The crowdfunding of Beelink Expand X has started on Indiegogo. Back it up!

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The crowdfunding of Expand X has started. Through it, the mobile phone can be operated as a computer. If you are interested in Expand X, please support it here.

Beelink Expand X

Expand X is the first multifunctional gadget designed by Beelink. This is a special product of Beelink. Its emergence allows the mobile phone to be easily connected with the display, without any software, to achieve the screen projection effect, and can be connected with a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad to operate the mobile phone interface. There are many funny ways to use it. In addition, Beelink has been using innovative and high-quality services to attract users.

– Full metal body
– Screen mirroring projection
– Expand peripheral connections
– Support 4K output
– One-key switch between mode
– Extendible with Mobile phone, Computer, Laptop, and Tablet PC
– Four colors.

a) Devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, Xbox, PS4, etc. can be connected with the display through Expand X for screen expansion, and all machines are used in the same way, easy and convenient.
Expand X can break the limitations of the screen, all you need is a Type-c cable and an HDMI cable. Then you can enjoy it on the big screen.
b) Expand X supports connecting USB peripherals, such as mobile hard drives, keyboards, mouses, handles, etc.
c) Use Expand X to connect peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and handles to operate mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, game consoles, and other devices.
d) All-metal body frame structure, suitable for mobile phones and tablet computers.
e) One set of peripherals can operate two devices, just press the switch.

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