Unboxing OBSBOT Tiny 2 AI-Powered PTZ 4K Webcam

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Meet OBSBOT Tiny 2 AI-Powered 4K Webcam – Amazing value for money
OBSBOT has been dedicated to the technical research of smart photography since the company’s founding in 2016. As a pioneer in the webcam-manufacturing business, OBSBOT has achieved several technological breakthroughs within the industry. Having launched a number of reputable products such as the Tiny 4K or Meet 4K, and thanks to their excellent performances, intuitive yet innovative designs, exceptional user experiences and affordable pricing, the brand garnered recognition from millions of users worldwide. OBSBOT launches its latest, most ambitious product to date – the new AI-powered 4K webcam, Tiny 2 – as it becomes available for order on the official website.

The launch of Tiny 2 will lead the webcam industry to a new era since the device not only packs all of the unique features of the Tiny series, but also an uncommonly large CMOS among similar products. While the CMOS used by most other products remains to be 1/2.0” or even smaller, Tiny 2 has already successfully optimized the better, larger 1/1.5” CMOS, greatly improving the dynamic motion capture feature and color performance. Whether it’s shooting a 4K video at 30 fps or 1080p video at 60 fps, the Tiny 2 is guaranteed to deliver a groundbreaking experience for the user.

In terms of performance, the Tiny 2 uses an enhanced version of OBSBOT’s self-developed patented technology called the Deep Neural Learning Network algorithm. This allows for almost an instantaneous response when using the Tiny 2’s AI Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom, Auto Focus, or other responsive functions, and that makes sure you are focused and always in the center during scaling screen and tracking.

When it comes to imaging, the Tiny 2 utilizes the new All-Pixel Auto Focus technology with a 50-Megapixel sensor for more accurate focusing, as well as providing a focus response time that’s 4x faster than similar products on the market. At the same time, the combination of two Native ISOs in one CMOS allows the Tiny 2 to automatically switch to the correct ISO setting under different lighting situations, offering excellent imaging results regardless of how dimly lit or dazzling the environment is.

Signature features from the Tiny series like the AI auto tracking with auto zoom and gesture control have also received significant improvements on the Tiny 2. In addition to retaining the powerful portrait tracking ability, as well as having hand tracking and zone tracking for the first time ever, the user will be able to pause tracking for people in a specific area. The new voice control function, on the other hand, or perhaps on no hands at all, will let you comfortably pilot the device hands-free, allowing the user to adjust the camera angle while doing activities like yoga with complete ease. It may just be the perfect feature for people to show off their moves during a video call. If the user wants to show more intricate and specific things, they can easily do so by tilting the camera down and opting for a desktop view.

BTW, Tiny 2 has won the Product of the Year 2023 award in the streaming category at the NAB Show. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms, NAB Show is where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways. It is the ultimate marketplace for next-generation technology inspiring superior audio and video experiences. The Tiny 2 combines advanced artificial intelligence technology with exceptional video quality to deliver an unparalleled streaming experience. This prestigious award recognizes the best products and services in the media and entertainment industry, and we are honored to have been chosen for this recognition.

Add a powerful webcam to your remote, home, or conference room environment that can follow you around the room with the OBSBOT Tiny 2 AI-Powered PTZ 4K Webcam. The OBSBOT Tiny 2 is an updated 4K smart webcam that features remote software control of its pan, tilt, and zoom functions as well as allowing hand gestures for control and auto-tracking using built-in subject recognition.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 can be used with the Smart TVs which support UVC protocol. Most Smart TV support this feature, but still, need to make sure of this point before your purchase if it’s the deal-breaker for you. OBSBOT Tiny 2 also works with some Android TV Boxes, we tested it succesfully on Firefly Station P1 Geek Mini PC.

