Unboxing YRHAND H01 Smart Door Lock With Biometric Camera and Fingerprint

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Meet YRHAND H01 Smart Door Lock
Smart door locks are locks that are improved versions of traditional mechanical locks. They are smarter and simpler in terms of user security, identification and management. Smart door locks are the actuating components of door locks in an access control system. Unlike traditional mechanical locks, smart door locks are composite locks that are secure, convenient, and technologically advanced. There are various types of smart locks including Wi-Fi smart locks, Bluetooth smart locks, fingerprint access smart locks, app access smart locks, card access smart locks, digital smart locks, and more.

The H01 smart door lock incorporates advanced technologies such as biometric identification, semiconductor fingerprint sensors, and touch screen input, ensuring accurate authentication and enhanced security. YRHAND puts user experience first, evident in the H01’s anti-lock function and free handle design, which offer better operation and ease of use. Users can enjoy the convenience and security provided by the great features and user-friendly design of the smart door lock.

As if that were not enough, YRHAND H01 smart door lock stands out with its strong security, multiple unlocking methods, video doorbell function and seamless smart connection. Plus, with its durable and stylish zinc alloy and aluminum alloy construction, reversible handle orientation, and compatibility with various types of doors, the H01 meets a wide range of home security needs.

In conclusion, the new YRHAND H01 smart lock is what everyone needs in their home to feel more secure.

YRHAND H01 Smart Door Lock Highlights
Multiple languages available
App remote unlock
Automatic capture
Temporary password
Check unlock logs
Buil-in doorbell

YRHAND H01 Smart Door Lock Main Features
– Smart Lock Video Doorbell. Revolutionizing home security with our Smart Lock, combining a smart video doorbell and smart lock in one device. When a visitor arrives, simply press the doorbell key on the keypad to activate the camera and request remote unlocking.
– 6 Different Unlocking Methods. With 6 different unlocking methods, including phone APP, fingerprint, password, wristband and key access, as well as 2 traditional keys, you’ll never have to worry about getting locked out again
– Manage your smart lock with ease. The built-in WiFi module connects directly to your home network, and our user-friendly app lets you manage your family’s access, generate temporary access codes for guests.
– Innovative smart lock function with video intercom. H01 smart door lock features innovative video doorbell smart lock function. Which integrates a smart video doorbell and a smart lock. By simply pressing the button on the doorbell, users can activate the camera and request remote unlocking. This feature enables remote viewing of visitors, intercom capabilities, and enhances home security by allowing users to monitor and control access.
– Perfect smart connection and remote control. The H01 smart door lock comes with a built-in Wi-Fi module that connects directly to your home network. Through an intuitive mobile app, users can remotely manage the door lock, control the access rights of family members, and generate temporary access codes. They can also view video records of door openings, ensuring the safety of their loved ones. Whether near or far, users can conveniently control their smart door lock via the mobile app, providing convenience and peace of mind.
– Multilingual support and multifunctional design. YRHAND H01 smart electronic lock is designed to support eight languages, including English, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Thai. This ensures that users around the world can easily interact with the lock’s interface and experience its features without any hassle.

