UMIDIGI S2 Pro Battery Life Test, The Real Deal 5100mAh

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The full-screen UMIDIGI S2 Pro is not just about the look, but it’s also a great combination of specs and battery life. UMIDIGI S2 Pro has a decent 8.7mm thickness body (weighs 148.5g), which is only slightly thicker than Samsung’s bezel-less S8+ (8.1mm), but it packs with a 5100mAh battery, significantly greater than Samsung S8+’s 3500mAh unit. And how does a 5100mAh will satisfy you? Here’s a battery live-test to show you how it performs.



Great Battery Life with Quick Charge
A real-life test would tell more directly about the battery life. In the video, the 5100mAh battery on UMIDIGI S2 Pro is testified its authenticity by the battery test device. It did a fabulous job in all tested scenarios – video, calls, web browsing and even standby performance. In general, the 5100mAh battery on UMIDIGI S2 Pro can survive 55 hours of phone call duration, 16.4 hours video playback, or 794 hours of standby time. To get fully charged, it takes for about 2 hours. The figures may slightly vary in real life use, but it indeed lives up to your expectations of a 5100mAh battery. UMIDIGI S2 Pro also supports quick charge.

Astonishing CPU-Z and PCMark Test Results
In the video, UMIDIGI S2 Pro also went through the CPU-Z test, a monitoring application that detects the central processing unit, RAM, motherboard chipset, and other hardware features on an Android device. The battery test result on CPU-Z is 5025mAh, but note the result may have fluctuation plus this is the first prototype of UMIDIGI S2 Pro without software optimization.

PCMark for Android was also used to test the real capacity of the 5100mAh UMIDIGI S2 Pro battery. PCMark is a fresh approach to benchmarking smartphones. It measures the performance and battery life of the device as a complete unit rather than a set of isolated components. And its tests are based on common, everyday tasks instead of abstract algorithms. As we see in the video, UMIDIGI S2 Pro gets 15 hours and 18 minutes of test result in PCMark. Don’t forget the fact that, this is the world’s first 2-day lasting full-screen smartphone thanks to the 5100mAh battery and power efficient software optimization. 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal memory storage, full-metal unibody gives extra toughness to UMIDIGI S2 Pro.

The UMIDIGI S2 Pro is going to be released in this October.



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