Unboxing Astrotec Redspace S80 True Wireless TWS Earbuds

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Meet Astrotec Redspace S80 True Wireless TWS Earbuds
The astrotec S80 Earphones ship with a charging case, a storage bag, eartips of different size, Type-C charging cable and manual. Astrotec Redspace S80 Earbuds have a simple design without physical buttons. The solid support of the earphones is a little bigger than Xiaomi Redmi AirDots. As the earbuds are made of plastic, they are light, so my ear canal doesn’t feel pressure from eartips. Because of my small ears, I can feel the big solid supports obviously touching outer area of ears, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable. However, thanks to the big solid supports, the earbuds can firmly stay in my ears, even I shake my head. So I will swallow the big solid support. The charging case of astrotec S80 earphones comes with a fabric box and aluminum lid. I do like the touch feeling of the fabric box. In terms of sealing, this charging case is better than the others, because the lid is a bit difficult to open. With an oval shape, it has a medium size that is easy to take it out.

S80 is the second true wireless model of Astrotec, adapting Dupont 4μm ultra soft Beryllium dynamic drivers. It delivers well extended high frequencies, clear, layered mids and rich, articulate bass. With advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, S80 brings a stable and nearly lossless connection. Not to forget mentioning about its long and convenient usage, S80 has a running time of 5hrs as well as extra 20hrs from the charging case, resulting in up to 25hrs of playback time.

IPX5 waterproof design resists swear and splash damage the components during the workout. S80 even features a precise touch control system on the faceplate, making your usage whole lot easier with a single tap.

S80 earphones case is the top of all Astrotec products. Astrotec uses innovative plaid cloth surface + plating mirror design for compact carry case which attracts nearly everyone at first sight. Plaid cloth surface makes it warm as a daily thing in our life and the plastic with plating mirror looks like metal quality.

S80 with an upgraded version of the Bluetooth 5.0 means various improvements comparing with Astrotec S50/S60, including longer playtime, better audio quality, greater range, stronger connection, and stereo phone calls in both ears.  S80 support AAC and SBC both, audio quality is better in AAC mode and it is more steady and further transmission in SBC mode. You can set them under developer model of Andriod OS.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard which means our Bluetooth wireless earbuds Astrotec S80 can maintain a super stable wireless connection within 10m range and use with lower power consumption and higher speed. Combining a streamlined, ultra-comfortable fit with premium sound, Astrotec S80 earphones feature a lightweight design and enhanced Bluetooth performance not only for everyday use but passionate sports enthusiasts in pursuit of their limits. It is still a little slow response for game playing but it is already acceptable.

Astrotec S80 earbuds come with four tip sizes so they fit comfortably into any size ear canal. When you’re active, whether you’re commuting to work or jogging, you won’t need to worry about these earbuds falling out. With this tight seal, you can block out ambient background noises and prevent sound leaks during calls.

Astrotec Redspace S80 True Wireless TWS Earbuds Features
– Astrotec S80 easy control with a single tap
– S80 adapting Dupont 4um ultra-soft Beryllium dynamic drivers. it delivers well extended high frequencies, clear, layered mids and rich, articulate bass
– High speed & stable transmission via Bluetooth 5.0 supporting AAC(Advanced Audio Decoding) and SBC codec formats developed by Dolby Laboratories (Android mobile phone users can set them themselves in the developer options).
– Both earphones can use up to 5 hours of battery life at the same time
– The earbuds support IPX5 waterproof effectively resists rain and sweat damage components
– Astrotec S80 support AI assistant
– Both earphones can be used independently.

Astrotec Redspace S80 True Wireless TWS Earbuds Sound Signature 

– Lows. With the regular shaped black silicone tips, the bass was powerful and the low-end brought quite a bit of warmth to the track. With the angled tips that come dressed on the earbuds out of the box, the sound was cleaner and lighter on the bass.
– Mids. The upper mids feel slightly emphasized, with the low mids a bit hidden by the bass frequencies. As a result, most vocals sit a little forward in the mix, and the contrast between the bass and higher frequencies is somewhat pronounced. The result is a dynamic sounding pop track. And though rock and pop-rock tracks don’t feel thoroughly comprehensive in this range, the low end provides enough richness to give the tracks somebody. Separation is also pretty good for true wireless earbuds at this price. Acoustic guitar strums sounded relatively clean, even if the level of detail is nothing to write home about.
– Highs. Though you won’t get too much sparkle in this range, the high end still gives enough snap and energy to percussion on pop tracks. And those who are sensitive to high frequencies will appreciate the fact that the S80 avoids getting too bright. Again, you can expect more smoothness than detail when listening to string instruments in this range. The same is true for vocals; though you won’t hear an incredible amount of nuance, the sound is still pleasantly cohesive.
– Soundstage. As expected, the soundstage is somewhat compact. Still, though you won’t get a truly holographic experience, you’ll still hear some height and depth, giving a little color to the soundscape.

