Unboxing 70mai A810 4K HDR Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 Dual Channel Dash Cam

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Meet 70mai A810 Dash Cam – Extreme Clarity. Extreme Security.
We all know that the roads can be unpredictable, and accidents can happen when we least expect them. But what if you could have an extra set of eyes to capture the truth of the situation when things go wrong? That’s where dash cams come in, serving as your silent protector on the dashboard of your car. So, when you hit the road, remember to bring along your trusty dash cam; it just might save the day! Dash cams, also known as dashboard cameras, are becoming more and more popular among everyday drivers. These handy little devices are typically mounted on the windshield or dashboard and record both video and audio while you’re driving. Not only do they provide evidence in the event of accidents or disputes, but they can also capture unexpected moments on the road, making for interesting video content.

Having a dash cam in your car can be really helpful. One of the main reasons is that it acts as a fair and unbiased witness. Dash cams continuously record videos, which means you can be sure of what actually happened in and around your car. If you ever get into an accident or have a disagreement with another driver, dash cam footage can provide undeniable proof of who was at fault. This is important when you need to make insurance claims or deal with legal issues. A dash cam could be your best friend on the road! It ensures your safety by making drivers more careful and accountable while driving. With a dash cam, you can avoid reckless driving, road rage, and other dangerous habits. Moreover, if you ever encounter a hit-and-run or any other criminal activity, the dash cam can capture crucial information about the other vehicle and its driver. If you’re a content creator, a dash cam can be quite valuable to help you capture unexpected or uncalled-for events while driving. This could include funny scenarios, close-call incidents, or capturing a unique luxury car on the road.

70mai is an industry-leading car electronics company with a vision to “make every journey easier” with its smart car electronics products. They started back in 2016 and have quickly become one of the most popular brands in the world. What’s great about 70mai is that they offer high-quality dash cams that won’t break the bank. Plus, their dash cams come packed with features like high-resolution video recording, night vision, parking mode, and GPS tracking, all the things you need to keep you and your car safe! Here’s a fun fact: 70mai is actually a subsidiary of Xiaomi Corporation! This means that they have access to some of the best resources and expertise in the world, which has helped them to grow super fast. 70 mai has recently added a new product to their impressive range of dash cams. So, let’s delve into the details of the 70mai A810 4K Dash Cam, a remarkable addition to the world of dash cams.

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable and feature-packed dash cam, the 70mai Dash Cam A810 is definitely worth considering. It is one step ahead of the 70mai A800s and 70mai Omni as it captures footage in crystal-clear 4K at 30fps, and with a wide 140-degree field of view, you won’t miss a thing. Plus, handy features like night vision, parking mode, and GPS tracking make this a top choice for drivers who want to stay safe and secure on the road. One of the standout features of the 70mai Dashcam is its ability to record in 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD), thanks to Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 technology.

Combined with 70mai’s exclusive MaiColor Vivid+ Solution (MVS), A810 optimizes footage quality further to make it clear, natural, and realistic. You’ll be awed by how Auto Exposure technology makes the changing light appear smooth and natural. And the color accurateness and stability of visuals, especially under complex lighting environments. Moreover, the 60fps high frame rate, which works with 1080p resolution, effectively prevents motion blur. Capture fleeting details like number plates and street signs while driving fast, crucial evidence in case of a mishap.The camera supports Micro SD cards up to 256GB, and be sure to get one that has a rating of at least U3 so you have the write speed you need. As the camera records, it will automatically delete the oldest videos to make room for the newest. The dash camera has a built-in Wi-Fi signal to connect to your phone or tablet. From there, you can use the 70Mai app to get a live view of what the camera sees on a larger screen. There’s a little bit of lag compared to viewing on the camera’s display, though. Additionally, this is the easiest place to make settings adjustments, and you can also operate the camera, download footage or share it directly to social media.

With dash cams becoming common, the 70mai A810 4K Dash Cam is like a fresh breeze! It’s not your typical dash cam; it offers a higher level of detail and reliability. With 70mai A810 by your side, you can hit the road with peace of mind, knowing that this trusty companion will be recording every mile of your adventure to keep you safe. Undoubtedly, the next level 70mai 4K A810 has got it all to elevate day and night vision to the extreme.

