Technologies vs Students: Who Will Get the Job

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Technologies are moving the world forward. They have a great impact on every sphere of our lives. We get more possibilities, have many complex processes simplified and long operations speeded up. As a student, you can do anything thanks to modern technologies. whether you want to go shopping online, track your health, set a schedule, order homework assignments at Pro-papers, technologies will have everything done for you in a few clicks and several seconds.

Technologies vs Students

But nothing is perfect. And such a rapid technological evolution cannot be cloudless as well. When it comes to jobs for students and other people, the situation is far from pleasant. With the application of robotic power and AI in a production line and service provision, the number of vacant positions significantly decreased. Discover more about the volume of the threat, the jobs that are in danger of extinction, and possible solutions both for students and other people to stay employed in the rapidly changing world.

The Danger is Real
Many students deny the seriousness of the problem. Their main argument is that the emergence and development of computers several decades ago didn’t cut down the jobs and workplaces but only had a positive impact on the employment markets. Computers have enhanced people’s opportunities in general and increased jobs and workplaces several times.

Still, when we talk about technological development these days, it’s not only about computers or other gadgets but more about artificial intellect and machine learning in the first place. And this is where the real threat comes. The experience proves that AI and ML-operated processes and services are far more efficient than human-operated ones. Many human jobs have been replaced with AI and ML and the companies’ revenues have only increased with this. If several decades ago million-earning companies and organizations employed millions of workers, nowadays, trillion-earning companies like Apple or Google have barely a couple of hundred thousand employees in total. No matter how optimistic some researchers may be, the numbers speak for themselves, AI and ML are taking our jobs away.

The Jobs Under Threat
When it comes to students, odd jobs and part-time employment has always been a trend in college or university. There are always vacancies suitable for a student to combine studying and working and have some extra pocket money in addition. But if technologies take away full-time jobs, there will be no part-time offers for sure. Let’s look closer at what jobs suitable for students may disappear or are already on the edge with technologies replacing them.

● Shop assistant – this job was a good opportunity for students to make good money, take night shifts, and get jobs without extra qualification. But getting employed as a shop assistant is not as easy these days. Most people prefer online shopping with filters, categories, access to any products with no time or location limits, and even chatbots to assist you with common inquiries.
● Proofreader or editor – although writing still requires human creativity and wit, proofreading and editing, a preferred occupation of well-qualified students, is slowly moving to AI and ML programs as well. There are plenty of programs that review and improve the text quality without human assistance in the shortest time.
● Courier – if you have a van, a car, an electric scooter, or at least a bicycle, becoming a courier is a perfect option for an extra income source. Still, here machines are close to replacing you. There is already experience of robotic delivery, with quadcopters delivering COVID test results, and self-driven cars tested as well.
● Advertising salesperson – handing out brochures in the street or walking around in weird costumes as a live advert used to be an easy-to-get job for students. Nowadays, digital marketing has broken all rates with its efficiency and supremacy. People are no longer concerned about colorful leaflets or banners, this is social media performance that really has an impact on the audience.
● Construction workers – if you were strong enough, ready to work physically hard, and get good money for this, a position of construction worker would be a perfect option for you. But scientists from Japan, for example, have gone as far as inventing a robot that can easily replace any kind of construction worker in the nearest future.
● Agricultural workers – season jobs are great possibilities for students to travel a little and earn almost a fortune in the agricultural sphere. Still, there are already a huge diversity of machines that perform manual farm work better and faster. It replaces a bunch of workers with only one operator to handle the machine. So, you can say goodbye to extra work in your free-from-studies time.

This is far from a complete list. Both machines and AI and ML services are slowly but confidently replacing human workers. So that students have fewer and fewer possibilities to get part-time jobs, not to mention full-time ones.

Possible Solutions
Still, you shouldn’t be so pessimistic about the whole situation. This is not going to be the work apocalypse; at least, people hope so. There are different practices in how governments strive to fight the machines leaving people unemployed. Extra taxation on robotic work power, quotas on workplaces for people vs machines, the prohibition of app-handled services, and so on. But these all seem like weak efforts to stop the inevitable. All that people need is to learn more, practice more, create more, and work more to be competitive and flexible enough. So that there will never be machines that can replace such workers.

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