Unboxing Meross MSS315 Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini with Energy Monitor 2 Pack

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Meet Meross MSS315 Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug
On June 6th, the Apple WWDC2022 conference updated iOS, iPad OS, MacOS and WatchOS, but for smart homes, Apple announced the launch of a cross-platform smart home unified platform, Matter, based on HomeKit. Meross was also mentioned at the press conference. And Meross is working with leading technology companies like Apple, and Google to create a new generation of smart home products. Due to Matter being a new protocol with different hardware and software requirements, most of the smart home products in the market cannot be upgraded to support Matter. The regular Wi-Fi and HomeKit products Meross have already released will not be able to integrate Matter by upgrading.

So Matter is a new smart home protocol launched by Amazon, Apple, Google, and a host of manufacturers to eliminate incompatibilities between smart homes. Matter incorporates many of the benefits of HomeKit, such as a superb security protocol and a completely local architecture – no network connection is required at all. If you are an iOS user, you can use matter in almost the same way as HomeKit, simply by using the home app to do all the pairing and control. Since Matter is an open protocol, there will be a wider variety of products available on the market. Matter supports Wi-Fi and Thread for data transfer, and Bluetooth LE for commissioning.

Multi-admin is one of the core features of Matter, as it provides for simultaneous operation in multiple smart home systems. Accordingly, family or household members could operate the device with the digital assistant or smartphone app of their choice. The last command given applies in each case. As an example. If a user has an Amazon Echo, a HomePod mini, and also wants to buy a Google Nest Thermostat. As long as the device supports Matter, he can add the device to both the Alexa and HomeKit ecosystems and even Google Home. Using any of them to control the device, the status will be synchronized to all ecosystems. Security is a core principle of Matter, including the authentication of devices joining the network, encryption of messages to the destination, use of proven and standard cryptographic algorithms, and over-the-air (OTA) updates. Matter security does not rely on the security of communication technologies it runs on top of. Wi-Fi or Thread secure technology is an added level of protection.

The new Matter-Supported Min Plug from Meross supports Matter, a new networking standard and common language for smart home devices that ensures smart devices work together across platforms and ecosystems such as HomeKit, Google Home or Alexa badges. That means the matter devices can communicate with each other locally on the network, without the involvement of a cloud.

The matter device MSS315 can work with any of apps and hubs at the same time without requiring users to choose a single controller, platform, or app. It will be quick and easy to set up through the small QR code. Besides is a matter-supported smart plug, the MSS315 is also a power monitor. You can analyze the connected device’s real-time and historical power consumption to live a low carbon footprint life.

Meross MSS315 Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Highlights
Super Easy Setup
Powerful Interoperability
Stable and Fast Local Control
High Level of Security and Privacy
Power Monitor
Works with Apple Home / Google Home / Alexa / SmartThings

Meross MSS315 Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Main Features
– Energy monitor: Track power consumption to live a low-carbon life. With the internal electricity meter, the Meross app provides real-time reports on how much energy your devices consume and historical data.
– Super easy setup: Scan the code, and all is done. The standard and simple protocol make implementing and using Matter devices easier.
– Strong players support: The Matter protocol is led by major eco-platforms such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and more than 500 global companies joining in with rich applications and products.
– Powerful interoperability: This Matter plug can connect to all applications, control all devices, and even connect to all cloud services. (Specialized in matter protocol)
– Strong security: Matter gives the device strong security with proven and standard cryptographic algorithms, and every message is protected. And it is completely local architecture. Never worry about security again.
– Multi-admin feature: It provides for simultaneous operation in multiple smart home systems. How you want to combine and operate your device is up to you.
– System requirement: Existing 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Smartphone running iOS 16.1 or later or Android 8.1 or later.

Meross MSS315 Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Specs
Brand: Meross
Model: MSS315 / MSS315MAKIT-EU V9.0
Type: Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug
Input: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Output: 16A Max.
Energy Monitor: Yes
Button: 1 x On/Off, press and hold for 5 seconds to initiate the factory reset process
LED: 1 x Status LED
Dimensions (W x D x H): 5 x 5 x 6.4 cm (excluding plug pins)
Antenna: One internal antenna
Wireless Standards: Support 64/128 bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK/WPA3-PSK
Certifications: CE,WEEE
System Requirements: Smartphone running iOS 16.1 or later or Android 8.1 or later, supporting Bluetooth 4.2 or later. Existing 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
Operating Temperature: 0°C~40°C (32°F~104°F)
Storage Temperature: -40°C~70°C (-40°F~158°F)
Operating Humidity: 10%~90%­ non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5%~90%­ non-condensing
Hardware version: 9.0.0
Software version: 9.3.26 / 9.5.27
Color: White
Product code: 697369656884

– The plug requires a 2.4GHz or better Wi-Fi network and an iPhone running iOS 16.1 or later.
– It is recommended to factory reset the device before every setup, and complete the setup within 15 minutes.
– If the device needs to be added to more than one system, please refer to this link , you need to use the new setup code for pairing.
– If you use Alexa, prioritize Alexa as the primary matter ecosystem when adding matter-certified devices. If uncertain, consider resetting your device prior to setup, as Alexa’s setup capabilities may currently be limited.

