Qualcomm Smart Audio Platform development kit

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Qualcomm Smart Audio Platform development kit helps meet smart speakers demand. Our dev kit can help a broad range of manufacturers meet consumer demand at a variety of price points.

Qualcomm Smart Audio

The smart speaker product category is one of the newest and fastest growing in consumer audio. Demand for these devices — typically a semi-portable home speaker that can connect to the cloud and includes a voice assistant such as Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana or Amazon Alexa Voice Service — is rising rapidly. According to Strategy Analytics, global Wi-Fi smart speaker shipments is expected to more than double from 2018 to 2022.

Along with increased demand, most early adopters of smart speakers report they are now an essential part of their everyday life. In fact, 65 percent of smart speaker owners wouldn’t want to go back to life without one. Our research from last year showed that consumer adoption of voice UI is very much on the rise, and more than 40 percent of people surveyed would like to have multiple speakers networked around their home.

With this rapidly evolving ecosystem in mind, we announced in January that we would release our Qualcomm Smart Audio Platform as a development kit, through our authorized distribution channels. Our goal is to help streamline product development for a wide range of audio manufacturers who want to build smart speaker devices more efficiently.

Our Smart Audio Platform dev kit can help manufacturers and developers create smart speakers that include the complex connectivity, premium audio, and voice capabilities that consumers expect. Developers also benefit from increased support for product creation and customization via the distributor in their local area.

Key benefits to manufacturers and developers may include:

Reduced development time and cost
– Quickly scope and design a smart speaker product
– Easily scale production to volume using our SOM
– Significantly reduce BOM sources
– Eliminate the need to develop, integrate, and tune complex far-field voice technologies with wake-word detection, echo cancellation and beamforming
– Reduce Wi-Fi certification time and cost

Improved ability to differentiate at a range of price points
– Support superior performance with our processor and integrated DSP
– Add premium features such as Qualcomm DDFA, our multi-room networked audio, and Qualcomm aptX audio
– Offer high quality voice interface with cutting-edge far-field voice pick-up technology
– Choose from a range of leading voice services
– Build a smart speaker that supports advanced wireless connectivity options

The Smart Audio Development Kit is now available in China, South East Asia, and Taiwan, via our distributors Excelpoint and AIT. We expect to make the development kit more widely available later this year.



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