Jun 16, 2016

Today Ulefone offers on their blog the link to download the beta version of Android 6.0 ROM for audio-centric device   … read review

Jun 1, 2016

The lesser-known 13MP phone camera Panasonic MN34150 (or MN34172 as called in China) has given quite positive performance on mid-range   … read review

May 31, 2016

It has been the second month since audio-centric device Ulefone Vienna was released and we see the second software update   … read review

May 24, 2016

Audio-centric device Ulefone Vienna has been treated as one of the top picks on Aliexpress Tech Discovery channel for this   … read review

May 19, 2016

Ulefone Future and the coming Android 6.0 for Ulefone Vienna will both support the function named Turbo Download, which will   … read review

May 17, 2016

Ulefone is going a step further in supporting users as they will release updates to offer additional fun features on   … read review

May 17, 2016

You can now buy the new Ulefone Vienna smartphone from TomTop.com for only $157.69 with free shipping if you’ll use   … read review

May 12, 2016

Ulefone announced some days ago they’ll release Android 6 for their audio-centric device Ulefone Vienna in June and it is   … read review

Apr 27, 2016

Today Ulefone released a video of fingerprint scanner performance test for Ulefone Vienna, where their staff managed to unlock the   … read review

Apr 25, 2016

Ulefone announces on their blog today that the have begun to work on the Marshmallow adaptation for their audio-centric device   … read review

Apr 22, 2016

Packing the NXP Smart Audio PA independant chipset, your phone is expected to offer HiFi experience. But has you may   … read review

Apr 15, 2016

In the latest video by Ulefone, we see the performance of Ulefone Vienna’s 5.5-inch Sharp LTPS display, which Ulefone claims   … read review

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