Unboxing Sylvox Mirror Plus BT24AOKEGB 24″ Waterproof Smart TV for Bathroom

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Meet Sylvox Mirror Plus BT24AOKEGB 24″ Waterproof Smart TV
Waterproof TVs have emerged as a technological innovation, providing entertainment solutions in water environments. These TVs are designed to withstand moisture and are suitable for various settings. This article will explore the design concept of waterproof TVs, their applications, the involved technology, and the future prospects of this emerging market. The development of waterproof TVs primarily aims to offer an entertainment solution that can be used in water environments without compromising performance and functionality. The design process focuses on creating a sealed enclosure to protect internal components from moisture, ensuring product durability and reliability. The design also prioritizes visual aesthetics to seamlessly integrate with various environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor spaces, and even boats.

Waterproof TVs employ advanced sealing techniques such as silicone gaskets, rubber seals, and special adhesives to create a waterproof enclosure. Display panels, circuit boards, and other electronic components are protected from water ingress, ensuring their lifespan and functionality. Waterproof TVs feature high-quality display panels, including LED or OLED technology, to deliver vivid visual effects. These panels are designed to maintain excellent visibility even in outdoor or brightly lit environments, offering an exceptional viewing experience. Waterproof TVs are equipped with various connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HDMI interfaces, enabling users to stream content from various sources or connect external devices. Smart features such as built-in applications, voice control, and compatibility with virtual assistants provide a better user experience and seamless integration with smart home ecosystems.

The market for waterproof TVs is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. Consumer preferences for luxury and convenience are driving the demand for these TVs, both in residential and commercial settings. Technological advancements will further enhance the performance and functionality of waterproof TVs, making them more diverse and appealing to a broader audience. Integration of innovative technologies such as 8K resolution, HDR, and advanced audio systems will further elevate the entertainment experience offered by waterproof TVs. Waterproof TVs have transformed the way we enjoy entertainment in water environments, providing users with broader choices and convenience. The design concept, diverse applications, advanced technology, and promising future prospects make waterproof TVs a major innovation in the entertainment industry, offering a richer entertainment experience for people.

The Sylvox 24-inch Smart Bathroom TV, featuring the latest Google System, brings entertainment to your bathroom. With built-in Google Play, Chromecast for easy streaming, and an IP65 waterproof rating, it’s perfect for wet environments. The 1920*1080 HD resolution, 500 nits brightness, and Smart Mirror TV functionality make it a versatile addition. Powered by a safe DC 12-volt supply, it includes NTSC and ATSC tuners, ARC CEC WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Easy installation with its own bracket. Elevate your bath time with Sylvox for a sleek and connected experience.

Overall, this is an amazing Smart TV for your bathroom, very easy to recommend to our readers. In short, this is a beautiful, compact, intelligent, safe, and space-saving TV perfect for bathroom.

About Android TV OS
Android TV is a popular operating system designed for smart televisions and set-top boxes. Android TV offers a feature-rich and user-friendly operating system that makes it easy to access and enjoy your favorite content on your television. Android TV is one of the most powerful TV platforms out there. You have access to all of the most prominent streaming services on the market like Nexflix, Disney+, Hulu, Tubi, Peacock, Prime Video, YouTube TV, and thousands more, this device has Chromecast built-in. This means that it’s quick and easy to stream content directly from your phone to your TV. If you’re looking to have a fully-featured TV operating system, you will be able to have everything you need with Android TV 11.

