The 3rd anniversary celebration of the DYU brand was successfully held

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Time flies when rain and wind are the same. The world is changing, and DYU is growing fast in adversity! DYU brand has gone through three years of ups and downs with a healthy posture, three years of unity and morality, and three years of development.

anniversary celebration

On January 6, 2020, on this milestone day, the annual meeting of the development of the personal smart travel industry chain and the 3rd-anniversary celebration of the DYU smart bike brand is hosted by DYU & F-wheel successfully held in Shenzhen. Nearly 200 guests, channel suppliers, and all DYU employees from all over the world participated.

From 2017 to 2019, DYU came through both wind and rain. Many partners have witnessed the growth of DYU, as well as the hard-working, enterprising and pioneering trail of DYU team. In the just past 2019, DYU Smart Bike has left footprints on five continents, with more than 250,000 users worldwide. It has accumulated 500 million kilometers of green cycling in a single year, which can circle the earth 12,500 times, save 45 million liters of fuel and reduce 150,000 tons of exhaust emissions. This is a very meaningful thing.

The personal mobile smart travel industry chain development forum started. Mr. Tian, the co-founder and general manager of the DYU Smart Bike brand, made a summary report on the two-wheeled electric vehicle market trend. He first explained the development history of domestic two-wheeled electric vehicles and the sales volume of the domestic lithium battery market. At the same time, he analyzed foreign markets to summarize the market differences, especially for Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United States, and Southeast Asian countries. He demonstrated and looked forward to the future market development trend. In the end, he pointed out that DYU will follow two major development stages, enrich the category, speed up the expansion of sales channels, go hand in hand with domestic and foreign partners, and create a brilliant future for DYU.

Immediately afterward, Mr. Tian announced a new product, the DYU S1, an ultra-mini electric vehicle. Mainly for foreign markets, with a range of 40 kilometers, smart APP interconnection, 10-inch wheels, ultra-light body, compact and exquisite. A container can load more this ebike for overseas freight, which is fully considerate to the dealers.

DYU strives to create high-quality plus core technology, and finally forms a new Made in China. When we were amazed by the new products, Mr. Tian also revealed that another surprising new product will be launched in March this year! DYU Smart Bike continues to survive by quality, adhere to the beautiful & intelligent product development concept, and shape the brand culture. It continues to create more amazing intelligent products, build new sales channels, and take a scientific management model, striving to build the industry’s smart star brand dream! DYU vowed to achieve the goal of selling more than 200,000 vehicles while extending new products in 2020.

Mr. Tian’s heart-warming speech won loud applause from everyone. We believe that under the leadership of General Manager Tian Yuzhi, the brand will be growing stronger and stronger.

Mr. Cui, CEO of u-tech, director of Korea Intelligent Association, Mr. Xia, general manager of pact China, one of Europe’s largest importers of commuting & travel tools, Mr. Zhang, general manager of Global Sources, president of Jiangsu Fine Parts Association/director of Changzhou Jinshun Machinery Chief Mr. Shao Yaliang, gathered at the Personal Smart Bike Travel Industry Chain Development Forum to express their views on the development trend of personal smart travel industry. There is a lively discussion on the current category of personal commuting tools, and the forecast and analysis of the future personalized and intelligent travel tool market. Intelligent electric vehicles are gradually becoming one of the important people’s livelihood travel tools, which are used for residents’ daily mobility, leisure and entertainment tools. Industry experts agree that short-distance travel tools have grown rapidly in recent years, and the market will be much larger in the future.

Once again, we would like to express our high respect and heartfelt thanks to the partners of all suppliers of DYU! In 2020, we will continue to support and sincerely cooperate with you to further strengthen the mutually beneficial and win-win partnership. At the same time, we sincerely look forward to your continued attention and support for the development of DYU. We maintain long-term, close and in-depth cooperation and continuously increase our business contacts and achieve long-term and stable development, let’s work together and go hand in hand.

Working together for three years, we thank all the DYU staff for their persistence, efforts and sweat to DYU. At the moment of the third-anniversary celebration of DYU Smart Bike Brand, DYU team gathered to celebrate the third happy birthday of DYU.

Three years of exploration, three years of struggle, and three years of growth. During the company’s three-year development process, we have experienced the hardships of starting a business, making DYU from small to large, and from weak to strong. DYU has grown and developed, and all the DYUer are dedicated and hard-working. With a sincere heart, let’s work together to continuously strive for a better future. There is no mountain higher than the step, there is no longer road than the foot, and the most beautiful scenery is always in front.

Three years of wind and rain, three years of spring and autumn. Although hard, dreams are sweet. In order to thank the partners who have witnessed the growth of DYU for the past three years and paid for this company, the company has prepared a variety of program performances and rich dinners, and also prepared an annual lucky lottery for each participants. While accepting this gift, employees are shouldering greater corporate responsibility and greater corporate dreams!

In 2020, DYU Smart Bike brand will go through an unforgettable journey of three years. Here, DYU would like to express its sincere gratitude and high respect to the consumers and friends from all walks of life who have cared for and supported DYU for a long time, and worked hard and sweated in exchange for today’s joy and harvest, summing up the past , diligent and hard work, in exchange of today’s happiness and success; Looking forward to the next year, we will continue to make great efforts and strive to create better results!

Grow up against the hardship, fully usher in the new era, new opportunities and new challenges! The annual meeting of the development of the personal smart travel industry chain and the 3rd anniversary celebration of the DYU brand were successfully concluded.
Let us work together and continue to create new glories!

anniversary celebration anniversary celebration anniversary celebration

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