70mai A810 Dash Cam Main Features
– A Breakthrough in 4K Visuals. Experience an unprecedented 4K viewing with the cutting-edge 4K A810, featuring the revolutionary Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 sensor and self-developed HDR algorithm. The 4K A810 pushes the boundaries of day and night vision capabilities to new heights. Enjoy crystal-clear images, precise color accuracy, and a perfectly balanced exposure level like never before.
– The Stellar Image Quality of True 4K. Fulfilled by the advanced 8-megapixel 4K UHD sensor, which captures four times as many pixels as Full HD resolution. Just pause and zoom in. It’s all in the details.
– Sony Starvis 2 IMX678. The 4K A810 delivers improved front 4K, thanks to Sony’s latest STARVIS 2 IMX678 CMOS sensor which demonstrates sensitivity beyond the human eye as well as outstanding low noise characteristics. The 1/1.8″ sensor features a 68% increase in chip size, 90% increase in pixel’s photosensitive area and doubles the low light performance.
– HDR Dual-Channel Recording. Front 4K HDR and rear 1080P HDR give maximum coverage of the road, providing superior image clarity, enhanced color accuracy, and a significantly improved balance of exposure levels.
– Smart Parking Guardian Mode. Equipped with AI motion detection algorithm, by calculating a nearby person’s distance and intention, it activates recording once it identifies someone as a potential threat, keeping hard evidence of break-ins or other man-induced emergencies.
– Time-Lapse Recording. Compress every 15 minutes into 1 minute during parking mode to save memory card space, and allow faster playback so you can catch noteworthy events instantly. Support simultaneous front and rear camera recording when it’s compatible with the rear cam.
– Super-Sensing ADAS. Expanded safety alerts including Pedestrian/Bikers Alert, Lane Departure Alert, Front Collision Alert and Moving Traffic Alert.
– Built-In GPS. Provide essential safety features, such as current time, speed and coordinates, and track the exact location of an accident in case one should occur. It also provides a route-tracking map to better trace your journey.
– Enhanced Field of View. The 70mai Dash Cam’s camera comes with a 150° wide angle lens that captures an extra wide view to give you a broader view.
– Advanced Lens Technology. The A810 is built using state-of-the-art lens technology. The camera boasts a 7-layer high-definition light-transmitting lens, along with IR functionality that ensures improved light transmission and accurately reproduces the captured scene.
– Superior Low-Light Performance. With its F1.8 large aperture, it doubles the low-light performance making it perfect for all your photography needs!
– Low Noise Characteristics. Plus, you’ll love the incredibly low noise characteristics. The 1/1.8″ sensor is larger than ever before, with a 68% increase in chip size and a 90% increase in the pixel photosensitive area.
– HDR Dual-Channel Recording. Another unique feature of the A810 Dash Cam is the front and rear dual channel recording. The front-facing 4K HDR and rear-facing 1080p HDR cameras work together to give you the best possible view of the road ahead and behind you.
– Time-Lapse Recording. The 70mai A810 4K Dash Cam’s time-lapse recording feature allows you to capture long periods of time in a short video, making it a great way to save storage space and review footage quickly. Just keep in mind that you’ll need the Hardwire Kit UP03 to do this.
– Advanced Night Vision. Many dash cams struggle to record high-quality footage during low-light conditions. That’s where the A810 comes in with its mai70 Night Owl Vision technology! With its highly sensitive image sensor and wide dynamic range, your footage will be clear and sharp, even in the dark. This feature is particularly handy when it comes to situations like hit-and-runs, parking lot damage, or accidents that happen at night.
– Smart Parking Guardian Mode. The 70mai 4K Dash Cam comes with an awesome feature called “parking mode.” When you park your car, the 70mai Dash Cam goes into standby mode, and it’s always on the lookout for any impact or movement around your vehicle. Not only that, it can also take snapshots of the surroundings, which can help you keep track of any incidents like vandalism or hit-and-runs that may happen when you’re not around.
– Smartphone Connectivity. The 70mai A810 4K Dash Cam also supports smartphone connectivity through the 70mai mobile app. With this app, you can easily manage your dash cam, view and download recordings, adjust settings, and even share important footage with your friends and family.
– GPS Logging. The A810 has got GPS built right in, enabling you to keep track of all your driving routes and habits, which can be helpful for improving your safety on the road. Plus, if you ever need to provide evidence for legal or insurance purposes, the GPS data can confirm the exact time and location of any incident.

