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Design story
Naoto Fukasawa said: “Travelling has played an important role in my life, allowing me to learn the differences existing in the world and what real design is. I wanted to design the phone for all people. Especially for positive, active and lively people.” Naoto Fukasawa extracts inspiration from life, combines unconscious design with realme design, and brings a new “interesting” design. Every time people open and close their suitcases, they will recall the story of their travels. The suitcase design will arouse the urge to travel and explore.

Suitcase design
Inspired by the most representative thing in travel – suitcases, Naoto Fukasawa designed the smartphone into a “suitcase” shape, and replicate the horizontal grid of the suitcase, allowing users to naturally think of travel. The use of low saturation and high tolerance gray color make people feel comfortable and tranquil at a glance; the vegan leather material is soft like baby skin, bringing a great texture experience.

The first concave vegan leather
realme has been constantly exploring the possibilities of industrial design, and has used the environmentally friendly Vegan Leather on a number of products in a row. realme continues to innovate in the process. realme was the first in industry to innovate the split vegan leather process on realme GT, and this time, the realme GT Master Edition will come up with the industry’s unprecedented vegan leather design -concave vegan leather process. The concave vegan leather is the industry’s first attempt, which is extremely difficult and demands for high precision of processing. In order to achieve the most ideal effect, realme has adopted a more challenging way – the polymer material is turned into an initial three-dimensional shape through the injection molding process, and then use the hot pressing process to synthesize the vegan leather with the substrate, and finally achieve the integrated concave vegan leather shape. With a raised height difference of 0.3mm and a raised fence spacing of 18.8mm, realme GT Master Edition perfectly replicates the horizontal grid of the suitcase on the back of the phone, making the “suitcase” design visible and touchable.

Color options
realme GT Master Edition has three color options: Voyager Grey, Luna White and Daybreak Blue. Grey is a desaturated neutral color and also a trendy color which is often seen in the daily wear of top trendsetters. Grey can be well hidden in the midst of nature, making it difficult to find at first. However, when you notice them, you can feel the great energy hidden in it, like the species beyond the time span telling you the story of the earth calmly and comfortablely, but also excites you.

Inspired by Mr. Naoto Fukasawa’s concept of “Travel”, realme also provides users with two colors based on the image of the dawn and luna light, using the unique landscape of the earth as the design concept.
– Luna White (White) – 6-step ink printing process. White is the purest color, and in order to provide the purest color, realme used the most direct method – 6-step ink printing process, increasing the amount of ink by 50% compared to the conventional process to achieve a delicate color effect.
– The Daybreak Blue (color) – PICASUS, a Japanese patented technology. The color of daybreak used Japan’s patented PICSUS technology – nano-laminate coating to give the phone a metallic shiny feel and to enable it to refract holographic colors at different angles.

Selfie camera
realme GT Master Edition is equipped with a 32MP Sonly selfie camera, with a Sony IMX615 sensor, F2.45 aperture, 85 degree FOV field of view, 6560*4928 resolution. The Sony sensor allows for better image quality, and with high resolution, you can make every selfie super sharp.

Primary camera
realme GT Master Edition is equipped with a 64MP primary camera, a 119° ultra-wide lens and a 4cm macro lens. The 64MP professional camera can record perfectly from far to near, from day to night, and from portrait to landscape.

Exclusive and professional street photography mode
realme has worked with many professional street photographers to discuss how to create emotive and storytelling street photography. By studying the huge amount of street photography works around the world, we extracted the two characteristics of “fast” and “real”, based on which we developed a professional street photography mode that can quickly capture and reduce the interference of algorithms.

Quick and stunning
Various built-in functions help create an exclusive professional street photography mode: DIS Snapshot Mode, Quick Launch (Double click the volume down key when screen off), Street filter, Instant Focus, Quick Zoom, B&W Plus filter, Dramatic filter.

Street filter
To provide a science of color for street photography, realme simulates film effects based on Kodak, a century-old imaging brand, to provide a visual effect with strong color contrast.

Preset B&W Plus filter
By reducing the interference of algorithms such as HDR, the light and shadow is enhanced, Tyndall light and foggy weather conditions are highlighted.

Preset Dramatic filter
The expression of emotion is enhanced by dramatically intensifying the details of the subject.

