Oct 5, 2016

How time flies. Remember the days that the best phone we owned was Nokia 3310 and if we wanted to   … read review

Sep 30, 2016

Not satisfied with your gaming experience on your phone? UHANS A101 can help you deal with that. This Nokia-tribute phone   … read review

Sep 27, 2016

UHANS’s tribute to Nokia, A101 has attracted a lot of attention since its launch. Not everything is perfect, so the   … read review

Sep 23, 2016

Life is hard, especially when your phone dies. A dead phone means that you cannot even make some emergency calls   … read review

Sep 2, 2016

The currency rate of each country differs, which lets people well aware of the fact that we may not buy   … read review

Aug 29, 2016

Some of you may wonder, how UHANS A101 is gonna give tribute to Nokia without being durable? Well, we’ve done   … read review

Aug 11, 2016

While Uhans A101 is paying tribute to Nokia, some said it looks more like a tribute to the Galaxy S7   … read review

Aug 9, 2016

Inspired by Casa Vicens, the design of UHANS A101 is full of slight and warm curves. In order to make   … read review

Jul 30, 2016

Antoni Gaudi left the world astonishing with so many architecture masterpieces, including the famous one “Casa Vicens” located in Barcelona.   … read review

Jul 19, 2016

This new model UHANS A101 is scheduled to come out in the middle of August with an compelling price tag.   … read review

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