Real-life scenarios where 70mai A810 Dash Cam can be quite useful
– Accident Documentation: Capturing high-resolution footage can be crucial in determining fault or liability in accidents. The clarity and detail provided by a 4K HDR camera like the Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 can offer clearer evidence for insurance claims or legal proceedings.
– Parking Surveillance: When parked, this dash cam can continue recording and detect any potential incidents or vandalism, offering protection to your vehicle even when you’re not around.
– Scenic Road Trips: Time-lapse recording can beautifully capture long road trips, scenic routes, or memorable journeys, preserving these experiences in high-resolution and vivid detail.
– Nighttime Visibility: Sony’s Starvis technology is known for its excellent low-light performance. In darker conditions or during night driving, this camera can provide clearer and more detailed footage compared to conventional dash cams.
– Professional Use: For professional drivers, such as taxi or rideshare drivers, this dash cam can be essential for safety and security, ensuring a record of interactions with passengers and any incidents that occur during work hours.
Outdoor Adventure Documentation: If you’re into outdoor activities like off-roading, biking, or hiking, attaching this dash cam to capture your adventures can provide stunning footage, especially with its high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities.
– Security Purposes: Apart from being a dash cam, it can also serve as a security camera for homes or businesses, particularly with its dual-channel recording capabilities.
– Wildlife Observation: Placing the dash cam in a fixed position with time-lapse recording can capture wildlife movements or changes in natural settings, making it a useful tool for wildlife enthusiasts or researchers.
– Construction Projects: Time-lapse recording can be valuable for monitoring construction sites, documenting progress, and identifying any issues that arise during the building process.
– Weather Phenomena Recording: In areas prone to extreme weather conditions, having a high-quality dash cam can capture natural events like storms, heavy rainfall, or snowfall, providing valuable footage for analysis or personal documentation.

70mai A810 Dash Cam offers several benefits:
– High-Quality Video: It provides 4K resolution, which offers exceptional clarity and detail, ensuring that captured footage is of the highest quality, crucial for evidential purposes in incidents or for preserving memories.
– HDR (High Dynamic Range): HDR technology enhances contrast and color accuracy, providing a more vivid and realistic image, especially in challenging lighting conditions like bright sunlight or low-light environments.
– Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 Sensor: Sony’s Starvis sensor technology excels in low-light conditions, ensuring clearer footage even in situations with limited illumination, such as night driving or poorly lit areas.
– Dual Channel Recording: Simultaneously records footage from both the front and rear of the vehicle, providing a comprehensive view and ensuring that all angles are covered.
– Time-Lapse Recording: This feature allows for capturing long periods of footage in a condensed format, useful for scenic journeys, construction projects, or monitoring changes over time in various environments.
– Parking Mode and Surveillance: The ability to continue recording even when the vehicle is parked enhances security and provides surveillance, protecting against theft, vandalism, or hit-and-run incidents.
– Accident Documentation: In the event of an accident, having high-resolution, detailed footage can be invaluable for insurance claims, legal proceedings, and determining fault.
– Ease of Installation and Use: Modern dash cams are designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward installation processes and intuitive interfaces, making them accessible to a wide range of users.
– Reliability and Durability: High-quality dash cams are built to withstand various weather conditions and temperature extremes, ensuring consistent performance over time.
– Peace of Mind: Knowing that your vehicle is equipped with a top-notch dash cam offers peace of mind while driving, providing a level of safety and security for both the driver and the vehicle.

70mai A810 Dash Cam Highlights
Time-Lapse Recording
Super-Sensing Adas
AI Motion Detection
Built-In GPS
AI-Powered Smarter Protection
HDR Dual-Channel Recording
70mai Night Owl Vision
60 FPS
Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 Best-in-Class Image Sensor
Maicolor Vivid+ Solution
Application Control

Supported Functions
Emergency Recording
24H Smart Surveillance
G Sensor
AI Motion/Collision Detection
3D Noise Reduction
Shoot Photo
Loop Recording
70mai Night Owl Vision
Time-lapse Recording
Share Video
Route Tracking
APP Control
Built-in GPS
MaiColor Vivid+ Solution™️