Real-life scenarios where Sylvox Mirror Plus BT24AOKEGB 24″ Waterproof Smart TV can be quite useful:
– Bathrooms and Kitchens: Having a waterproof smart TV in the bathroom or kitchen can provide entertainment during activities like cooking, cleaning, or taking a relaxing bath.
– Hot Tubs and Spas: Placing a waterproof smart TV near a hot tub or spa allows users to relax and enjoy their favorite shows or movies while soaking.
– Pool Areas: In areas with pools, a waterproof TV could be installed to entertain guests during pool parties or events.
– Gardens and Outdoor Dining Spaces: For homeowners who enjoy spending time in their gardens or outdoor dining spaces, a waterproof TV could enhance the overall experience.
– Commercial Settings: Waterproof smart TVs might find applications in commercial settings such as restaurants with outdoor seating, beachside resorts, or water parks where guests can enjoy entertainment without concerns about water exposure.
– Public Spaces with Water Features: In public spaces like parks with water features, a waterproof TV could be incorporated for public entertainment and events.
– RVs and Campers: For individuals who travel in RVs or campers, a waterproof smart TV can be a valuable addition for entertainment during camping trips.
– Sports Facilities and Gyms: In sports facilities, especially those with pools or water-based activities, waterproof TVs can be used for displaying information, live events, or exercise programs.
– Exercise Space: Mount it near workout equipment for entertainment during exercise routines, providing distraction and motivation.
– Hospitality Industry: Hotels, resorts, and spas are increasingly installing waterproof TVs in their facilities. By incorporating these TVs near swimming pools, sauna rooms, or hot tubs, guests can enjoy television programs while indulging in relaxation and entertainment. This integration enhances the customer experience and adds a touch of luxury to these establishments.
– Outdoor Entertainment: Waterproof TVs are well-suited for outdoor environments such as patios, gardens, and poolside areas. They are designed to withstand exposure to sunlight, rainwater, and other environmental factors. These TVs enable people to enjoy their favorite sports events, movies, or TV shows while by the poolside or during outdoor gatherings.
– Boats or Yachts, Marine Applications: Waterproof TVs offer significant benefits in the maritime industry. Designed to withstand harsh environments like seawater, high humidity, and continuous water contact, these TVs are installed on boats, yachts, and cruise ships, providing entertainment options for passengers during their journeys. Waterproof TVs can be valuable on boats or yachts, providing entertainment for passengers during journeys or when anchored.

Sylvox Mirror Plus BT24AOKEGB 24″ Waterproof Smart TV Main Features
– IP 65 Waterproof Bathroom TV. IP65 waterproof, dust-proof and anti-fog, which can effectively prevent the damage of the TV from water flushing. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hot tubs, steam rooms,hotels, salons, sauna,spas,etc.
– Excellent Smart TV. Using Google system, pre-installed official genuine App(Netflix,Youtue, Vude,Pandora Html5),bulit-in Twitter, Facebook,Accu Weather,Mirracast RX, Millions of media resources for you
– Magic Mirror Design. When the bathroom TV is turned off the appearance is a mirror. when you turn it on, you can watch all kinds of TV programs, support wifi connection, hidden sound and more sense of technology.
– Metal Shell Design. All metal shell design, widely used in bathroom, the mirror surface is made of tempered,durable and can be perfectly combined with the bathroom.
– Google Assistant and 3 in 1 Remote. Android TV comes with Google Assistant, which uses your voice to control the 3 in 1 remote control with infrared, Bluetooth, and voice control capability, allowing you to change channels, adjust volume, and launch streaming apps using voice commands. Always ready to help with over 1 million actions.
– Apps Free To Download. Enjoy the flexibility to download your favorite apps, making it convenient to meet your daily household requirements.
– Easy to Install. Embedded magnetic installation design, only need to install the bracket on the wall, no screw link between the bracket and the TV. as long as the TV is placed in thebracket, the surrounding magnets will firmly at-tract the TV, saving a lot of installation steps.
– Screen Mirroring. Unlock the versatility of screen mirroring as this TV boasts seamless support for casting from your mobile device or computer.
– Commpliance with Commercial Conditions. With IP65 waterproof rating, full mirror surface, and hiden mirror vibration, the sylvox bathroom TV can be directly installed in a hotel bathroom,sauna bathroom,and other humid enviroments.