The Tiny 2 updates its features from the Tiny 4K in many areas, including a more powerful 1/1.5″ CMOS 50MP sensor; updated AI auto-zoom, zone, and hand tracking with auto-framing; enhanced PixGain HDR support, dual-native ISO for high-quality low-light performance, 10x faster data transmission over USB 3.1 Gen 1, dynamic gesture control, and an enhanced sleep mode.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 AI-Powered 4K Webcam Main Features
– AI Tracking with Auto Zoom. Upgraded from OBSBOT’s widely admired deep neural learning network algorithm, OBSBOT Tiny 2 inherited accurate and fluent tracking technology with enhanced can utilize hand tracking and zone tracking. And now it can even auto-adjust the zoom setting during tracking.
– 4K Video. Combining the 1/1.5″ CMOS and OBSBOT camera calibration technology, OBSBOT Tiny 2 brings sharper detail, a higher dynamic range, and more natural color, as they are seen in the natural world. The camera can capture up to UHD 4K30 and 1080p60 high-definition video with an even higher transmission speed.
– 4x Faster Focusing. With the new All-Pixel Auto Focus technology, every pixel over the 100MP sensor surface provides accurate and 4x faster focusing, even in dim light.
– PixGain HDR. Thanks to the Dual Native ISO, OBSBOT Tiny 2 can capture two images with the two native ISOs separately, literally at the same time. By combining them with our advanced algorithm, OBSBOT Tiny 2 delivers images without motion blur.
– Beauty Mode. The OBSBOT Tiny 2 comes with Beauty Mode, which smooths your skin, and brightens your eyes in just one second. Save yourself from all those troublesome makeups.
– Dual Native ISO. In Glaring Lighting Conditions, it will switch to the lower native ISO, recording subjects in all their natural color without any overexposing, making sure every bit of the video is just right, just authentic.
– All-Pixel Auto Focus. With the revolutionary All-Pixel Auto Focus Technology, a remarkable improvement over PDAF, every pixel on the 50-megapixel sensor surface contributes to accurate and 4X faster focusing, even in low light.
– Voice and Gesture Control. Control the OBSBOT Tiny 2 with just your voice, even if your hand is full. It also allows users to access a series of functions such as select/cancel tracking target and zoom in/out with natural simple gestures, without the need to press any buttons.
– Upgraded Privacy Mode. Pre-set a video or picture with the OBSBOT WebCam App, and tilt down the camera and you can leave, but your message is still there with your audiences.
– Get Ready in a Second with Beauty Mode. OBSBOT Tiny 2 comes with Beauty Mode, which smooths your skin and brightens your eyes in just one second. Save yourself from all those troublesome makeups, just one click, you are ready to go.
– Magical Gesture Control 2.0. Don’t want to disturb the speech? Control the OBSBOT Tiny 2 in silence with your hands.
– Uncompressed and Low Latency. With the USB 3.1 Gen 1 port that offers a ten times faster transmission speed and broader bandwidth, it can transmit 1080p video without any compression and re-encoding. It connects to a Windows or macOS computer using a USB-C to USB-A cable for data and power.
– Remotely Control With a Controller. The upgraded OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote 2 combines a presentation clicker and webcam remote control to easily control a multi-cam setup and preset positions.
– Zone Tracking for Superior Performances. Now, you can set a specific zone that the OBSBOT Tiny 2 would stop tracking when you are inside it, and re-start tracking when you get out of it, dedicatedly designed for remote teaching, online performance, and presentation.
– Present Properly with Desk Mode. Simply click the button on the App, OBSBOT Tiny 2 will automatically bend and crop the image to perfect view, now presenting your ideas properly to your audiences.
– Whiteboard Mode. Using the remote controller, you can easily capture your whiteboard content with OBSBOT Tiny 2. Simply point the remote at the whiteboard and push the Whiteboard button – the camera will automatically crop the frame to ensure that the whiteboard is the focus of the shot.
– Keep the Focus on What’s Matters. Keep everyone focused on the right person, and protect your privacy simultaneously.
– Feel Free to Be AFK, You Are Covered. Another upgrade from OBSBOT’s unique feature, now meets the upgraded Privacy Protection 2.0. You can pre-set a video or picture with the OBSBOT WebCam App, and after you enter the privacy mode, the camera will automatically stream the pre-set video or picture. Now feel free to leave, and your message will be there with your audience.
– Dual Omni-directional Microphone with Noise Reduction. Besides the excellent video quality, your voice should be included. Thanks to the OBSBOT Tiny 2’s optimum microphone system, every bit of your voice will be heard clearly without any noise.
– Various Placement Methods. With the precious crafted metal mount, OBSBOT Tiny 2 can be placed in various methods.
– Other Functions. Autofocus allows the OBSBOT Tiny 2 to always keep you in focus. Pans ±150° and tilts ±140° using software control; maximum control speed up to 120°/second. Dual omnidirectional microphones capture audio and feature noise cancellation for crisp, clear recording. The Tiny 2 can be mounted onto a laptop or table using the included adjustable mount or placed on a flat surface.
– Software and Streaming Applications. OBSBOT WebCam software is free to download to access advanced settings, control and adjust the rotation of the gimbal, select target or unlock target, zoom in or out, or set preset positions. The Tiny 2 can be used with a variety of online platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Meet, Teams, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

List of Voice Commands
Hi, Tiny: Awake OBSBOT Tiny 2 from sleep mode
Sleep, Tiny: Put OBSBOT Tiny 2 into Sleep mode
Position One: Move to the preset position one, if you didn’t add a preset position, then the camera will not response to your command.
Position Two: Move to the pre-set position two, if you didn’t add a preset position, then the camera will not response to your command.
Position Three: Move to the pre-set position three, if you didn’t add a preset position, then the camera will not response to your command.
Zoom In Closer: Zoom in
Zoom Out Further: Zoom out
Track Me: select and start tracking the target in the view of the camera
Unlock Me: Stop tracking the person
Note: Voice Control only supports English and Chinese. To avoid accidentally triggering voice commands, it requires a 1-second period of silence before the voice command.

