The Importance of Mobile App Localization

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For many businesses that strive to become a global brand, localizing their content and services is a key aspect of their growth strategy, and there are several reasons Why Localization is Important for International Business Expansion. When one is using the term “Localization” in business, they are referring to the adaption of a service or a product to a certain region according to the region’s needs. In simple terms, localization is not limited to translation, while translation is a big part of localization!

Expand Your Audience
One of the main reasons big businesses are investing in localization is to expand their reach. 90% of the world’s population are non- English language speakers. In many foreign countries, if your content or service is not localized, you are at dangerous risk of not reaching your goals. Thus, many companies are investing millions of dollars in localization. They open new headquarters, translate their apps, and adapt their services according to the needs of the region.

Maximize Your Income
Expanding your reach through localization, inevitably you will notice a rise in income. Making your app accessible to more people translates to more app sales. According to research most mobile phone users when faced with the question if they had to choose between two similar apps one in their language and the other in English, 75% of them chose the one in their language.

Improve User Experience
Feedback is one of the most important aspects of localization. Even if you are hiring the best translation companies USA, realistically your app will definitely have issues that need improvement, either translation-wise or software-wise. Use continuous user feedback to improve your app and drive quality services. Localization also means adapting images, colors, and app design to the particular region – payment methods as well. Everything you know about your app in your home country will subject to slight changes for it to work in a new region and produce maximum results.

Localize Strategically
It’s important to be aware of your audience, aside from the language they are speaking. Conducting market research before expanding your business to a new region is a huge part of that. With elaborate market research, you can learn from your competition and your audience. For example, aside from language and competitors, it’s also important to know variables like what kind of phones your audience is using, what’s the connectivity situation in the region, etc.

Is Localization Necessary?
This is a question that has been going around for quite some time in forums and business experts. There is no concrete answer, no definite yes or no because the internet of things is global. That means that even if you don’t localize your content, people from foreign countries may use your app without you moving your little finger. The important lesson here is to see where your audience comes from, and if it’s a foreign country you haven’t thought of expanding yet – you should consider localizing your content there to further develop the relationship between your app and that audience.

There have been so many research papers that conclude that localization is the best way to enter a new market. If you localize your app strategically, you will definitely be able to achieve your goals and gain new customers.

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