remarkable impact on the psyche.

Handwritten writing carries something much deeper than just words on paper. The handwriting, the intensity of the ink, the choice of paper, and even tiny mistakes or smudges all add to the individuality and humanity. When we read a handwritten letter, we feel the author’s emotions much more strongly than when we read a printed text. This may be because handwritten text is a physical extension of the person’s thoughts and feelings. If you want to unload yourself from a psychological point of view, you can teach different habits besides writing letters. For example, you can use the software for team management to mark your goals that is comfortable to use anytime.

Writing by hand requires physical involvement: hand movements, pressure on the pen, and following the lines of the paper. Studies show handwriting can stimulate brain activity, improving memory and creative thinking. Unlike typing on a keyboard, writing by hand requires more motor skills and coordination, activating different brain areas.

Modern examples of the use of paper letters
Even in our digital age, paper letters have retained their importance. They remain an essential element of culture, art, and personal relationships. The epistolary, or letter genre, has a long and rich history in literature. Contemporary authors continue to use this format, realizing that letters can be powerful for revealing characters, creating intrigue, or experimenting with viewpoints.

In contemporary works, letters can act as major or minor narrative elements. In our world, where instant messaging has become the norm, a paper letter can be a unique and memorable gift. It can serve as a bridge between past and future, between sender and receiver. One popular way to use letters as a gift is through “future” letters. People write letters to themselves, their children, or friends describing their feelings, hopes, and dreams and stash them away for a specific time. This could be for a birthday, anniversary, or other significant event.

Another tradition is to attach letters to unique gifts. For example, a book with a personal message from the author or a piece of precious jewelry with a note telling the item’s story.

In both cases, the value of the letter lies in its ability to convey feelings and emotions, making the opening incredibly touching and unforgettable.

The future of paper correspondence
In an era of rapidly evolving technology and digital communication, paper correspondence may need to be updated. However, given environmental and cultural trends, its role and importance may change.

One of the significant challenges facing paper manufacturers is the impact on the environment. Paper production requires deforestation, leading to decreased forests and biodiversity loss. In addition, the paper-making process requires large amounts of water and energy, which harms the ecosystem. In addition, the disposal of paper is also a problem as it is only sometimes fully recyclable.

With the growing environmental awareness, many companies sincerely strive to make paper production more sustainable. This includes using recycled paper, reducing water and energy consumption, and finding alternative sources of raw materials such as bamboo or hemp.

Parallel to the environmental movement, we face a growing cultural confrontation with the digital world. While smartphones and social media are becoming increasingly attractive, many people are realizing the harms of digital communication excess. This leads to counter-cultural movements that call for a return to more traditional and “human” methods of communication.

Handwritten writing symbolizes this movement, representing a slow, meaningful, personal communication method. It is becoming an alternative to fast and superficial digital communication for many.



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