Unboxing Babahu BBH-X1 Kids Mouthguard Toothbrush

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Babahu BBH-X1 Plus

Meet Babahu BBH-X1 Kids Mouthguard Toothbrush
Babahu X1 smart toothbrush is the world’s first AI-powered fully automatic toothbrush that can brush your teeth perfectly using Intelligent Artificial Algorithm. With its built-in nine-axis sensor and self-developed accurate localization algorithm, babahu cleans your teeth at different frequencies, providing the most efficient clean at a suitable level of comfort.

Most of us may think that brushing teeth every day is boring, and most people cannot brush their teeth properly! According to research, 90% of adults do not know how to brush their teeth correctly, and 73% do not have the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day. For the kids, the caries rate has reached a staggering 70%. All of these may cause a series of dental diseases and problems, and that’s why we created babahu toothbrush to maintain good dental health.

Babahu has its own patented U-shape mouth design featuring 6D bristles at a 45 degree angle with the teeth. The bristles can fit perfectly on the surface of teeth, cleaning them at 360 degrees. In just 20 seconds you can brush your teeth properly and efficiently that removes 99.99% of the bacteria in your mouth. When brushing, the conical design ensures the pressure on the gums is zero which makes it especially suitable for periodontal disease patients and children.

As with regular manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads, the mouthpiece should be replaced every 3-6 months. Many studies prove that used bristles are less effective in terms of plaque removal. A single mouthpiece will cost $15.

The brush body adopts a magnetic levitation sonic motor with a vibration frequency of 18,000-40000 per minute (2-6 year old children: 18000-21800/minute, 6-12 year old children: 21800-31800, over 12 years old: 31800-40000), which is suitable for various oral conditions and applies the AI algorithms automatically that recognize when the brush head is connected. The algorithm in the brush body can identify the brush head intelligently according to different  age periods.

There is one key operation mode and two modes of Clean and Gum Care. Children’ version has an in-built voice algorithm: bite strength alerts, brush head usage and brushing stage details. Users can also customize voice memos later.

Babahu X1 toothbrush can be immersed in 1 m water for up to 30 minutes. It can survive accidental drops up to 1m, thanks to its anti-shock function. It’s made to handle everyday usage scenarios with ease.

The charging base adopts a unique Qi wireless induction design with a flexible placement of multiple brush heads. It can take up to 3 brush heads at a time and charges in just 2 hours which provides up to 30 days of standby.

Special version for children
The cartoon design and intelligent voice reminder can attract your kid’s fun for brushing teeth. Children can brush their teeth efficiently with the intelligent Bass method, and prevent tender teeth from harmfully brushing.

The brush head is made out of an edible medical grade silica gel containing bacteriostat that is molded into the unibody of the brush at a high temperature of 300 Degrees Celsius. This design effectively stops the breeding of harmful bacteria that is usually found on traditional toothbrushes. This makes it easy to repeatedly clean and disinfect, even at high temperatures.

There are different sizes of mouth pieces for younger kids, older kids and adults. Users can purchase S, M, L and XL sizes of mouth pieces.

The Basic version is originally designed for Kids aged 2-6 years old, and the Pro version is convertible automatically in terms of vibration frequency for all family members. This means when different sizes of mouthpieces are attached to the hand piece the frequencies change as follows:

15000 – 18000 times / min for Age 2-6 years old
18000 – 218000 times / min for Age 6-12 years old
21800 – 318000 times / min for Adult

Babahu BBH-X1 Kids Mouthguard Toothbrush Features
– Much efficiency. The built-in AI-powered smart chip, Babahu X1 can adjust the vibrational frequency according to your teeth cleanliness, which kills 99.99% of oral bacteria in 20 seconds, and gives you hands free brushing experience.
– Safety & hygiene. FDA medical approved brush bristles are made of liquid silicone gel which is molded into the unibody at a high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. The unibody can reduce the germs embed into the gap among toothbrush bristles.
– Intelligent brushing. The Bass method is recommended by 80% of dentists worldwide and well-known. Designed on Bass technique, the 6D soft bristles cover your teeth at a specific 45° angle and provide 360° deep clean. Each bristle’s vibration amplitude is at only 1 mm. It is easy for us and the kids to brush teeth intelligently without learning.
– More fun. Built-in audio alert for kids to identify different operation circumstances, like “Great”,”Keep it up”, “Please bite gently”, “See you next time”, etc. It can encourage our kids to brush.

How to Use?
Babahu Mouthguard Toothbrush can last for 30 days with only 2 hours battery charge;
1 – Apply Foam Toothpaste to U-shape brush groove;
2 – Put the brush head into your mouth, relax the bite mouthguard piece, and press the button. (Hold the button for 3 seconds to convert between clean or gum care mode;)
3 – Free your hand and enjoy your “tooth brushingless” experiences until it stops;
4 – Rinse and dry the brush head.

Babahu BBH-X1 Kids Mouthguard Toothbrush Specs

Brand: Babahu
Model: BBH-X1
Type: Kids Mouthguard Toothbrush
Color: Pink / Brown
Power: 5W
AI-Powered Smart Chip
Built-in Audio Alert for Children
12x as Powerful as Traditional Brushing
6D Clean at 45° Angle
Deep Clean 20 Seconds
Daily clean and Gum Care
Product code: 6971851950001

Package content 
1 x Handpiece
1 x Mouthguard Piece
1 x USB Charger Base
1 x Chinese User Manual

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official webpage here or here.

Babahu BBH-X1 PlusBabahu BBH-X1 PlusBabahu BBH-X1 PlusBabahu BBH-X1 PlusBabahu BBH-X1 PlusBabahu BBH-X1 PlusBabahu BBH-X1 Plus

About Babahu Babahu (full name Berry Oral Care (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.) is a company specializing in oral health care. It has been deeply cultivated in the dental industry for decades. It has precipitated tens of thousands of children and adults with oral data and modern technology. Children and families bring professional oral care intelligent products, build “oral daily care – professional intelligent care – professional diagnosis and treatment” to build a healthy oral environment; let children fall in love with brushing, scientifically correct teeth brushing, reduce tooth decay. When used from a young age, it can make the teeth more tidy and reduce the “fangs” and “the sky.” Let the adult thoroughly clean the gingival sulcus, the gaps in the teeth, the residue of the cavity, massage the gums to promote the blood circulation of the gums, reduce and prevent bleeding gums. 10-20 seconds to complete a full range of brushing, massage, whitening all-round movement, gentle care for sensitive teeth, use it to brush your teeth, equivalent to 12 sonic toothbrushes start at the same time. Babahu’s research team has rich experience in project development and organization, with a solid background in software system integration, sensor control, intelligent system algorithm, and a variety of common programming techniques. The team is engaged in image algorithm, neural network, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence research for more than 20 years, responsible for the overall software system, hardware system and design and construction of robot AI algorithm. babahu has a long practical experience in the field of artificial intelligence: language recognition, semantic understanding, speech applications such as synthesis, face or object recognition.


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