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Pisofttech Bring the World First True All-in-one 8K 360 Camera: Pilot Era to The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference. IVRPA 14th annual conference features 4 days of talks, workshops, panels, and exhibitors, you will learn from and meet the key players at the forefront of the 360º VR industry.

Pilot Era

2-10 Fisherwick Place, Belfast, BT1 6DW, UK
Time: June 10-13 2019
Speaking topic: The Pilot Era Philosophy

IVRPA 14th annual conference held in Belfast is the professional virtual reality photography show and it opened its gates to the public yesterday. For 4 days, the heart of technology is going to be beating there and Pisofttech is attending the show to present their flagship product: Pilot Era. Of course, the big news for Pisofttech that is crowdfunded and has already got $180k in Indiegogo.

At IVRPA conference, our brand ambassador made a speech of The Pilot Era Philosophy. The main content is about: Why Pilot Era is a game-changer

What impressed me about the Pilot Era
This thing looks like a big fat phone with four fisheye lenses and a touchscreen running android! Wow! And it does all these things that no other cameras can do! It has an ethernet port, it can livestream, you can publish from the camera, ….
This is not a “camera”. It’s an “imaging appliance”
This camera represents a completely different design philosophy than the other cameras out there.
Other cameras take photos & videos and then you remove the photos from the memory card and deal with them. If you’re lucky, you might have a clunky app (they’re always clunky – find me one that isn’t, please?) to copy images onto your phone or maybe share them somewhere. But that’s just… really crap, isn’t it? The Pilot Era is a reimagining of a camera from “first principles”: What are people doing with this camera, and what should it do, all by itself?

What does a 360º Imaging Appliance do?
1. Shoot AND PUBLISH 360 Photos
a. The camera does the stitching (template and optical flow)
b. You can publish the images to the Internet from the camera itself
2. Shoot Google Streetview Sequences
a. Press start.
b. Drive around for a while
c. Press stop
d. Press the “upload to Google” button
3. Livestream Video in 360º (even over GSM/LTE – included with the camera)
a. Tap the Facebook, Youtube, Weibo, or RTMP button
b. Log in (if you haven’t already)
c. Press record
4. Shoot up to 8K resolution 360º Video
a. The camera does the stitching (you can also do it yourself offline if you want)
b. Publish the video to Youtube or Facebook

Pilot Era has a high-definition touch screen and user-friendly operating system (powered by Android-based operating system) that almost feels like a mobile phone. Moreover, we regularly push OTA updates and improvements to the Camera software. While you have the option to connect using our Pilot Go mobile App, we make it easy for you do everything simply using just the Pilot Era as an all-in-one standalone device without your phone or computer, including stitching, previewing, publishing, and adjusting settings. Moreover, you have the capacity to use different peripherals through its full-function USB-C interface, such as: displays, microphones and power banks.

Our Pilot have attended the IVRPA 14th Annual conference, welcome to visit!

International VR Professionals Association
The International Virtual Reality Professionals Association is an international association of professionals who create and produce 360° interactive, immersive images and video, also called 360° panoramas. Our members include professional photographers, videographers, programmers, web developers, designers, software developers, hardware manufactors, artists and enthusiasts, who produce immersive experiences., The IVRPA mission is to promote the success of Professional VR Photographers and Videographers. We strive to develop and support the professional and artistic uses of 360° panoramas, image based VR and related technologies worldwide through education, networking opportunities, manufacturer alliances, marketing assistance, and technical support of our member’s work.

About PiSoftTech
Pisofttech was founded in 2012 by Alumni of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. As one of the earliest groups innovating in embedded panoramic stitching algorithms, Pi-Soft Tech has spent many years focusing on research and development of image processing and graphics fusion algorithms. They are the only panoramic algorithms team provided with low-level technical support by ARM and the only panoramic DSP algorithm provider of CEVA – the world’s leading DSP company. As the largest panoramic algorithm solution provider in the domestic market, we were invested by international chip industry funds including SummitView Capital and ARM China Early Investment Fund, and by industry funds including China Resources and Leaguer.

Pilot EraPilot Era

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