Aug 24, 2017

Although the growing Competitiveness in smartphone field, also have some “dark horse” achieve great grades. AllCall as a new brand   … read review

Aug 20, 2017

With the iPhone8 release time getting closer, more and more leak information spread on the Internet,such as wireless fast charge,   … read review

Aug 17, 2017

Since its announcement, the AllCall Rio received a lot of attention and it’s pretty much spot on, because it looks   … read review

Jul 19, 2017

AllCall are really trying to drum up some surprising with their upcoming new AllCall Rio model and the latest promise   … read review

Jul 16, 2017

The AllCall Rio caught the attention of phone users all over the world with a radical new design, and use   … read review

Jul 16, 2017

We finally have a real look at the much awaited AllCall Rio dual cameras and 3D curved screen smart phone.   … read review

Jul 4, 2017

AllCall Rio managed to incite quite some attention during the presale period and we really pleasure to announce some interesting   … read review

Jul 2, 2017

We already know that the latest hot popular AllCall Rio be the first Dual Camere Samrtphone from the chinese company   … read review

Jun 23, 2017

As we all got the information before, AllCall Rio start presale at June 19th 2017, and no less than 3.5   … read review

Jun 22, 2017

What you most concerned about when you choose a phone? Performance? Storage? Design or appearance? Maybe we all want a   … read review

Jun 19, 2017

The AllCall Rio hit the headlines again as the violence test video share and spread in YouTube today. We have   … read review

Jun 15, 2017

Chinese phone maker — AllCall which has just officially released a video ad of their upcoming AllCall Rio, where we   … read review

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