Top 4 K-Dramas to Get You Started

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Top 4 K-Dramas to Get You Started.


K-Dramas Took Over The World
As globalization has taken over the world in recent decades, entertainment from every corner of the world is now available online. Few content has had the impact of our topic today. If you haven’t seen Korean dramas, a.k.a K-dramas, then you’re missing out. These dramas have the peculiarity of leaving you hooked and always wishing for the next episode. Adding them to your pop culture consumption will leave you satisfied.

K-Dramas To Bingewatch
One special characteristic is that they usually touch deep themes in an entertaining and appealing way. Known by their plot twists and engaging storylines, they won’t disappoint you. If you find yourself bored and tired of the usual content, we invite you to read the following recommendations to get you started. Although, we warn you, you won’t be able to stop binge watching.

K-Drama List To Get You Started

1) It’s Okay not to be Okay
Genre: Drama, Comedy Romance

Surely, this is one of everyone’s favorites. The lives of a kind, compassionate health worker and a famous, arrogant children book author are intertwined. Starring Seo Ye-ji as Ko Mun-yeong and Kim So-Hyun as Moon Gang-tae, you will be hooked on this star crossed lovers romance. The portrayal of different types of love is evident in this drama. Targeting emotional and psychological aspects, this show will help you learn valuable lessons. You will be able to fall in love with the well-written characters, and learn how their backstories determined their personalities in the present. The storytelling is impeccable, showing you how the characters develop and heal their emotional wounds.

2) Crash Landing on You
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

This show is a rollercoaster of emotions. It will make you cry, laugh and also scream to your screen. This drama is about a powerful female lead, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) who is a successful businesswoman. She has an accident in a paraglider and accidentally lands in North Korea. There, Ri Jung-hyuk (Hyun Bin ) who is a soldier finds himself in a predicament, and helps her for this reason. Later, their relationship is tested through turbulent and heart-breaking events. The geographical boundaries and different lifestyles are portrayed in order to see the cultural differences but also the similarities of the people. The mix of fantasy, action and drama has stolen the hearts of its viewers.

3) Sweet Home
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Hyun (Song Kang )is an underdog high school student whose family died in a awful accident. As a consequence of this, he has a sinic and pessimistic view of the world. Consequently he isolates himself. After all of this he decides to move to a new apartment, in which strange events start happening. At the present, he ends up in a battle to save what is left of humankind before it’s past the point of no return.

4) The Penthouse War in Life
Genre: Drama, Mystery

This series stars Lee Ji-ah , Kim So-yeon , Eugene , Um Ki-joon , Yoon Jong-hoon and Park Eun-seok . With the success of the inaugural season, the Korean drama series ‘The Penthouse: War in Life’ also premiered its second season. The main plot is about of prosperous families. It is centered on the life of a lady who endeavors to accomplish her objective of entering high society by turning into the “queen”.

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