PowerDAC V2.1 With Balanced (2.5mm) and Unbalanced (3.5mm)

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E1DA PowerDAC is a highly efficient DAC device that is changing the face of Hi-res USB DAC devices with high-performance characteristics. PowerDAC series by E1DA always featured a balanced 2.5mm output port and they specifically mentioned not to use any adapters for single-ended connection, just stick with 2.5mm cables.

But the game is changing now. With their latest E1DA PowerDAC V2.1, they have now included a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter to use unbalanced headphones with the device. They have also modified the HPToy application on both iOS/Android platforms with a switch for three different output modes, Balanced, Unbalanced, and Unbalanced boost. This latest PowerDAC V2.1 along with the cables can be bought from our store for just 79.99$.

Changes With PowerDAC V2.1 Over V2
– PowerDAC V2.1 features a new CT7601 Comtrue USB audio Bridge.
– PDV2.1 has a soft-start function to avoid high-inrush, in fact users can use it with any Android phone without Y-Splitter.
– Three output options that can be selected via the HPToy application, Balanced, Unbalanced, Unbalanced Boost.

Here is the difference between these three output modes
Balanced: It is the same as the original PowerDAC V2, balanced 2.5mm TRRS with an output power of up to 600mW/channel.
Unbalanced: Users can switch this mode on through the HPToy application. In this mode, users can safely use their unbalanced earphones/headphones using E1DA 2.5-3.5mm adapter with the PowerDAC V2.1. Output power in this mode is low as compared to the balanced mode.
Unbalanced Boost: Users can use their single-ended earphones/headphones in this mode similar to the Unbalanced mode, but this mode offers complete 600mW power as with the balanced mode but with some crossfeed effect.

E1DA PowerDAC V2.1 is a highly efficient device now supporting single-ended 3.5mm headphones too with the included E1DA 2-5mm-3.5mm adapter. It was the only issue with the original device as most of the HiFi earphones and headphones in the market come with single-ended options.

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