Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive

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So you’re working on a project and you suddenly delete all your files from your computer. All of us have been in this situation one time or another or at least had a scare of the same. To recovery data from hard drives is one of the most common problems that computer technicians encounter.

Recover Lost Data

Well, you should know that if you ever find yourself in this situation, you don’t have to worry. EaseUS free data recovery software will easily restore all your important files and what’s even better is that it is free!

How does data recovery software work?
Well, say you were typing away at your keyboard and you mistakenly deleted your files. Not that you just put them in the Recycle Bin folder but rather, permanently deleted them. This could happen if you:
• Press the shift button and the delete button simultaneously
• Delete the Recycle Bin folder erroneously
• Format your Hard drive
• Encounter a virus attack
• Lose a partition
• Damage your hard drive

EaseUS free hard drive recovery software allows you to easily locate and recover all your lost files from your device. Don’t believe that? Test the software yourself. Create a file, such as a picture or a document and send it to the recycle bin. From here, delete the file from the recycle bin. At this point, many will assume that the file is lost forever from your device. However, with EaseUS, you can easily get the file back with these simple steps:
• Scan the hard disk that the deleted file was contained in by clicking on it and selecting the scan option.
• The software will give and index of all the files you have deleted. Search for your deleted file by name. If you do not remember its name, simply narrow down the search by typing the kind of file it was and you will be able to select it from a list of options.
• Click the recover button. The software will tell you about the location of the file. Save the restored file in a different location from the original.
• You will receive a message saying that your file was successfully restored.

Recovering data from hard drive is as easy as outlined in the steps above when using EaseUS data recovery tool. However, you will need to look out for a few things:
• Do not install the software in the same drive that you want to restore your file from. This is because the software will replace your deleted file sectors.
• Do not copy and paste from the drive you want to restore the file from. It needs to remain intact. By copying the data, it replaces the deleted files sector, preventing the software from properly restoring your files.

What you should know is that files are not technically permanently deleted from your computer. What gets deleted is the indexing of the file or folder, much like tearing off the index page from a book. The information is still in there although hard to find without the index.

Recover Lost Data

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