Spectra: The Most Portable and Intelligent E-Skateboard with 3D Posture Control

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On Tuesday, May 9th 2017 at 12 PM EST (media embargo), WALNUTT company was launching an Indiegogo Campaign to introduce SPECTRA, the most portable and intelligent personal vehicle yet.


SPECTRA, the “Tesla of Electric Skateboards,” is the first to be equipped with a self-learning 3D posture control system, where speed and turns are sensed by the user’s movement. The more the user rides, the more SPECTRA understands their behavior and riding preferences. This series of sensors, an integrated gyroscope, and a differential speed motor control and electromagnetic ABS braking module that belongs in an electric car, makes SPECTRA exceptionally user-friendly. Anyone can hop on and learn to ride in under five minutes.

SPECTRA can travel up to 12.4 miles with a 15.5 mph maximum speed. Whether riding around campus, or on the urban commute to work, users can enjoy SPECTRA’s additional features, including:
● Driving System: Powered by 3.1” motors integrated into the wheels, SPECTRA has the ability to ride up to a 15 degree incline and then recharge on the way down.
● Instant Brakes: SPECTRA is the only top tier electric skateboard that activates its braking system when it senses something is wrong. This helps save riders from accidents on the road and prevent from the risk of physical harm.
● MagBrake: SPECTRA has redundant failsafe protection with an additional electromagnetic brake disc to provide instantaneous and reliable braking. Braking sensitivity levels are also adjustable to the rider’s preference.
● Portable Intelligence: SPECTRA is only 12 lbs and 19.4 inches. Integrated gyroscopic sensors, the 3D Posture Control System inside the board makes the SPECTRA the most intelligent and portable electric vehicle.
● LED Awareness: Whether out riding at night in a dimly lit neighborhood or in a tunnel, SPECTRA is LIT. Riders are not used to having such a safe experience cruising at night.
● Battery Indicator: The clear front LED battery indicator will make sure you never run out of juice when you need it. All of the battery information can also be found on the WALNUTT GO App. SPECTRA is fully charged in only 90 minutes.

Unlike most electric skateboards, SPECTRA requires no remote. While it is completely hands-free, users also have the option of controlling SPECTRA via the WALNUTT GO App. Additionally within the app, users can see the battery and health status, choose a driving mode, control Bluetooth, update the software firmware, and find riders and cool riding spots.

SPECTRA’s battery module has the exact same batteries that power Tesla vehicles, certified with the highest industry safety standards (UN38.3 and UL2272). Its embedded battery management system monitors every individual battery cell for efficient and even distribution.

SPECTRA is incredibly portable and can be easily carried via the WALNUTT Commuter Backpack.


Spectra Spectra
Spectra Spectra

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