70mai A810 Dash Cam Specs
Brand: 70mai
Model: A810
Type: Dash Cam
Battery: 500mAh
Battery Type: Li-ion
GPS Module: Built-in
Screen Size: 3 Inch IPS
Screen Resolution: 640 x 360 pixels
Video Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
Dual-Channel Recording: Front 4K HDR + Rear 1080P HDR
Image Sensor: Sony Stavis 2 IMX678
Lens: 4G3P+IR
Aperture: F1.8
Frame Rate: 60FPS / 30FPS / 25FPS
FOV: 150°
Firmware version: updated from v1.158ww to v 1.3.72ww
Product Size: 36.3 x 59.8 x 88mm
Color: Black
Working Temperature: -10°C – 60°C

RC12 Rear Camera Specs
For rear or interior recording
1080P HDR image
130° FOV
F2.0 Aperture
5.5-meter-long cable
Color; Black

Turning on
– Connect the dash cam to the cigarette lighter socket and start the vehicle. The cigarette lighter socket will be powered by the vehicle and the dash cam will be turned on automatically.
– When the dash cam is connected to the external power supply and being manually turned off, press and hold the power button to turn it on.
– When the parking surveillance cable is installed, dash cam will automatically turn on when it detects the ACC ON signal on the parking surveillance cable when the vehicle engine turns on.

Power button
– Press and hold the power button to turn on/off the dash cam (Dash cam should be connected with external power source).
– Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds to force shutdown.
– In the power-on status, press the power button to turn off/light up the screen.

Updating the dash cam firmware
– Open the 70mai app, find the dash cam card and tap the icon .
– If there is available update of the firmware, a small red dot displays next to Firmware update. Tap to enter the downloading page.
– Download the new firmware version following the onscreen instructions. Make sure your phone is connect with Internet during the downloading.
– After the download is completed, return to the dash cam card and enter the dash cam homepage.
– In the dash cam homepage, a prompt “Available update package detected. Push it to the Dash Cam?” will display. Tap Push and follow the instructions on the screen to fulfill the update.
– After the update is completed, the dash cam will restart automatically and then you can use it with the latest firmware version.
Note: The dash cam should be connected to an external power supply during the update.

How to enable ADAS function?
– Press the function button below icon to enter settings, select Smart travel > ADAS > ADAS function and turn it on.
– Follow the onscreen instructions to calibrate the lens then enable this function.
– Select the ADAS warning or prompts you would like to receive.
– Or you can enable the ADAS function in the 70mai app. After the dash cam is connected with the 70mai app, enable ADAS function in the Dash cam settings.

What are the benefits of HDR?
This model of Dash Cam has hardware-level HDR capability, which can greatly optimize the imaging effect of the following scenes with strong contrast between light and dark:
– Access to tunnels and underground garages during the sunny day;
– Direct headlights on license plates at night;
– Shadow imaging of road objects in areas with strong sunlight.

You can prolong the video duration by the following ways:
– Select a memory card with a larger capacity.
– Disable some functions, such as HDR and audio recording, and select the low compression ratio.
– Too many emergency videos will take up the storage space of the memory card. A low collision sensitivity will reduce the triggering of emergency video recording. Or you can backup and then delete emergency videos from the dash cam to release more storage space.

What are the differences among collision detection, motion detection and time-lapse photography?
Parking surveillance, time-lapse photography and motion detection are the corresponding working modes of this model of Dash Cam for different parking security scenarios. The Dash Cam supports the following functions alone or all enabled after detecting the vehicle flameout, to guard your vehicle in all aspects:
1) Collision detection: The Dash Cam will be in standby mode without recording after flameout, but when the built-in gravity sensor (G-sensor) detects abnormal vibration of the vehicle (usually the vehicle is collided), it triggers the recording of a 30-second-long parking surveillance video, and stores it in the parking surveillance video folder of the device album.
2) Motion detection: The Dash Cam will be in standby mode without recording when flameout. When the image algorithm running continuously on the Dash Cam detects a threatening scene to the vehicle and determines that the threat level has reached the level that needs to be recorded, it will trigger the recording of a 30-second-long parking surveillance video and store it in the parking surveillance video folder of the device album.
3) Time-lapse photography: When this function is turned on, the Dash Cam continuously shoots frames at a sampling rate of one frame per second (when the video recording frame rate is set to 30 fps) or one frame every 500 milliseconds (when the video recording frame rate is set to 60 fps) when the after flameout, and then combines them into a 30 fps or 60 fps video file, i.e. time-lapse photography video, and stores it in the time-lapse photography video folder of the device album. Time-lapse photography can continuously record the situation in the field of view of the Dash Cam, and playback the video at a speed equivalent to thirty times the real-world time flow, in case there is an abnormal event, it can well record the entire cause and effect as proof of evidence.

