Top 10 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls That Start With L

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A newborn infant is like a fresh start filled with emotions, wonder, love, and a vision of endless possibilities. A baby girl is a gift that never ceases to amaze. The most crucial step for a parent is to come up with a suitable name for their baby angel. Choosing a name for a person may be both exciting and challenging.

The letter ‘L’ stands for love, laughter, and life. It has a light and bright vibe that provides the naming an extraordinary significance. Thus it should come as no surprise that female names that begin with ‘L’ are at the top of the lists. These girl names are frequently connected with gentleness and delicacy.

Baby Girl Names That Start With The Letter L

Do you want a stylish girl baby name that starts with the letter L? CocoFinder’s official website provides a list of lovely girl names that begin with the letter L to assist you with finding the perfect one.

1. Linda
Linda is a Spanish name for girls that means “beautiful.” The name comes from the German word “linde,” which means “lime tree.” Belinda and Melinda were both variations of the name. The name is relatively new, having only been recorded since the 19th century. Linda has been accepted by various civilizations throughout Europe, including the English, Dutch, Finnish, Germans, French, Scandinavians, and Slavic peoples, despite its recent origins. Linda will be remembered in baby name history for dethroning Mary from her four-hundred-year reign as the most popular name. Linda, who was named Queen of Names in 1947, is now even more popular than Mary.

2. Lisa
Lisa is a traditionally female name that has Hebrew, German, Greek, and English roots. Lisa’s meaning is spiritual, regardless of the language; the name is thought to signify “oath from God,” “committed to God,” or “my God is gracious.” The Hebrew connotation comes from Elisheba’s name, which also refers to the lily flower. Lisa is, of course, a very popular religious name that is used as a stand-alone or as a nickname for Elizabeth, Melissa, or Lisbeth. Lisa rose to prominence in the 1970s due to Elvis Presley naming his daughter Lisa Marie and Nat King Cole’s smash song “Mona Lisa.” However, the name dates back a long way, even before Leonardo DaVinci’s original ‘Mona Lisa.” Friends’ actor Lisa Kudrow, TV personality Lisa Rinna, comedian Lisa, and others are among the most well-known Lisas in popular culture today.

3. Laura
Laura has been around for a long time and has no intention of leaving. Her name is linked to the bay or laurel plant, which was used to make victory crowns. They want a classic, well-respected baby name for their daughter, whether she grows up to be a president or a poet. Laura will always be a champion, even though her parents’ adoration for her has faded during her time (the 1960s to 1980s).To whom the Italian Renaissance poet Petrarch dedicated many of his love songs, Laura made it famous, and Dickens later utilized it in Bleak House.

4. Lauren
Lauren is the next name on the list of beautiful names for baby girls that start with L. Lauren is an English baby girl’s name that means “bay laurel.Lauren originates from Laurence, an English name derived from the Roman surname. Laurentius, which means “from Laurentum.” Laurentum was named after the Latin word Laurus, which means “bay laurel.” Lauren was initially a male name, but once Betty Joan Perske selected it for her stage name, Lauren Bacall, in 1944, it became popular as a female name.

5. Lilian
Lilian, like Liliana, Lillian, Lilly, Lili, or Lillie, is a traditionally feminine name originating from the Lily flower. The name represents purity, innocence, and elegance in English, Hebrew, and German. Illustrator Lillian Disney, actress Lillian Roth and Lillian Gish, journalist Lillian Griego, photographer Lillian Liu, dancer Lillian Powell, novelist Lillian E. Smith, and ‘The Children’s Hour’ playwright Lillian Hellman are just a few of the famous Lilians.

6. Lori
Lori is a botanical name since it is a spelling variation of Laurie, which means “bay laurel.” Make sure the leaves your little Lori collects aren’t poison ivy if she becomes a nature lover.
Lori people are extroverted, funny, and social fun lovers who are flexible to change and enjoy vibrant, colorful environments. They are fascinated by life and want to share it with others. They are usually the Riddler and have a great sense of humor.

7. Lois
A biblical name that means ‘more attractive’ or ‘better.’ It could also be a spelling variation of Aloysius or an alternate spelling of Lewis, which comes from the Germanic Ludwig and means ‘great warrior. People with the name Lois enjoy working and maintaining order. They’re dependable, practical, and materialistic. They are tenacious, energetic, reliable, and systematic. They are wary and overly sensitive.

8. Louise
Louis is a Frankish/Germanic name originating from the German Ludwig, which combines the words “hld” (fame) and “wg” (war) to indicate “renowned in war.” Louise is a royal name in various nations, including Denmark, Sweden, France, and the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth has a granddaughter named Louise through her son Prince Edward. In recent years, it has consistently been in the Top 10 lists in Belgium and France. Louise Brooks, the renowned actress, and modern sculptors Louise Bourgeois and Louise Nevelson are among her most renowned bearers.

9. Leslie
The name Leslie is a Scottish girl’s name that means “holly garden.” These days, it won’t be easy to locate a young male named Leslie, which is remarkable because males have had a grip on the name for decades. Then, in the early 1950s, there was a massive change, and the females took over. That is still the case now. The name is light and airy, making it feel more feminine than gender-neutral. Leslie Jones (“Saturday Night Live”) and actress-comedian Leslie Mann both had a good laugh about the name’s feminine domination.

10. Leah
The name Leah is a Hebrew girl’s name that means “grim.” Leah Clearwater is a female werewolf in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight novels, Leah Price is a prominent character in Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible, and Leah Remini is a current carrier. Leah has remained towards the top of the charts in the twenty-first century and is now one of the most popular girls’ names, beginning with the letter L. In countries as diverse as Norway, Germany, and Ireland, it has become even more popular.

Parents undergo the complex process of naming their newborn children when they welcome them into their family. However, picking a modern and trendy name for the newborn is difficult. Family members, friends, and everyone else in the vicinity offer their ideas, making the work even more difficult.

Cocofinder has compiled a list of baby girl names that begin with the letter L, the twelfth letter of the English alphabet, to assist you and make your job easier. With many such names starting with the letter L, picking the perfect name for your kid becomes a lot easier. Give your child a name that she will be proud of as she grows older.

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