Sylvox Mirror Plus BT24AOKEGB 24″ Waterproof Smart TV Highlights
IP65 Waterproof TV
Wide View Full HD TV: 178°/178°
2.4+5G Dual Band WiFi
Supports voice, infrared, Bluetooth and wireless control
Waterproof touch buttons
Smart TV, Powered by Android TV 11
Google Play Store Built-In
Very simple setup
Google Assistant
Chromecast built-in
Stream endless entertainment.

Sylvox Mirror Plus BT24AOKEGB 24″ Waterproof Smart TV Specs
Brand: Sylvox
Model: Mirror Plus / SYLVOX 2K Google TV
Model number: BT24AOKEGB
Type: Waterproof Smart TV for Bathroom
Screen size: 24″
Display Technology: LED
Brightness: 500cd/m2
Resolution (H x V): 1920*1080 FHD
Panel grade: A
Power Comsumption: 30W
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
IP rating: IP65, waterproof and dust free (Wall Embedded)
Viewing Angle Degree: H:178°, V:178°
Frame Rate: 60Hz
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
System: Android TV 11
TV receive system: DVB-C/T2/S2
Video input format: PAL / NTSC
Frequency Range: 48.25 MHz – 863.25 MHz
Network Input: RJ45 & WiFi
WiFi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac (Support 5G WiFi)
Bluetooth: 5.0
Power Supply: DC12V, 9-32V wide voltage protection AC 100-240V
Audio Output: 2*5W
Color: Mirror
Product code: 810079226009
Net weight: 10.2 Kg
Grss weight: 12.9 Kg
Product size: 593.2 x 47 x 412.5 mm
Carton size: 683 x 145 x 508 mm
Deisgned: in California
Android TV OS Build: RTK2.230523.029
Kernel version: 4.14.187+-ab122
Android TV OS security patch level: September 1, 2023

Sylvox Mirror Plus BT24AOKEGB 24″ Waterproof Smart TV Rear Ports & Interfaces
1 x DC 12V
1 x HDMI Input
1 x HDMI ARC Input
1 x DVB-T2
1 x DVB-S2
1 x RJ45 Ethernet port
1 x Line (L/R) output
1 x Coaxial out
1 x Eaphone output
1 x Mini AV input
2 x USB
1 x CI+ slot
2 x Speaker
1 x Infra-red receiver
Touch buttons: Power / Source / Mute / CH- / CH+ / VOL- / VOL+

Package Content
1 x Sylvox Mirror Plus BT24AOKEGB 24″ Waterproof Smart TV
1 x Power adapter model GQ48-120400-E1 50/60 Hz 4V 2.0A 48W EU plug
1 x IR Remote Control
1 x Remote Control Base
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Mounting bracket
1 x Multi-language User Manual (EN / DE / FR / IT / ES)
1 x Warranty Card
13 x Screw KA 4.0 x 8 mm
1 x Display Cleaning Cloth


Photo gallery full album here. Official website . Read more about Sylvox devices here.

About Sylvox. Sylvox is widely recognized and accepted by the global market for its excellent product quality and effificient user service, and its products are favored by users in more than 100 countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.Sylvox’s market has covered the mainstream consumer areas around the world. Sylvox has its offline business extended to more than 100 countries and regions, and in terms of online business, Sylvox has established an offificial independent station, entered the Walmart malls, and has been listed as an Amazon supplier. Sylvox full-scene TV breaks through the limitation that ordinary household TVs can only be used in a single scenario. According to different usage scenarios, Sylvox team takes into account the relationship between the changes in ambient temperature, humidity, light, and weather, and the viewing experience, as well as the consistency of product with home design, and creates exclusive products for each scenario from the structure, appearance, performance and material. Outdoor TVs, bathroom TVs, kitchen TVs, RV TVs, portable TVs… all of them are elaborately designed by Sylvox team based on careful consideration.

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