Rockchip RK3036 upgrading TV display dongle solution, with support H.265 video decoding

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Rockchip officially announced its multi-screen interactive chip RK3036 today, which can provide a complete solution for TV screen cast dongle, first support H.265 video decoding and accelerate the upgrades of consumer level intelligent hardware.

Rockchip RK3036


TV display dongle based on RK3036 can help users to transfer video, games, and even the screen content from mobile phone/tablet PC to the TV screen, allowing users to watch HD video on the TV and play games on big screen. TV display dongle becomes a mainstream application in business, entertainment and industry fields for its efficient and convenient advantages.

Rockchip RK3036 chip adopts Dual-core Cortex-A7 architecture, up to 1.0GHz; support 1080P H.265, H.264, VC-1, MPEG and VP8 Video Decoder; compatible with streaming media formats of different protocols; support different screen cast interaction protocols such as DLNA, Miracast, WiDi and other interoperability protocols.

RK3036 is the first to support H.265 video encoding solutions and achieves the three major enhancements for TV display dongle:
1. More clear picture quality, saving bandwidth up to 50%.
2. Lower bit error rate, mosaic reduced by 59%.
3. High integration, size reduced by 30%.

It is shown that H.265 can transmit higher quality online video under limited bandwidth. Only half the H.264 bandwidth is needed to play the same quality video. In technical principle, the encoding unit of H.265 can be selected from the smallest 8×8 to the largest 64×64. The area with less information is divided into ​larger macro-blocks, and there are fewer code words, while the area with more details is divided into smaller and more macro-blocks, and there are more code words. In this sense, the image has been encoded key codes, and the parts with more important key details are enhanced, thereby reducing the overall code rate, and the coding efficiency has been improved accordingly.

As a new video codec format, H.265 is widely used. As early as 2015, iPhone 6 ​​started to support H.265 video codec technology. At present, H.265 video decoding support is standard for mainstream flagship mobile phones. The major video sites in China such as Thunder and iQiyi have begun to support H.265 video coding. TV display dongle that cannot support H.265 codec format already can’t satisfy users’demand for online video broadcast.

RK3036 TV display dongle solution can be used quickly in any device with HDMI interface. It enhances the cross-system, cross-terminal and low delay sharing and viewing experience of consumers in display dongle products and greatly accelerates the upgrades of living room consumer intelligent hardware.



Rockchip RK3036 Rockchip RK3036

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