Tips for using memory card
– Do not insert or remove the microSD card while the dash cam is on. Doing so may cause damage to the device and the microSD card.
– Please format the microSD card when it is used for the first time in the dash cam. Formatting the microSD card in other devices may cause the microSD card to malfunction.
– After a microSD card is used for a long time, it may be damaged or aged. In this case, please replace with a new microSD card.

Factory resetting
– Press the function button below the icon to enter settings and select factory reset.
– Open the 70mai app, tap the icon on the dash cam card, tap Dash cam settings and select restore default settings.

70mai Android application
70mai pp is a mobile phone software used with 70mai Smart Dash Cam. After connected to 70mai Dash Cam smart Wi-Fi access, you can get real-time image preview of your dash cam. You can also view historical images and even download important images / video to your mobile phone. This process is very simple and does not use the SIM card. Before binding, make sure you’ve installed the latest version of the 70mai app and your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

– Turn on the dash cam.
– Open the 70mai app and log in your 70mai account. In the Device page, tap icon .
– Wait for the Bluetooth scanning result and then select the dash cam Wi-Fi hotspot name. Or tap the correct dash cam image and then find dash cam Wi-Fi hotspot name in the searched result list.
– Complete the authorization following the voice prompts. When successfully added, the dash cam card displays on the app homepage.

Download 70mai Android application latest version 3.5.3 for free from Google Play Store.

– When the dash cam is turned on, press and hold the power button to turn it off.
– If the dash cam doesn’t respond during the operation, press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds to force shut down.
– When the dash cam is connected to the cigarette lighter socket, it will turn off automatically when the vehicle is shut off.
– When the parking surveillance cable is installed, dash cam will automatically turn off when it detects the ACC OFF signal on the parking surveillance cable.
– Dash cam automatically turns off when the memory card is removed.
– Some vehicles still power the cigarette lighter in parking. In such case, if you set auto-off time in the dash cam settings, the dash cam will automatically turn off if the vehicle is stopped and in stationary for the certain period of time.
– If the ambient temperature exceeds the discharge temperature limit of the built-in battery, the dash cam will automatically turn off.

Package Content
1 x 70mai A810 Dash Cam
1 x 70mai Midrive RC12 Rear Camera
1 x 70mai Midrive CC01 Car Charger
1 x Power Cord
1 x Mount
1 x Wiring Crowbar
1 x Electrostatic Sticker
1 x 70mai A810 Multi-language User Manual (EN / RU / PL / CS / RO / CN)
1 x 70mai Midrive RC12 Multi-language User Manual (CN / EN / RU)



Photo gallery full album here. Official website here. Read more about 70mai devices here.

About 70mai. Founded in 2016, 70mai is an industry-leading auto intelligence company, with specialization in dashboard cameras. To date, it has built a global market presence, selling 1.5 million dash cams in a single year to 100+ countries spanning Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. Leveraging established expertise in car jump starters and other battery products, the company also expanded its reach into the clean energy market, debuting its first power station in 2021 to meet the growing demand for portable power on the move. With the vision to deliver a safe, comfortable, and networked experience both on and off the road, 70mai is dedicated to lead smart innovations that make your every journey easier. 70mai has developed an extensive line of auto intelligence products. Our dash cams span beginner-friendly models for basic recording needs, to premium 4K cameras with advanced smart features. We also offer car accessories that take care of other aspects of your driving experience, including tire health and interior tidiness. Once you reach your destination, our power station comes into play to provide clean, reusable energy that enables you to indulge in creature comforts outdoor. Thanks to our top-notch engineers and R&D team, we are able to keep optimizing product capabilities via OTA software updates. From image quality enhancements to smart feature upgrades, we continue delivering values to our customers even after purchase.

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