Ulefone Power 2 Comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage

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It is with great pride that we announce the coming of our new model, Ulefone Power 2, to the glorious Power family. In the past year, Ulefone Power 1 achieved remarkable sales data while promoting the Ulefone brand to a new level with its unbeatable quality. But we are never satisfied in the course to create value for consumers. This year, the second generation of Ulefone Power, with overall upgrades, will again freshen your conception about Ulefone.

Ulefone Power 2

A More Durable 6050mAh Battery
Though Ulefone Power 2 will have its processing ability improved – therefore more energy consuming – 4 days of normal use will still be out of question, since the latest generation of Sony li-polymer battery will offer 20% longer duration thanks to the better output control chipset. On the Power 2, you can feel speed and duration in the meantime.

9V/2A PE2.0 Fast Charger
The PE2.0 fast charger that comes with Ulefone Power 2 will have an output power of 9V/2A to fill up the mammoth battery in about 2 hours. That says you will get the juice for one-day normal use in half an hour.

1.5GHz Octa-core Chipset
Abundant fuel will be meaningful only if  it feeds a machine that operates fast. And Ulefone Power 2 is exactly the best demonstration of this idea. With 1.5GHz MTK6750T octa-core chipset you will feel unbelievable smoothness in both daily use and CPU-hungry gaming. Besides, the CAT6 baseband will offer 50/300Mbps 4G  speed for enjoyable Web experience. When you are out of the worry for energy shortage, “fast” will be everything you feel about Ulefone Power 2.

4GB RAM + 64GB Storage
4GB large RAM will allow you to do significantly more on your phone, while the 64GB ROM will allow you to store everything you want to keep. Sorry, it is not Ulefone’s destination to help you control desire, we can only satisfy your desire.

5.5-inch FHD Display
Vibrant colors! Sharp details! Immersive viewing experience! These are all that the 5.5-inch FHD 401PPI display on Ulefone Power 2 can give. But isn’t that enough?

16MP/13MP Cameras
Why we never stop the efforts to make better cameras on our phones? Because we know you want to see the most beautiful side of the world as well as yourself on pictures. We can’t help you find the beauty of life, but when you find it, the camera from Ulefone will authentically record it. So release your creativeness now, with Ulefone Power 2.

Front Fingerprint Scanner
We moved the fingerprint scanner from the back cover to the front side for 3 reasons. First of all, it looks more beautiful when it is integrated to the home button; second, it is easier for your finger to find it with the help of eyes; and finally, it can be used with more functions. Besides that, the fingerprint scanner on Ulefone Power 2 is as responsive as those euipped on the world’s best phones.

Three-Axis Gyroscope
VR enthusiasts must know what the gyro sensor is for. And we only need to tell you that it is stable enough for use. So, start your VR tour now!

An Android 7.0 Better to Watch and Use
We have optimized the Android Nougat on Ulefone Power 2 to its fastest and smoothest condition; we have added a cool UI to the Nougat; and we have offered plenty of software tweaks to make the phone easier to use. That’s a brand new Android 7.0 and that is a phone different from anything we have created.

Ulefone will start the presale for Power 2 on March 29.


Ulefone Power 2

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