Dedicatedly designed for OBSBOT Webcams to enhance the meeting experience and also to more intelligent control. Control with Ease, Enhance Video Quality, Beauty Mode & More Smart Functions. You can use essential features like AI Tracking, Gesture Control, Voice Control, etc, with no App requested, but there are a lot more features that can only be activated by the application, so we recommend you download it for a better experience.

Download OBSBOT WebCam V2.0.4.28 from here.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 AI-Powered 4K Webcam Highlights
Compact 4K USB PTZ Webcam with 4x Zoom
Ultra Large 1/1.5” CMOS in Webcam
4x Faster Focusing
AI Tracking with Auto Zoom
Dynamic Gesture Control
Voice Control
Dual-Native ISO
Capture up to PixGain HDR 4K30
Zone / Hand / Voice / Gesture Tracking Control
Global Hotkey
Dedicate Remote Controller

OBSBOT Tiny 2 AI-Powered 4K Webcam Specifications
Model: Tiny 2
Model number: OWB-2204-CE
Type: AI-Powered 4K Webcam
Number of Lenses: 1
Image sensor: 1/1.5” Type CMOS
Effective pixels: 50M
Resolution and Frame Rate: UHD 4K
Digital Zoom: 1-4x
Focus Type: AF/MF
Equivalent Focal Length: 26mm
Minimum focus distance: 10cm
HDR: Support
FOV (D): 85.5° (4:3)
FOV (H): 72.9°
Aperture: f/1.9
Power: 5V / 0.8A
Supported Formats/Protocols: H.264, MJPEG, YUV
Max Video Resolution: 4K@30fps, MJPEG, H264
Supported Resolutions: 3840×2160, 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×360
Audio input: Built-in dual omni-directional mics with noise reduction
Audio Modes: Noice-Reduction / Automatic Gain Control
Power Interface: USB Type-C 3.0
Data Port: USB Type-C 3.0
Port (Other): UNC 1/4-20 Nut Connection
Connecting Suggestions: USB 3.0 Port (Recommendation) / USB 2.0 Port + DC Port
Tip: 4K streaming requires compatible third-party software.
Auxiliary Functions: Gesture Control、Voice Control, Low-Light Correction
Voice Version: Support English & Mandarin
System Requirements: Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 / macOS 10.13 or later
Recommended Apple computers: MacBook Pro (2018, 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or later) / MacBook Air (2018, 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or later) / iMac Retina (2019, 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or later)
Recommended PC configuration: CPU: 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or later with RAM: 8GB or bigger
Gimbal installation: Non-removable
Controllable range: Pan: ±140°;Tilt: 30°~ -70°
Mechanical range: Pan: ±150°;Tilt: ±90°
Max controllable speed: 120°/s
Size (Working state): 47mm x 44mm x 62.02mm
Size (Off state): 47mm x 44mm x 63.52mm
Weight Without Mount: 95.6g
Weight With mount: 143.3g
Working Environment Temperature:0°C – 40°C
Color: Black
Camera firmware version: updated to v6.0.1.8
Product number: 6971889230328

What’s In The Box
1 x OBSBOT Tiny 2 AI-Powered 4K Webcam
1 x Adjustable Mount
1 x USB Type-C Cable
1 x USB Type-C to USB-A 3.0 Adapter
1 x Storage Case
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual
1 x Tiny Smart Remote Controller 2 (optional)
1 x Tiny Smart Remote Controller 2 User Manual (optional)
1 x Tiny Smart Remote Controller 2 User USB receiver (optional)

Photo gallery full album here. Official page here. Read more about OBSBOT products here.

About OBSBOT. Founded in April 2016, OBSBOT, an artificial intelligence camera brand, is dedicated to connecting people and the imaging industry to the future. With the artificial intelligence as the core, OBSBOT focuses on the application research of new technologies in the field of videography. It hopes to use revolutionary technology and innovative products to innovate the way of public records and image creation, and to change people’s social way.

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