Flagship Display
3.1 120Hz Samsung AMOLED Fullscreen, 100% DCI-P3 wide color display. realme GT Master Edition uses Samsung AMOLED Fullscreen. It supports 120Hz screen refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate, and has 100% DCI-P3 wide color display. It has rich color expression, narrower frame and lower energy consumption.

SDM 778G 5G flagship processor, 6nm advanced process
realme GT Master Edition uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G flagship processor, adopts the current 6nm advanced process, four A78 architecture super cores, and the main frequency is up to 2.4GHz, bringing a comprehensive and powerful performance experience. realme GT Master Edition already supports the 90-frame mode of Honor of Kings.

GT Mode on, peak performance unleashed
Screen refresh rate up to 120Hz, Ultra Reality Enhanced Picture Quality On, Ultra-HD Visual Effects On, Game quick launch On, 4D gaming vibration On.

Vapor Chamber Cooling System
realme GT Master Edition is equipped with a vapor chamber that has an area of up to 1729.8mm², which is larger and more efficient in cooling than traditional pipes. In addition, the five-layer cooling system is made of graphite, copper, aluminum alloy, silica gel, etc. The super large heatsink area can cover 100% of core heat sources which is a total area of more than 12387.4 mm². This significantly reduces the temperature and keep the phone in a high-performance state.

Up to 8GB RAM, Up to 256GB ROM
The huge RAM size can provide super smooth daily use performance. Advanced DRE (Dynamic RAM Expansion Technology) technology can convert ROM into virtual RAM to expand RAM in order to multi-task more smoothly.

4300mAh battery + 65W SuperDart
realme GT Master Edition has realized 65W low-voltage high current flash charging and adopted 3C-certified dual-cell design, helping higher charging efficiency and making it safer to use. VCVT intelligent tuning algorithm, realize the stepless variable speed adjustment voltage, can intelligently adjust the voltage and current, finely adjust the unit with 500mA as a gear, improve the charging efficiency, and reduce the unnecessary heat loss caused by charging. The VFC trickle charging optimization algorithm aims to improve the efficiency of the charging interval in 90%-100%. Trickle charging, as the name implies, refers to a slow charging strategy used to protect the battery when the mobile phone is almost full. With the protection of the VFC trickle charging algorithm, the trickle charging speed can be increased by up to 200%.

In order to fully protect the charging safety, realme GT Master Edition also has Intelligent Five-core Chip:
1. Adapter overload protection
2. SuperDart charge condition identification protection
3. Interface overload protection
4. Overcurrent-Protection and voltage overload protection
5. Battery fuse protection

Fully improved game experience
With intelligent adjustment strategy, unified control of system resources, and special scenario optimization, it gives you an excellent gaming experience! With HyperBoost, you can play games smoothly without lagging. Frame Boost accelerates frame rate, predict high-intensity group battle scenarios intelligently, and release full performance in advance. Touch Boost accelerates touch, and brings you a smooth gaming experience.

In-display fingerprint
New generation of light-screen fingerprint module has added a new security filter, which upgrades the projected light from green to full-spectrum white, improves the dimension of monitoring and recognition, and greatly improves the safety performance. It is also equipped with high-brightness screen projection and powerful processing core. Eight kinds of unlocking animations are available to meet individual needs.

Upgraded protection case for free
The voyager grey case” is made of (TPU) comfortable and durable material, with the same 3-D suitcase shape and the signature of the master. it can not only protect the phone, but also show the stylish design. The “regular version case” is made of (TPU) comfortable and durable material, with a simple design that feels great in your hand.

realme UI 2.0
For Gen Z’s rich imagination, realme UI 2.0 brings incredible customization options so you are free to combine and create your realme UI as you like. realme UI 2.0’s icons get even more customization options. You can also download any icon packages as you like. You can also define the character of realme UI with 5 types of color series and 10 single colors.

Real quality
More than 320+ stringent testing standards ensure high-quality and durable realme phones.
– 300000 power key presses
– 150,000 volume key presses
– 4000 times repeatedly switch on/off
– 20,000 times USB plug and unplug
– 65℃/95%RH high temperature and high humidity test for 14 days
– -40℃~75℃ extreme temperature test for 300 hours.

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