Unboxing the Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition

Unboxing the Xiaomi Mijia projector Youth edition: a portable and cost-effective projector for your daily use.

Xiaomi Mijia Projector

At the beginning of this year, Xiaomi released a new crowdfounding product – Xiaomi Mijia projector Youth edition. Compared with several Xiaomi projectors released earlier, this Xiaomi Mijia projector Youth edition comes with portable design and cheaper price. Now, let’s unbox it to take a close look.

The first feeling of this Xiaomi Mijia projector Youth edition is lightness. It has such a small light box, and such a convenient handle. It has a compact size and is easy to carry. I feel great about it. The weight of the projector is 1.3kg. Although it is a little big in the pocket, it can be carried easily, so it has great portability. Opening the box, there is a user manual on the top, and then coming with the Mijia projector Youth edition. It is a round corner square box made of white frosted hard plastic material. The size of the projector is 115 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm. The whole design looks very compact and simple. It’s just an unobtrusive white gadget, so you can put it anywhere in your house. On the front, it is covered with dark cloth, with a huge, fully enclosed lens and a long, cute face. Under the front, you can see a small hidden camera, which functions as autofocus and automatic trapezoidal correction.

On the back, there are a stack of ventilation holes on the top, and several interfaces at the bottom. Although it has a small size, it still retains a more comprehensive functional input ports, despite the circular power jack, there are 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as the USB-A mother port and standard HDMI port, the design is refined enough. Although this interface does not look much, as a projection of the network era, it can be solved by wireless connection in many cases. In fact, it is nothing if there are fewer physical connections. On the top, there is only a simple power button. This minimalist design is impossible for traditional projection.

On the bottom, besides labeling and four solid pads, there are 4 screw holes, which can make the projector more convenient to fix on the scaffold. The overall color is introverted and simple. Of course, this has always been the main idea of Mijia product design. When it comes to the eye, you don’t need to look at the logo or the introduction. The first impression is that this is a Xiaomi product. Generally speaking, the appearance is mild and compact, so you will never get tired of watching it. Besides, there are some other accessories in the package including power adapter, batteries, Bluetooth remote control. The negative side is that the charging cable is only about 1.5m, and the head of the power adpter has a large size. So you may feel a little inconvenient when operating connection.

From the aspect of configuration, the Xiaomi Mijia projector Youth edition is a entry-level projector. It features lower price. But its price-performance ratio is still higher than that of the same price range products. The basic configuration of this machine is as follows: the model is MJGTYDS02FM; It adopts the full-enclosed automatic focusing lens. It is said that it can effectively prolong the life of the optical machine; it supports trapezoidal correction in the vertical direction; its input voltage is 19V DC, and the rated power consumption of the whole machine is the same as most LED projectors. This projector uses the image chip of Texas Instrument, but the area of 0.47 inches has been replaced by 0.33 inches of DMD, but the declared physical resolution is standard FULL HD (1920 *1080). The lens is fixed focus. The projection ratio is 1.2, and the projection screen size is 40″ – 200″.

The CPU is Amlogic’s T968-H, 28-nanometer process, using 4-core A53 CPU core and Mali-T830 GPU. This is the mainstream configuration, not very high, not too low. It is said that many high-end TV sets and laser projection are also used as the core; RAM is 2GB DDR3; built-in storage is 8GB eMMC high-speed flash memory; the operating system uses MIUI TV produced by Mijia; in addition, it supports 4K H.265@60fps 10bit hard solution, compatible with small-meter TV player components. The acoustic part of the system adopts an integrated loudspeaker. Through the acoustic expert tuning debugging, it can display Dolby sound effect very well, the bass effect is very good in practice; through the pre-installed APP, it can achieve mobile phone connection; it supports dynamic image HDR10; it supports active shutter 3D imaging, but the 3D glasses I bought before can not be found, so it has not been personally tested successfully.

Most projection products nowadays do not need any tedious debugging operation at all, and can easily implement most of the functions. When powering on the projector, it has a standard guide steps, the main thing is to set the remote control, set up a network connection, and bind the Mijia account, stc. The overall connection steps are simple. This Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition has a more convenient automatic focusing function. It can automatically start and re-invoke the automatic focusing function after the body has a larger shake.

