Unboxing PISEN TS-D192 Charging Laser Pen II Portable Mobile Power

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Meet PISEN TS-D192 Charging Laser Pen II Portable Mobile Power

Laser pointers serve several purposes. You can use them at office meetings to highlight important parts of presentations or at home as a high-tech toy for feline companions. Their powerful lights reach distant targets, pointing out objects for discussion without requiring any physical reach. These tools clarify topics in lecture halls, too. Both students and professors use laser pointers for educational purposes. They help just as much on hikes and tours; guides no longer need to use physical extensions to point out nearby plants or significant historical points. Laser pointers highlight the same information without any extra effort.The body of the device works much like a small remote control. You can connect this multi-purpose laser pointer to both Mac and PC operating systems and use it to control presentations. In conjunction with the red laser beam, this remote keeps you in control of the room. You can set up a presentation, give a lecture and use the laser pointer to illuminate important points. The slide-scrolling feature allows for backward movement, too. You can return to previous slides with a click of a button. The laser button and the slide transition controls are touch-sensitive. You can touch the controls without much pressure to complete each action. The slide controls keep you in control of multi-slide presentations and the red beam works on bright projection screens.

PISEN TS-D192 Charging Laser Pen II Portable Mobile Power Highlights
– WIRELESS PRESENTER. The PowerPoint clicker can help you do presentations easily. It’s home and office essential.
– LASER POINTER. Light it up with red dot for cat/dog chasing as healthy exercise.
Bright red laser light is easy to see against most backgrounds and is good for concentration.
– MINI POWER BANK. 2500mAh capacity gives your phone an emergency charge.
– VIDEO CONTROLLER. Only Supports Windows Media Play and QuickTime Player.
Fast forward, fast backward, play or pause video play; control play back progress.
– Environment-friendly Presenter. Rechargeable battery is friendlier to environment than those using dry batteries. 2500mAh capacity stands by for at least 6 months and works for 3 months if only used for presentation and laser.

PISEN TS-D192 Charging Laser Pen II Portable Mobile Power Features
– STABILITY: Wireless Remote Control Presenter, Operating on 2.4G RF frequency, wireless control distance reaches up to 33ft, laser range reaches up to 328ft, so you can move freely around the room and interact with your audience
– PROFESSIONAL: The red laser light of this presentation pen is easy to see against most backgrounds(may be invisible on LCD screen), highlight key areas of your slides; Supports Windows 98 / Se / Me / 2000 / XP, Windows Vista, W7, Mac OS with Google Slides, Linux; MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Slides; the mini USB receiver supports Plug and Play, No driver is required
– POWERFUL: The product provides an all-in-one solution for your needs. Laser Pinter, PowerPoint presentation remote, Cat Dog laser toy, and External batteries, Video play controller / Video teaching (Only supports Windows Media Player and QuickTime Player)
– DURABLE: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with 2500mAh capacity, it can stand by for over half a year and support presentation for at least 2 months after fully charged; gives your phone at least once emergency charge when necessary; One of the most powerful “Laser pointer” on the market
– PISEN GUARANTEE: Pisen provides 18-month worry-free quality warranty for all products.

Previous page: short press page-up button
Next page: short press page-down button
Enter/exit full screen: long press page-up button
Enter/exit black screen: long press page-down button
Laser Light: long press the laser button

Safety Warning
Please avoid direct eye exposure to people, and even animals ;
Avoid pointing the laser light at highly reflective surface (like a mirror),
and any flying objects, moving vehicles, any public or private structures.
The laser light may not be visible when pointing to a LCD screen.

PISEN TS-D192 Charging Laser Pen II Portable Mobile Power Specifications
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Transmitting Distance: 33ft
Light Distance: 328ft
Wavelength: 650nm
Laser power: 3mW
Laser color: Red
Battery capacity: 2500mAh
Battery Energy: 9Wh
Input: 5A/1A
Output: 5A/1A
Color: Black
Support system: Windows vista / 7 / XP / 8 / 10 and Mac OS with Google Slides and more
Product code: 6940735433800 / PSGI29 / 1ICR19/65
Voluntary Standard: Q/PISEN007
FCC ID: 2AF56-TS-D192
Utility model patent no: ZL201320420174.4

Package content

1 X Pisen Rechargeable Wireless Presenter
1 X Nano Receiver
1 X Micro USB Charging Cable
1 X English User Manual

Photo gallery full album here. Official website here. Read here about more Pisen devices.



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