VAIO SX12 red limited edition hands on review: ultralight, multi-interface

VAIO SX12 is a new product released by VAIO some time ago. As a 12.5 -inch thin and light book, the SX12 not only has a weight of 888g, but also has more than 10 interfaces, which will bring portability and productivity to the bag. This review is based on external, internal and performance aspects.


Before the evaluation begins, let’s take a brief and concise at the advantages and disadvantages of the VAIO SX12 :

● Bright color and beautiful appearance
● Light,weight is only 888g
● Excellent performance
● Good heat dissipation
● The details of the design is ingenious

● The screen color gamut is ordinary
● The battery capacity is small ( 35Wh )
● Heat fan is noisy

Appearance: Not just stunning
VAIO SX12 has four conventional colors of black, silver, brown and pink. In addition, there is a limited edition red. The difference between several colors is mainly reflected on the A and C faces of the notebook. This time we received a red version of the VAIO SX12. (Note: The red version is a special limited edition for the Chinese mainland market, so it is only available in mainland China)

The red version of the VAIO SX12 gave me the first impression is amazing, especially the A side, the red is so strong, warm and thorough, the red side of the A side has a crystal clear feeling, very very beautiful. According to VAIO , in order to express the red texture, SX12 has been molded after 3 times of painting. If there is any uneven coating or scratch, it must be reworked, so a finished product is really very valuable.

Three-coat process
The specific effects of the three coatings are as follows: bottom layer: high elastic UD carbon fiber; first layer: pink metal layer for brightening; second layer: red dye with transparency added to achieve deep red; third layer: shiny The UV coating ensures a glossy finish and is not easy to

Compared with the A side, the red color of the C surface is deeper, and the texture of the brushed surface can be faintly seen in the C surface. The seemingly unpredictable C- face has also undergone a complicated process. VAIO says that the SX12 uses a special liquid on the C- face for long-term grinding, and then it takes at least twice as long to achieve a full red effect.

Further, C surface in order to achieve a uniform visual effect, SX12 color selection in fingerprint recognition module and a trackpad also spent mind.

It Weighs only 888g
Light has always been the advantage of VAIO notebooks, whether it is a small size S11 or a large size SX14 , the weight is basically below 1kg . The official nominal weight of the VAIO SX12 is 897g . After our actual measurement, the bare weight of the VAIO SX12 is only 888g , which is 9g lighter than the nominal value . The weight of the power adapter is only a little more than 1kg ( 1188g ), which is very light. It feels like the weight of a magazine. There is no pressure in the bag. Even a thin girl can carry it very easily.

Adopts UD carbon fiber material
It is understood that VAIO SX12 uses high elasticity UD carbon fiber material on the top cover. This new UD carbon fiber is a new material jointly developed by VAIO and Toray Co., Ltd. It can ensure the rigidity of the body with a narrow bezel screen. It is also 30% lighter than magnesium alloy . (The specific implementation of the new UD carbon fiber material is to use unidirectional multilayer composite carbon fiber material, the carbon fiber stack is stacked vertically and horizontally to ensure sufficient strength in each direction.)

Most of today’s thin and light have relatively thin and light features, but the interface is few. And some even have only one or two USB Type-C interfaces, which is inconvenient to the business and office people. Specifically, the VAIO SX12 has two USB 3.0 Type-A connectors on the left side of the fuselage , a 3.5mm audio interface and a notebook lock hole. The right side of the fuselage has a standard SD card slot and a USB 3.1 Type-A ( Support for shutdown charging), a USB 3.1 Type-C (full-featured, support for data transmission, video output, PD fast charge), an HDMI , an RJ-45 network port and a VGA interface.

12.5 inch narrow bezel screen
The VAIO SX12 is equipped with a 12.5 -inch screen and a narrow bezel design. Compared to the S11 , the SX12 is reduced by about 3.35mm on the top frame and the left and right frames are reduced by about 7.27mm . After the frame is restrained, the VAIO SX12 has A wider picture.