It also supports automatic trapezoidal correction, which can quickly correct the image from trapezoidal to rectangular when projecting at an inclined angle. However, trapezoidal correction is limited to the vertical direction and does not support left and right. In addition, there is no projection angle adjusting device. If you want to change the projection elevation, you can only rely on a variety of cushions, which will somehow limit its use scenarios.

Entering into the familiar system interface, I fell familiar. The reason for this familiarity is that this machine uses the same MIUI TV operating system as millet TV. My family has purchased two 4-55 inch televisions. Every day I watch this interface. What’s more, this Mijia projector support voice control. You can use the voice control function to check weather information, adjust the parameters, etc. That’s very convenient.

User experience
On the whole, this Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition runs smoothly. The response time of various operations is moderate, and the reaction speed of conventional operations is even better than that of our TV sets. The display quality is the most important for projectors, so we should try it carefully, and emphasize it. From the perspective of clarity, this projector belongs to the mainstream level, although it is not as good as the 4K TV. But when the light environment is good, the display effect is still very good. After auto-focusing, the resolution of the image is very symmetrical, and there is no case that the corners or edges of the image are out of focus and can not be seen clearly.

Using the standard 1920 x 1080 tri-color line picture test, the line color separation is obvious. It can be seen that it really has 1080P resolution. The grid display lines are straight and symmetrical without any distortion. Objectively speaking, this resolution is enough for household use. This machine supports HDR10 video decoding, which sounds great. This black technology simply means that the picture has a brighter, higher and wider range of color display. The more straightforward explanation is that it can make the black darker without losing the details of the dark part. It can improve the brightness performance to a more real brightness, and further enhance the contrast and gamut of the picture. With this expansion, it will bring shocking visual impact to users.

In terms of the display effect of image, the color tuning of this projector is brighter, and the display of high contrast pictures such as animated cartoons has an more excellent display effect. Like most primary LED projectors, the main shortboards of this Mijia projector are still lacking in brightness. The official specs say that the brightness is 500 lumens, but it is impossible to use this in the daytime if you don’t pull down the curtain. When the lights are turned off at night, the picture quality of the Mijia Projector is close to that of the TV.

TheXiaomi Mijia projector is portable and easyn to use. In addition, because this kind of miniature projector basically has no radiation, and what it sees is the reflection light source, which is relatively eye protection, so it is more friendly to pregnant women, children and myopic people. In addition, the Mijia projector has a low power consumption. And compared with the traditional projector, this Mijia projector is more durable and its light source is not easy to be damaged

From the performance of the projector, the design is simple, the workmanship is fine, the function is comprehensive, supporting the mainstream functions such as very fast automatic focusing and vertical trapezoidal correction. Especially, it can also cooperate with shutter 3D glasses to realize the desire of simply looking at the large screen of 3D, but the response is not very fast when individual operation, which may be related to the network environment, but there may be also some problems on itself.

Although there are some advertisements when opening the projector, the interface is relatively simple. It is very convenient to operate with Bluetooth remote control from all angles and “Xiao Ai” voice assistant is also can be activated at any time. Besides, the cooling effect of this Mijia projector is quite good. It is said that the fan adopts scene frequency conversion technology, and it will not have obvious and unbearable heating phenomenon for a long time use.

In terms of sound quality, the Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition has done a good job. It supports Dolby and DTS decoding and can realize dual-channel virtual stereo. The overall voice is better than the same price TV and many portable audio products. It has a good voice tuning with clear and deep bass. In addition, this projector supports Bluetooth connection, so it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, which is much more effective than listening to music directly by mobile phone.

In a word, the Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition is very suitable for the young renters who have limited budgets and want to relax via watching videos on the big screen after the busy day. Coupled with the price of 2199 CNY (about $325), it really offers good value for money.

The verdict
● High price-performance ratio
● Clear image display
● Easy to operate
●​ Good sound quality

Xiaomi Mijia Projector Xiaomi Mijia Projector Xiaomi Mijia Projector Xiaomi Mijia Projector Xiaomi Mijia Projector Xiaomi Mijia Projector

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