Astrotec Redspace S80 True Wireless TWS Earbuds Specs
Brand: Astrotec
Model: Redspace S80
Type: Touch control True Wireless Earbuds
Style: In-Ear
Communication: Wireless
Connectors: USB
Wireless Type: Bluetooth 5.0
Transmission distance: 10m
Support profile: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP, PBAP
Vocalism Principle: Dynamic
Control Button: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Functions: Common Headphone, for Mobile Phone, for iPod, HiFi Headphone, Sports
Plug Type: Wireless
Sensitivity: 98±3dB
Driver Unit: Beryllium Dynamic Driver
Frequency Response: 5HZ-25KHz
Resistance: 16Ω
Impedance: 160
Waterproof: Yes
Model Number: Astrotec S80
Support Memory Card: No
Support APP: No
With Microphone: Yes
MIC type: MEMS
Audio Codecs: AAC, CVSD, mSBC, SBC
Earphone continuous playback time about 5-6 hrs
Charging time supported by charging case: about 4-5 times
Earphone charging time: about 1.5 hrs
Charging case charging time: about 2 hrs
Charging case charging method: Micro USB
Single Earphone battery volume: 55 mAh
Charging case battery volume: 500 mAh
Weight: Single earphone: 5 g; Charging case: 45 g
Charging Case Charging Method: USB Type-C
Color: Phantom Gray
Voluntary Standard: GB 31241-2014
Product code: 6931383401006

Power on/off
– When earphones are in power off state, press and hold face plate for 3s, earphones will be turned on.
– When earphones are in power on state, press and hold face plate for 6s, earphones will be shutdown.

Pairing mode
– Take out earphones from charging case, they will be turned on automatically with quick flashing blue light.
– The left and right earphones are automatically paired with a prompt tone, red and blue lights flash quickly on left earphone and blue light flashes slowly on right earphone.
– Turn on the Bluetooth on smart phone and search“ Astrotec-S80-R”. After the connection is successful, the left earphone blue light flashes slowly, flashes once every 5 seconds, accompanied by a“ Connected” tone.
– When the earphones can not be paired, put them back in the charging case and then take out the earphones to re-pair.
– Put earphones back in the charging case, when the earphones are still unable to pair, press face plate 4 times to clean pairing data, then restart earphones to pair.
– When the earphones are disconnected with smart phone , earphone lights flash red and blue, accompanied by a“ Disconnected” tone.
– If the phone can’t search for the S80, please clear the phone’s pairing records, put the earphones back into the charging case then try again.

Single ear connection
– Press and hold face plate for 5s to enter pairing mode – Red and blue lights flash alternately.
– Search “Astrotec-S80-R/L” in the smartphone Bluetooth setting page – The blue light flashes slowly once every 5 seconds, accompanied by a “Connected” tone.
– When the left and right earphones are used individually, two mobile phones can be connected at the same time.
– After earphones enters the pairing mode, if no operation is performed for 10 minutes, earphones will automatically shut down.

Phone call mode
– Reject phone call – Quick press 2 times.
– Answer phone call – Press once.
– Hang up phone calls – Quick press 2 times.

Music mode
– Previous song – Press and hold 2s on the left earpiece.
– Next song – Press and hold 2s on the right phone.
– Volume minus – Press left earpiece 2 times.
– Volume plus – Press right earpiece 2 times.
– Pause/Continue – Press once.

Safe Use Instructions
1. To avoid hearing damage, keep the volume at a moderate level. Avoid listening to music at high volume for long time, which can cause permanent damage or hearing loss to your hearing.
2. Do not use Astrotec S80 when driving, cycling, crossing the road, etc., which require your attention.
3. Do not disassemble or modify the earphone by any reason, otherwise it may cause Astrotec S80 to malfunction and burn. These are not covered by the warranty.
4. Do not let Astrotec S80 get wet with the liquid, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the device. Warranty is not covered for the damage caused by the water in the device.
5. Do not place Astrotec S80 in a location exposed to the sun or high temperatures. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic components, damage batteries, and deform some plastic parts.
6. Do not place Astrotec S80 in a cold place to avoid damaging the internal circuit board.
7. Please avoid using Astrotec S80 indicator near the eyes of children or animals
8. Do not use Astrotec S80 during thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can cause the device to malfunction and increase the risk of electric shock.
9. Do not drop, strongly vibrate, hit the product with a hard object, do not use harsh chemicals or detergents to clean Astrotec S80, so as not to damage the internal circuit.

Improper battery replacement can be an explosion hazard and can only be replaced with a battery of the same type or equivalent.
✽ For products with removable batteries, the batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly. For products that are not removable, disassembly is prohibited.
✽ The battery is not allowed to be disassembled, impacted squeezed or put into fire. Do not expose the battery to conductive materials, liquids, fire or high temperatures.
✽ Do not allow metal objects to touch the two poles of the battery. Do not continue to use the battery if it is inflated, leaking, odorous, or any other abnormality.
✽ Do not use the battery after it has been immersed in water.
✽ If the battery is used improperly, it may explode or leak, resulting in burns and other personal injury; if the battery leaks, be careful and dispose of the battery immediately according to local battery management laws and regulations.

Any attempt to remove or replace the battery will damage the product and void the product warranty.

Rechargeable batteries that supply power to this product must be disposed of properly for recycling. Do not put the battery in a fire to avoid an explosion.

Package content 
2 x Astrotec Redspace S80 True Wireless TWS Earbuds
1 x Charging Case
1 x Storage Bag
1 x USB Type-C cable
1 x English / Chinese User Guide & Warranty Card
1 x Quality Certificate card
5 x Eartips pair (S / M / L,  M / L)

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official webpage here.


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