Benefits of using smart locks
– Automatic anti-lock function. In traditional mechanical locks, we have to manually lock with a key when we go out. It’s easy to accidentally forget the lock. At this time, you are most afraid of thieves coming in, and you will fall into infinite worries and troubles. But smart locks are different. Fully automatic smart locks are generally equipped with automatic anti-locking function as standard, one-key locking, which is safe and convenient. Automatic anti-lock is easy and safe, brings better security to the family. Digital Door Lock and smart digital lock are the best smart lock. They all have this feature.
– Anti-theft version of the alarm function. The alarm function of the smart lock is divided into anti-theft alarm, low battery alarm and trial and error alarm. Anti-burglary alarm means that when the smart lock is damaged by external violence, the alarm system can be started immediately. Turn on the alarm sound while automatically sending warning information to the owner’s mobile phone to prevent thieves from breaking into the home. Low battery alarm means that when the battery power is lower than the minimum value, the smart lock will emit an alarm sound, suggesting that the battery power is low, please charge. Trial and error alarm means that either fingerprint or password operation fails to open the lock more than 5 times (factory setting value). When this happens, the smart lock will sound an alarm and then the system activates self-protection measures.
– Normally open function. In order to prevent the deadbolt from popping out or the deadbolt accidentally damaged due to strong impact, the smart lock is usually equipped with a normally open function as standard. When the smart lock is set to normally open mode, it is open and will not lock automatically. It can be fully closed and locked by manual operation.
– Record query. It is impossible to talk about record queries with traditional mechanical locks. Today, smart locks are generally equipped with the unlocking record query function as standard. You can view unlock information through system settings. It is convenient to understand the entry and exit of the family members. In other words, you can try biometric lock door.
– Information management function. The information management functions mainly include the functions of adding, modifying, deleting user information. User information mainly includes fingerprint information and usage information. One of the main uses of this function is to improve the convenience of the smart lock. For example, when a relative needs to stay at home for a few days, as long as the relative’s fingerprint entered into the smart lock, the relative can freely open the smart lock without having to configure the key for the relative. After relatives leave, as long as the fingerprint information is deleted, the door will not be opened. Smart Lock is Smart Keyless Entry, door lock keyless the best smart door lock to select.
– Voice prompt operation function. What are the benefits of smart lock for elders and kids? Intelligent operation settings and convenient voice prompts let them easy to operation. People who don’t know how to operate can follow the prompts to complete the operation step by step. Make them feel comfortable and proficient during the operation. Thereby causing more people feel the convenience brought by technology and gradually make smart door locks popularized and reduce exclusion.
– Battery operated & External Power. Smart key lock powered by 4 AA batteries, there’s a USB Type-C port tucked on the underside of the exterior assembly that can be attached to a power source. That’ll be useful in the event the battery is depleted and you don’t have the physical keys on you.
– Built-in Doorbell. Smart door lock with fingerprint equipped with doorbell function for visitors and friends, no need to buy extra doorbell.

To sum up, above is the content of the benefits of smart locks. The most important is guarantee your personal safety. The popularization of whole-house intelligence is an imperative trend in the Internet era, and more and more people are beginning to realize the changes that smart products have on our lives. Smart locks really save people from the pain of forgetting their keys and solve people’s basic needs.

Tuya Smart Android application
Tuya Smart provides all-in-one app that has the features of being free, immediate use, easy control, diversified scenarios, useful functions, and world readiness. Supporting multilingual interfaces and global publishing, Tuya mobile app can connect to smart devices across brands and categories and work as your smart home control hub. Get cutting-edge IoT technologies and full interoperability with legacy systems. Focus on product innovation while providing users with innovative, interactive experiences to boost market competitiveness. Connect and control smart devices with any protocol, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. Detect new devices automatically and complete pairing with one click; Support manual and voice control, including the third-party voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant; Support device sharing to enable sharing of devices with relatives or friends.

Download Tuya Smart Android application latest version 5.4.0 for free from Google Play Store.

YRHAND H01 Smart Door Lock Specs
Model: H01
Type: Smart Door Lock
Material: Aluminum alloy
Mortise: single latch / 5050 / 72 series / 85 series swing mortise
6 Unlock ways: Application / Fingerprint / IC Card / Wristband / Password / Mechanical key
Available door thickness: 35-55 mm
Available door: Wooden door / Security door / Metal door
Unlock direction: Universal left and right side
Power supply: 4 pieces AA alkaline batteries
Battery life: 7000 times normal unlock (5-8 months)
Static current: 65uA
Dynamic current: 320 mA
Size: 260 x 65 x 23 mm
Color: Black
Working temperature: -15 °C – 55 °C
Working humidity: 10% – 85%

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official webpage . Read more about YRHAND products here.

About YRHAND. We are the original designer of a smart lock that circumvented the risks of the internet while making life simpler for the average user. Fingerprint access and encrypted offline access are the only ways to ensure a safe smart lock. And with that, the first APP smart locks were developed. Yrhand is made up of a dedicated team of visionary engineers, designers and technicians, passionate about security and innovation. Our team of over 1000 employees strive to produce innovative solutions to enhance security and fit your lifestyle. Traditional lock and keys are now things of the past. Using today’s modern technology, we are now able to combine automation and security into one system to create a more secure home and commercial landscape. Dedicated to redefining the home and office security with intelligent products, we serve more than 100,000 customers worldwide. We believe that everyone should feel safe. Because security is so important to us, we made it our mission to make it more accessible no matter where you are in the world. When designing our locks, we focus heavily on security protection, convenience, and speed. Make it easier for your loved ones to enter without making it any easier for criminals to do so.

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