General troubleshooting, it can solve 95% pair failure cases
1. Reboot your mobile phone to clear the app’s cache.
2. Follow the user manual to reset the accessory.
3. Power cycle the accessory.
4. Configure the accessory again.

How to upgrade the firmware, and what steps should be taken if the firmware upgrade is unsuccessful?
At present, upgrading the firmware is only feasible through the Meross app. If you’ve integrated the device into Apple HomeKit, Google Home, or Alexa, kindly follow the steps below (Skip to step 4 if you’ve already added the device to the Meross app):
1) Ensure that your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that was used during the device setup.
2) Open the Meross app, and tap the + button on the home page.
3) Look for the device in the local device list, then tap “Add”.
4) Wait for a minute and once you see the device in the Meross app, go to the User page, tap on Firmware, and proceed with upgrading.

If the upgrade fails, please try the following troubleshooting tips:
1) Restart the Matter device.
2) Restart your router to clear the cache and ensure that your internet connection is working properly.
3) Check your router’s firewall settings to ensure that no specific settings are blocking the upgrade process.

What to do if your Matter device is not responding
1) Ensure that the device always has a reliable Wi-Fi signal. If necessary, you can reboot the device by unplugging and plugging it back in.
2) Log in to your router and switch to a different Wi-Fi channel, such as 1 or 6, if the current one is congested due to high interference or packet loss.
3) Use a dedicated 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network for the device.
4) Restart your hubs, such as Apple HomePod mini, Apple TV, Google Nest Hub, or Alexa Echo Dot. Ensure that they are connected to the same 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network as the smart device.
5) Finally, reboot your router to clear its cache.

HomeKit Setup tips
– If you are setting up HomeKit device, please connect your smartphone or tablet to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and disable your VPN, if any. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is using WPA3/WPA2 since WPA3 only will lead to setup failure.
– Make sure your smart device is covered by strong Wi-Fi signal, which is not a hidden Wi-Fi name (SSID). A hidden Wi-Fi name (SSID) might not work when setting up.
– Meross HomeKit smart devices support iOS 13/ iPadOS 13 or later. It is recommended that you upgrade your iOS or iPadOS to the latest version before pairing with the smart device.(iOS only. Android users needs Android 6.0 or later)
– Upgrade the Meross app to the latest version and make sure you granted access permissions, such as location and local network, asked by the Meross app.
– Launch the Meross app and log in to your account, or if you are a new user, tap Sign up to create a new account.
– Relocation of the smart device does not require additional operations provided that it remains on the same network with strong Wi-Fi signal.
– If this is not the first time you’ve added this smart device, you’ll have to reset it before going any further.
– Deny Meross app to access Precise Loation and Local Network will lead to setup failure.
– If you have multiple Wi-Fi in your house, we recommend you to leave only one Wi-Fi on when you set up HomeKit. iPhone may connect to A Wi-Fi when initiating the HomeKit setup while end up with connecting to B Wi-Fi. The key is that this will lead to Homekit setup failure for sure since HomeKit requires iPhone to connect to the same Wi-Fi during the whole process.

Meross Android application
Meross app can help you set up and manage meross smart bulb, smart plug, smart switch, smart garage door opener, smart thermostat, and so on. Install the Meross app on your Android smartphone and add the HomeKit device as adding a regular Meross smart device. Then link your Meross account within Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. If you want to use HomeKit after setup on Android. Just launch your Apple Home app on your iPhone and scan or input the setup code printed on the device or user manual. No reset or extra configuration is needed.

With meross app, you can:
1. Turn on and off your devices remotely from anywhere with internet.
2. Set schedules and scenes for your devices so that they can run automatically as you wish.
3. Link your devices to your voice assistant platform.
4. Check and update your devices to the latest firmware.

Download Meross Android application latest version 3.18.0 for free from Google Play Store.

Package Content
2 x Meross MSS315 Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug
2 x Quick Start Guide User Manual (EN / FR / DE / IT / ES / ND / PL / PT / TK / SL)
2 x Matter Setup Guide


Photo gallery full album here. Official webpage here. Read more here about Meross products.

About Meross. Creativity is thinking up new things; innovation is doing new things. Meross, founded in 2016 by a group of experts from leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, MediaTek, and TP-Link, is replete with both first-class creativity and cutting-edge innovation. At Meross, we create products that empower people’s lives. We believe in making homes smarter and people’s lives easier. We believe everyone deserves a smart life, and it should be simple, smart, and stable. Meross has strong research and development capabilities, excellent operating experiences and solid partnerships with pertinent players in the industry, resulting in bountiful financial support and escalated profit growth. Today, the company has expanded with its tentacles spread across millions of customers from over 20 countries and regions. The company has an assortment of top-tier gadgets, including smart plugs, smart bulbs, smart switches, smart surge protectors, smart garage door openers, and smart radiator thermostats. Meross products are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings.

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