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Podoor L1 Health GPS Senior Phone – GPS Health Phone for the elderly. You can now buy Podoor L1 GPS Senior Phone from for only $82.99.

Podoor L1 Senior Feature Phone

Podoor L1 GPS Senior Phone Features

● MTK6260 chipset, Linux operating system. Supports 2G GSM SIM card network: 850, 900, 1800, 1900mHz.
● Clear voice speaker and microphone. Supports two-way communication.
● Professional medical grade transmission type pulse rate and Oxygen monitor. When index finger is placed in sensor, the phone will test heart beat and Oxygen value automatically. The results are as accurate as medical grade equipment readings.
● Built-in pedometer will count the wearers steps when worn or carried.
● GPS location information will be uploaded to the server every 500 steps (can be set up).
● Through the ‘Family Keeper’ App on Android and IOS phones you can check the GPS information which includes: real time tracking, historical tracking, quantity of steps each hour, pulse data and so on.
● SOS: Press the SOS key on the side of the phone for 3 seconds to send out an emergency call. It will also activate the GPS and heart rate testing which will send result and location to the SOS number through SMS.
● APP Family Keeper and server available.
● CMIIT ID: 2016CP0722
● Power Adapter: model SYM-303A, Input: 95-264V 50/60 Hz Max 0,15A, Output: 5V+-0.25V / 1000 mA
● Battery: Li-ion type, Capacity: 1500 mAh / 5.55 Wh / 4.2V / GB 31241-2016
Podoor L1 More Fantastic Functions

● Weather Forecast
● Flashlight
● Voice Intercom
● Talkback
● Clock
● Music Player
● Hands-Free
● GPS tracking
● Pedometer
● Heart Rate Monitor
● Oxygen Rate Monitor

Family Keeper appplication
This is an application that can monitor the health of seniors. You can download Android latest version 2.0.1 from Google Play Store.

The app has the following features:
1. Allows viewing results heart rate and blood oxygen.
2. Checking senior’s route through Google Maps.
3. Location of real-time GPS and LBS.
4. Receive notification and SOS call.
5. Send and receive voice messages.
6. Sync contacts remotely.
7. View weather information of the place where the user is located.
8. Remind birthday person.
9. information about user activity.
10. Remind user to dial, if you have not spoken in the last few days.

What’s new. Increase equipment online status change notification, increase the electronic fence, Heart rate protocol changes, fix application crashes, please update.


Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official webpage here. Here you can read about the unboxing of this interesting phone.


Podoor L1 Senior Feature Phone Podoor L1 Senior Feature Phone Podoor L1 Senior Feature Phone Podoor L1 Senior Feature Phone Podoor L1 Senior Feature Phone Podoor L1 Senior Feature Phone



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