Unboxing Xiaomi DOCTOR·B Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

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Meet Xiaomi DOCTOR·B Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

Xiaomi constantly expands the range of devices that monitor your health and safety. The company analyzes our habits and tries to change them for the better. Even when it comes to such simple, but underestimated daily routines as brushing your teeth. The toothbrush owes much of its success to the design that allows to use the toothbrush for the Bass brush technique. What does the Bass brushing method mean? And how is Doctor B toothbrush suitable for that? When you brush your teeth with Bass brushing method you hold the brush at 45-degree angle. In this position, the ends of the bristles touch not only your teeth but also gums. The brush strokes should be very small and gentle, allowing the bristles to reach the space between the teeth and along the gum line. In such a way you remove the plaque and massage the gum better. The Doctor B toothbrush allows you to clean your teeth better in every way, fighting tartar and plaque on your teeth and preventing various teeth and gum diseases. Only the best materials were used to make the brush: environmentally friendly plastic, bristle threads were produced by Toray and Pedex. The toothbrush has rounded ties instead of rough cut bristles you could notice in your ordinary toothbrush. Rounded and polished bristles do not injure the gums causing recession which is very important for people of all ages. All brushes undergo strict quality tests. Toothbrushes may be a home for bacteria if you do not replace them timely or at least give proper cleaning. To improve the resistance to bacteria, the bristles of Doctor B toothbrush are attached to the nickel-silver plate. This alloy is known to stop the multiplication of bacteria.

Colorful brushes for the whole family
Doctor B Bass Method toothbrushes can be used by the whole family. They come in four colors and are packed in the individual cases. The case will be very handy if you decide to take the toothbrush with you on a trip. The dentists recommend changing toothbrushes every 3 months. If you are a bachelor or a single lady, get the Xiaomi Doctor B Bass Toothbrush Set and can have a toothbrush for each season.

Doctor B Bass toothbrush is made of only high-quality materials: the handle was produced by Germans, and the bristles come from Japan. The handle has an antibacterial coating containing silver ions. Each handle is equipped with a rubber band to make sure it can be secured in a toothbrush wall-mounted holder.

Bass brushing technique
Xiaomi Doctor B Bass Method toothbrushes are specifically designed to be used along with the Bass brushing technique. The method suggests that you position the toothbrush head is at a 45-degree angle to the axis of the tooth. In this case, the ends of the bristles touch both the lateral surface of the tooth and the gingival groove. When the brush moves, its fibers clean between the teeth as well as the pocket between the tooth and gum. This contributes to better gum massage and plaque removal.

Bass brushing technique is more difficult to perform, but it cleans hard-to-reach places between the gum and tooth more effectively. Gum massage allows to strengthen them, improve blood flow and ensure the health of the teeth.

The bristles have very thin tips that do not injure the gum. The central row contains bristles that are longer and more rigid, so when you are brushing your teeth, the lateral rows of soft bristles will not injure the gum, and more rigid central bristles will clean the neck of the tooth and the dental pocket well.

Three types of bristles for effective plaque removal
The concept of two-level bristle placement has three important advantages:
– The upper part of the bristles consists of elastic threads made of plastic from Pedex. They are designed to effectively remove food debris and plaque from the interdental spaces.
– The middle part consists of soft antibacterial threads from Toray, which penetrate deeply into the area between the teeth and effectively clean the plaque.
– The lateral white bristles are made of smooth plastic by Toray. They provide an ideal cleaning of the lateral surface of the tooth, as well as narrow gaps between the crown of the tooth and the gum. These bristles contain silver ions that have a bactericidal effect.

Melchior threads to secure the bristles
The bristles are secured to the head of the toothbrush with the help of strong copper alloys threads. Such threads are corrosion-resistant. The use of this material makes it possible to prevent the reproduction of bacteria.

Round ergonomic brush head
Xiaomi Doctor B Bass Method Toothbrush is made with very smooth bends to ensure comfortable use. The design of the toothbrushes was developed by Zhang Jun, who in 2008 created a torch for the Olympic Games in Beijing. They have been certified by the following organizations:
– US Food and Drug Administration Certificate
– CQC Certificate
– EU Certificate of Environmental Protection
– EU Certificate of Chemical Products Safety
– SGS Certificate

Xiaomi DOCTOR·B Deep Cleaning Toothbrush Specifications
Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Model: Doctor B Bass Method Toothbrush / DR BEI
Type: Manual toothbrush
Material: Plastic
Features: Japanese TORAY and German PEDEX bristles, corrosion-resistant housing
Weight of each toothbrush: 100 g
Color: Blue / Green / Pink / Orange – White

Product code: T0052881711150007
Production date:
Voluntary Standard: GB 30003

Package content

4 x Xiaomi Doctor B Bass Method Toothbrush
4 x Travel case
1 x Chinese User Manual

Photo gallery full album here. Official website here. All about Xiaomi devices only on xiaomi-pedia.com.

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