Ultimate Guide to Transfer Photos from iPhone to External Hard Drive in 2024

In 2024, users still struggle with the ongoing challenge of handling and safeguarding their growing photo collections on iPhones. They face issues like manual processes that are hard to manage and the confusion of navigating various software tools. To tackle these problems, this ultimate guide will help you transfer iPhone photos to external hard drive by discussing the latest methods.


This article presents step-by-step instructions using the latest technologies and user-friendly interfaces to simplify photo transfer. Moreover, you’ll find the most efficient app to transfer photos from iPhone to PC and other devices through MobileTrans to protect your cherished memories.

Part 1: What Things You Should Perform Before Transferring the Photos from iPhone?
It takes a few steps before moving your photos from your iPhone to an external hard drive to ensure everything goes effortlessly. These proactive tasks keep your data safe and ensure the process is easy. Now, let’s explore these considerations for a smoother and trouble-free transfer:
– Device Power and Charging: Before moving your photos, ensure your iPhone and laptop have more than 50% battery. If you keep them charged, it ensures a trouble-free transfer without interruptions.
– Hardware Compatibility Check: You should check if the USB cable you’ll use to connect your iPhone to the laptop and external hard drive works with both devices. Ensuring compatibility is key for a stable connection and successful data transfer.
– Data Backup: Users should protect their memories by creating a complete backup of their iPhone data, including photos. In this regard, you can consider using iCloud for a simple and effective backup process before you begin the transfer.
– Download Necessary Software: Another essential aspect to consider is finding and downloading any necessary software that makes the transfer process easier. You can look for applications designed for managing and transferring photos to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.
– Optimize Storage Space: Begin the process by making room for your photos on the external hard drive by deleting files, apps, or pictures you don’t need. This makes the transfer smoother and guarantees you enough space for your entire photo collection on the external hard drive.

Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to External Hard Drive on PC or Mac
Transiting photos to an external hard drive is a practical solution whether you’re a photographer or dealing with an overcrowded device. It helps clear your iPhone’s space and is a secure backup for your treasured memories. In the following section, we’ll guide you through the steps to transfer iPhone photos to the external hard drive on a PC and Mac.

1. For Windows: Photos App
Photos App offers a user-friendly and integrated solution to free up space on your iPhone. It helps with the transfer and provides extra features for organizing and handling your picture collection. With that, let’s discover how to carry out this task smoothly using the Photos App on your Windows computer.

Step 1: Begin by linking your external hard drive and iPhone to your computer, utilizing either a USB or USB-C cable. Once connected, grant access to the PC by tapping “Trust” on your iPhone and entering the screen passcode when permitted.
Step 2: Next, open the “Photos” application on your computer that opens a new window. Within this window, select the “Import” button at the top, then choose “Apple iPhone” to proceed with the transfer.
Step 3: After loading the photos, pick the desired ones and click the “Add” button. However, to select multiple photos, press “CTRL” and pick the required images. Then, coming up with a small window, opt for a folder or generate a new one for importing the selected photos.
Step 4: Once your photos are imported, find the folder in the left panel and press “right-click.” It will open an extended menu from where you need to select the “Open in File Explorer” option.
Step 5: Now, you will be given a mini window where you can “Copy” the folder containing photos from your iPhone. Afterward, locate your external hard drive, visible within “This PC,” and proceed to “Paste” the folder into it.

2. For Mac: Image Capture
Image Capture is a pre-installed tool that provides convenient options for managing your image collection. Now, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to transfer photos from an iPhone to an external hard drive on a Mac with Image Capture.

Step 1: First, tap on your iPhone’s “Settings” and scroll down to look for the “Photos” option. After selecting this option, scroll to the bottom until you locate the “Transfer to Mac or PC” section. Here, hit the “Keep Originals” option if it is not checked automatically by default.
Step 2: Now, grab your iPhone cable and plug one end into the MacBook and the other end into your iPhone. Afterward, click the “Trust” option and enter the passcode to trust Mac for data transfer.
Step 3: Next, launch the built-in software Image Capture, and all the photos and videos will start loading on the tool. Here, you can select the desired photo for importation and press the “Control” key to choose multiple pictures. Finally, click the “Download” or “Download All” button to import photos into your Mac directly. By default, it imports in the pictures folder, but you can also create a new one.

Part 3: The Most Efficient Way to Transfer Photos from iPhone to External Hard Drive.

Wondershare MobileTrans makes it easy for you to move photos from the iPhone to the external hard drive. Whether you need more space on your phone or want to view your media files on your computer, this feature simplifies the transfer. Furthermore, the straightforward interface ensures that users of all technical levels can navigate the transmission process effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface, you can ensure a swift and secure image and video transfer without factory reset or data deletion. Additionally, it goes beyond photos and videos, supporting the transference of different file types like messages, music, apps, contacts, and more. This makes it a comprehensive tool for managing and organizing data across various devices.

Key Features
– MobileTrans simplifies the transition to a new phone by listing all the apps from your old Android phone and enables batch installation.
– It offers a seamless solution to restore all your synced data from iCloud to your new Android device, simplifying the conversion and preserving your digital memories.
– This software allows you to choose the specific photos you want to transfer and avoids the hassle of moving unnecessary data.

Steps to Transfer iPhone Photos to External Hard Drive Using MobileTrans
MobileTrans is a handy and easy-to-use tool to transfer iPhone photos to the external hard drive. This tool makes the whole process simple and lets you easily manage and protect your photo collection. Here are the steps for transferring photos to the computer to keep your essential memories safe.

Step 1. Open MobileTrans and Link Your iPhone to the External Device. Launch the Wondershare MobileTrans on the device and connect your iPhone and external hard drive through USB. Now, head to the upper part of the screen and choose the “Phone Transfer” tab. Then, click “Export to Computer” and move forward after getting prompted by the device while trusting the computer.
Step 2: Select the Images You Want to Export. Once you are permitted, on the main interface of the tool, choose the “Photos” option on the left sidebar. Now, select the particular images you wish to move to your computer and continue the process by clicking the “Export” button.
Step 3: Maintain Phone Connection for Exporting Images to Hard Drive. While the exportation of images is in process, you should ensure your phone remains connected to the device. Once the transfer process ends, click the “Open Folder” button to see the folder containing your saved photos. From there, you need to link your hard drive to the computer and copy the shifted photos. Finally, open your external hard drive and paste your copied images to conclude the process.

Final Words
The shifting of your iPhone photos to an external hard drive is a smart move to save space and keep your memories secure. In this regard, we discussed different methods of how to move photos from an iPhone to an external hard drive. Among the other options available, MobileTrans is a standout choice for its flexibility and easy-to-use design. Therefore, download Wondershare MobileTrans for a simple and reliable way to transfer photos.




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