Although the mirror screen looks more beautiful, it is likely that the screen will not be visible during the actual use, so the VAIO SX12 has an anti-glare design on the screen surface to minimize the influence of the outside world on the screen. Provide users with the most comfortable visual experience.


19mm spacing for a comfortable experience
The keyboard spacing of the VAIO SX12 has been increased from approximately 16.95mm for S11 to approximately 19mm , which means that the lateral distance between each button is wider. The benefit of this change is to reduce false touches while giving the finger the most comfortable typing experience. . In addition, the 19mm pitch has basically reached the standard of full-size keyboard, allowing the SX12 to provide a comfortable keyboard operation in such a compact body.
Shaft that is raised

The VAIO SX12 also has two raised designs at the rear of the fuselage that lift the top of the C- face after opening the screen . The resulting angle of inclination allows the keyboard to fit the palm of the hand and reduce the pressure on the wrist.

Because the keyboard portion occupies a relatively large area, the touchpad is relatively small, but the touch is still very smooth.

Fingerprint identification module
Further, VAIO SX12 C on the right side there is a fingerprint identification module in the Windows Hello fingerprint input fingerprint can be switched, and very convenient.

VAIO SX12 internal structure
The internal structure of the VAIO SX12 is still very clear. The upper part is the CPU and cooling module, the memory (onboard), the hard disk and the motherboard. The lower part is mainly the battery ( 35Wh ), interface and audio part. a SSD slot 2242 specifications, may additionally be seen, CPU, memory, over the metal shield cover, covers over some of the heat generating element is also thermally conductive paste, a battery cable is also made the corresponding protection process, internal short VAIO SX12 Structural details and protective measures are very important.

Temperature testing
Terms of temperature, VAIO SX12 performance really surprised me, the entire C surface temperature only outlet left of the keyboard slightly higher temperature portion of the rest of the way basically in his early 30 ℃, feels it is only slightly hot state After all, it is similar to normal body temperature.

High performance
The specific configuration of this VAIO SX12 is i7-8565U , 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD , and no discrete graphics card.

VAIO Control Center software
The VAIO SX12 has a built-in VAIO Control Center software. The software can be used to set the performance of the CPU . Specifically, there are three modes: performance, standard and mute. We use the Cinebench R15 as an example to verify the following.

In performance mode, the i7-8565U can run out the scores of single -core 188 and multi-core 709. The power consumption in the single-core process is roughly 18W , and the power consumption in the multi-core process is roughly 25W. In the standard mode, the i7-8565U can run out the scores of single -core 174 and multi-core 550. The power consumption in single-core and multi-core processes is basically 15W; In silent mode, the i7-8565U can run out the scores of single -core 148 and multi-core 438. The power consumption in single-core and multi-core processes is basically around 10W. It is very obvious that the processor has the highest score in performance mode, and the performance mode is improved by about 19% compared to the standard mode , and the score of the i7-8565U in the performance mode is also very high in the same level processor level. In terms of memory, the VAIO SX12 is designed onboard and cannot be upgraded or replaced.

PM981 CrystalDiskMark running points
For the hard disk, the VAIO SX12 is equipped with a 1TB Samsung PM981 PCIe SSD , and the test performance is also very good. As mentioned earlier, the VAIO SX12 also supports an additional expansion of a 2242- size SSD to further meet capacity requirements.

Whether it is external color matching, interface, keyboard spacing, internal structure, a small component, etc., VAIO has been well thought out, and the dedication and detail of the details. Let me have a sincere admiration for VAIO .

Weight of 888g, up to more than 10 interfaces allow VAIO SX12 simultaneously has superior portability and productivity, and there VAIO TruePerformance technology such a shot in the arm in terms of performance, in short, to bring VAIO SX12 The user’s final experience must be as stunning as its color scheme.

Depending on the color scheme and configuration, the price range of the VAIO SX12 ranges from 9688 yuan to 16988 yuan. Comprehensive workmanship and performance, VAIO SX12 is more suitable for high-end business people who have high requirements on notebook weight, appearance and interface.

Did this article help you? If so, please tell me in a comment what do you think about it.

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