UMi Zero 2 bezel to be the most durable you have seen in the market

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Smartphones are undoubtedly one of the fastest mobile machines on the planet right now; coming with impressive hardware that only need a few hundred $100 dollars in order to purchase.


However, when their durability is concerned, then very few manufacturers pay attention to such details, like UMi is doing with its upcoming UMi Zero 2. According to the company’s Facebook page, UMi Zero 2 is going to be feature the most durable bezel that you have ever seen in the market right now.

The bezel of UMi Zero was far from durable, as you can clearly see in the images that it only takes a small of strength to break the top part of that bezel. If only a small of power is required to cause significant damage to UMi Zero, then you can only imagine what would happen if you accidentally drop the smartphone on the hard surface. The results will be disastrous.

Therefore, in order to further improve its Zero smartphone lineup, UMi will heavily improve upon the bezel of its UMi Zero 2, making it undoubtedly the most durable one that will enter the smartphone market, and we will be very excited to see what kind of product the company brings our way.

As for the hardware specifications, if UMi Zero 2 is going to possess the strongest bezel ever to be seen in the smartphone market, then the device is most likely going to feature impressive specifications as well. If it is being released later in the year, then we just might get to see the handset running Android Marshmallow, which will be a real treat for smartphone consumers.

It is very rare that you see companies putting so much attention to the durability of their products and we are glad that UMi is one such company that has taken charge in this particular area.


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